Anne Arundel County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Aberdeen Rd., 3066-Patrick James and Judith Marie Pollock to John M. and Suzanne F. Pletcher, $1.38 million.

Bay Ridge Ave., 830-Andrew S. and Linda K. Drager to Jennifer L. Edens, $545,000.

Bethany Ct., 907, No. 4-Greg Oczkowski to Royal Bundy, $205,000.

Cedar Ridge Ct., 1065-Ian Mattice and Annette Matice to John M. Cutting, $212,500.

Ellington Dr., 7-Paula M. and Jose L. Landaverde to Pinewood Properties Corp., $189,000.

Herndon Ave., 7-Patrick M. and Nancy L. McNeally to Ronald P. and Julia Friedman Peremel, $1.08 million.

Mainsail Dr., 1121-Susan V.C. Marshburn and Robert W. Marshburn to Mathison G. and Elizabeth Hall, $52,000.

Newport Ave., 3545-Spencer L. Dunnaville to Andrew Black and Janet Arnott, $360,000.

Quay Village Ct., 2123, No. 2123-1-Sally C. Kramer to Kevin Richard and Kellie Bond Spivak, $390,000.

Second St., 536-Kelly Sim Joyce to Donald E. and Julianne Lundblad, $1.24 million.

Tyler Ave., 1198-Davmik Properties Corp. to Thomas C. Pastrik, $420,000.

Yachtsman Way, 932-Mary Catherine Brennan to Sherry A. Saucerman, $320,250.


Carraway Lane, 104-Spa Gate Corp. to Jacqueline W. Lubniewski, $200,000.

Coachway, 849-John G. and Nancy Romanski to Franciszek and Stanislawa Krawiec, $735,900.

Cutter Ct., 604-Theodosia M. and Steven B. Williams to Jinhang Jiang, $222,000.

Giddings Ave., 308-Barry Joel and Joyce Wolfe Hoffer to Martin W. and Eileen A. Friend, $670,000.

Golfers Ridge Rd., 2570-Elizabeth S. Ensslen and Donald P. Ensslen to Doris B. Moore, $400,000.

Halsey Rd., 296-Janet K. Boatman to Laith Hvali and Christine Offutt, $396,000.

Locust Ave., 29-Gordon M. Strance and Thomas A. Perchinsky to Meri G. Gibbs, $317,500.

Maryland Ave., 5, No. 4-Gem III Real Properties Corp. to Mark Jason Ponicsan and Danielle Maria Fracalossi, $245,000.

Munroe Ct., 36-John L. Hinzman to Andrew L. Shaffer and Erin M. Brady, $440,000.

Park Pl., 5, No. 302-Frank E. Cook Jr. to Virginia A. Delappe, $470,000.

Rudder Way, 864-Lisa Bona and estate of Walter Majchrzak to Jonathan N. and Diane D. Shurtleff, $420,000.

Sumner Rd., -George and Rhea M. Hunt to Herzog Homes Corp., $186,000.

Twin Landing Cove, 2598, No. 44-Clarita Ricketts to Linda H. Huber, $295,000.

Windell Ave., 328-Douglas Martin to Bradford K. and Hannah H. Miller, $443,500.


Burning Tree Dr., 502-Mark A. and Lisa Jo Merrill to Thomas P. and Ann E. Saunders, $495,000.

Church Rd., 132-LNV Corp. and Kent Twitchell to Market Pro South Inc., $400,000.

Colonial Ridge Lane, 416-Diane Ann Crowley and Edison W. Updike to Steven Steimel, $312,000.

Dividing Creek Rd., 735-George W. and Beatrice P. Bloss to Alexander E. Woods and Kevin Wehling, $210,000.

Kings College Dr., 417-Terry L. Sparrow to John N. and Kari Paraschak, $439,000.

Malier Dr., 106-David Dimont to Ryan and Lauren Rakvic, $535,000.

Placid Ct., 940-Sean H. and Karyn D. Carter to J. Jeremy and Julie K. Parks, $860,000.

Saber Lane, 603-Jane M. Sexauer to Daniel and Leena R. Currie, $715,000.

Ternwing Dr., 274-Department of Veterans Affairs to David and Nancy J. Portela, $158,000.


Ballman Ave., 5406-Carole Diane Duffy to Angela Giordano, $175,000.

Church St., 522-Federal National Mortgage Association to Adel Desouky Elbetawy, $150,000.

Kramme Ave., 4904-Wanda Lou Fosler and Deborah Barnhardt to Christopher Murphy, $139,000.

Timberland Ct., 911-Bruce J. and Adriene R. Whitington to Mindy L. Novak and Carlos Johnson, $430,000.


Canonade Ct., 1654-Jonathan D. Cummins to Laura A. Layport, $310,000.

Destiny Cir., 1213-Jerry E. Carlisle and Nancy L. Jillson to Charles and Debra Hardie, $481,000.

Hampton Rd., 1176-Esen B. and Mithat J. Cenkei to Patricia A. Seal, $380,000.

Marine Dr., 949-Robert and Nancy Kennedy to Jerome and Stefanie Kent, $435,000.

Old Mill Bottom Run, 1608-Cartus Corp. to Dennis M. Cherry and Oraann Reiheimer, $890,000.

Providence Rd., 268-Lewis J. and Cynthia B. Smith to Edward W. and Debbie H. Gosselin, $1.73 million.

Shipsview Rd., 1536-J. Robert and Kathryn B. Hopkins to Lee R. and Jennifer A. Caughron, $520,000.

Wood Duck Lane, 506-Robert and Lisa Fairchild to Peter B. and Susan S. Yard, $385,000.


Carvel St., 5568-Christopher R. and Carolyn Rae Barnhill to Walter Twitty Jr. and Kathleen Detig, $350,000.

Gwynne Ave., 1100-Sharon L. Whittington to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $222,970.


Ambling Cir., 2567, No. 51-Vincent A. Morrison to Amanda E. Burke and Ronald Wesley Henry, $287,500.

Blockton Ct., 1492-Richard Paul Gilbert II to Alex M. Williams and Megan M. White, $262,500.

Crofton Pkwy., 1703-Jerome M. and Julane L. Kikla to Andrew S. and Bethany M. Kermick, $449,000.

Harwick Ct., 1400-Melody Wihler to Edna M. Wilks, $166,000.

Log Mill Ct., 2554, No. 3-Jonathan and Susan Frey to Joshua P. and Nicole Douglass, $230,000.

Nassau Dr., 1403-Ursula B. Schaefer to Nicholas T. Constandelis, $335,000.

Pearl Ave., 1517-Jon J. and Gretchen M. Moran to Otis and Angela Joyner, $528,000.

Swinburne Ave., 1723-Timothy A. Berkoff and Christina Hillberg to Benjamin and Shannon Patrick, $400,000.

Walden Dr., 2519-Michael Cashman and Keli Lynne Roberts to John T. and Marybeth Foster, $530,000.


Bacon Ridge Rd., 1259-Jacqueline R. Brown and estate of Duval J. Hudson to Cedar Square Homes Inc., $170,000.

Generals Hwy., 1389-Tracey A. and Gregory P. Kerr to Ernest L., Dana E., Anna and Constantino Taglienti, $175,000.

Ridge Pl., 1114-FGP Corp. to Steven L. and Kelly L. Johnson, $675,000.


Double Chestnut Ct., 1123-Kathleen A. Lopata and estate of John M. Harrington to Jason E. Shipman, $220,000.

Matfield Ct., 213-Ashburn Bridgewater Development Inc. to Springer Lee and Carolyn E. Blankenship, $374,000.

Waterview Dr., 7902-Department of Housing and Urban Development to John Walter, $140,000.


Howard Grove Ct., 1004-David and Stephanie Heydt to Kelly and Gregory W. Blackman, $79,200.

Pebblebrook Ct., 2413-Rutland Development Corp. to NVR Inc., $280,000.


Meadowlark Dr., 6429-Robert C. and Helen M. Embleton to Patricia A. Long, $600,000.


Braxton Way, 282-Pamela L. Garland to Nancy Richman and Jamie R. Roberts, $349,000.

Colony Point Pl., 338-Mary Lou Commiso to 338 CP Corp., $418,000.

Fairhill Dr., 1605-Katherine E. Hughes and Brenda Hughes to Dylan Ranson, $280,000.

Hamlet Club Dr., 431-John R. and Edna J. Hurd to James F. Martinez Jr., $238,500.

Mill Swamp Rd., 100-Rodney E. and Sequaya L. Tasker to Sheena N. Conner and Sandra L. Conner, $240,000.

River Terr. S., 3550-Mark E. Kangas and the estate of Joanne F. Kangas to Michael Siegel and Susan Felzer, $800,000.

Severn Ave., 871-Deborah Ann Ransom to Adelina M. and Ronald A. Giovi, $350,000.

Sweet Leaf Lane, 4232-Triton Woods Corp. to John M. Wilbourn, $560,000.

Valley View Ave., 133-Karen S. Beling to Carolyn R. Leonforte, $437,500.


Meng Lane, 200-John William and Benjamin Edwin Wilson to Margaret W. Schoeffel, $50,000.


Riverside Dr., 4824-West River Properties Corp. to Jenni Brown, $236,250.


Chapel Lake Dr., 2604, No. 312-Constantine and Estela A. Alexiou to Ursula B. Schaefer, $227,000.

Cheyenne Dr., 2463-Lucy J. Kruse to James F. McGaughey, $370,000.

Hallmark Dr., 2166-Jayne H. Brown and Daniel P. Whorton to Michelle L. and Dennis K. Noonan, $454,916.

St. Michael Dr., 912-Joshua E. Bullock III to Christopher T. and Elyssa J. Parana, $650,000.


Broadwater Way, 639-Phillip and Cynthia Garland to Susan O. Owen, $1.18 million.


Aquahart Rd., 502-Michelle Huynh to Keith M. Lanoue, $260,000.

Braden Loop, 1458-NVR Inc. to Chad Banks, $232,465.

Cathedral Dr., 1207-LPP Mortgage to Carlos Delcid and Vilma Aguirre, $136,000.

Forestdale Ave., 105-Patricia A. Mangone and Jennifer Igoe to James A. Filler, $248,000.

Foxwell Bend Rd., 117-Lee W. and Diane M. Wagenbals to William C. Cook Jr. and Deborah A. Sansone, $530,000.

Gordon Dr., 1453-Pegasus Home Corp. to Brad W. Sickle, $268,900.

Manly Lane, 101-Wayne and Astrud F. Wheeles to Thomas B. and Brenda A. Reed, $350,000.

Oakleigh Ave., 100-Michael D. Jones to Shane Fraley, Mary T. Schmedes and Gary M. Schmedes, $185,000.

Scotts Glane., 293-Michael Bennett to Department of Veterans Affairs, $210,631.

Stewart Ave., 608-Kelly Alan Miller to Kevin A. Taylor Jr. and Karman R. Kepner, $156,000.

Wilson Blvd. SW, 115-Lawrence Czyzewski and Carley K. Collier to Arthur W. and Melissa E. Cole, $200,000.


Colby Cir., 303-Twinfarm Corp. to Charles W. Kinnard, $122,000.

Genine Dr., 1045-Jim L. and Karen L. Shrawder to Jennette M. Randall, $220,000.

Home Water Way, 6506-Patricia C. Avanzato to Karen Elliott White, $187,000.

Leonard Dr., 1206-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Vuong Q. Nguyen, $155,000.

McGowan Ave., 7608-John S. and Vicki J. Brogan to Travis De Jesus, $219,900.

Oak Spring Dr., 105-Federal National Mortgage Association to Michelle Huynh, $142,000.

Shoreland Dr., 1014-James Ronald Ash Jr. to Elzabeth J. Haft, $305,000.

Stiemly Ave., 302-Robert J. and Bonnie M. Blessing to Robert C. and Mary E. Ohlverter, $319,000.


Dorchester Woods Lane, 7274-NVR Inc. to Gilly A. Marshall, $371,940.

Hardwick Ct., 1612-Aaron T. and Megan Romanoski Godwin to Damon Jude Bennett, $277,000.

Ridge Forest Way, 1510-Sandra Lynn and James M. Myers to Kerrie M. and Jeff R. Second, $117,500.

Wright Rd., 7213-Grant Kerrick to Ameri Star Homes of Wright Road Inc., $324,000.


Jessup Rd., 2968-Doris Berger Moore to KHI Jessup Property Corp., $750,000.


Button Bush Lane, 3035-Mark A. Powell to Khezir Ishtiaquddin Ahmed and Madiha Siddiqui, $262,000.

Hammerstone Rd., 3532-Robert F. Hughes and Raymond M. Caswell to Ian Martinez and Sophia L. Mason, $315,000.

Lindenwood Dr., 3449-Holly J. Tannehill/Brady to Nicole Raphael, $225,000.

Mississippi Rd., 8115-Kirvin and Ruthie McDonald Hodge to James B. and Kathryn R. Elder, $219,253.

Otter Creek Rd., 8609-Don C. and Martha C. Schneider to Wai Y. Ng, $300,000.

Seagrass Lane, 3513-U.S. Home Corp. and Lennar Corp. to Allie and Mariama Zubairu Timbo, $341,990.

Woodland Manor Dr., 8610-Robert Ruiz to Niqui Valdez Goodloe, $275,000.


Church Cir., 286-Douglas W. Zahl to Alan C. and Lori R. Shook, $335,000.

Forest View Rd., 503-Robert P. and Katie S. McKinstry to Amey B. Spigel, $348,000.

Patricia Ave., 106-Arka and Nicole Mondal to Kelly Lynn Feeheley and Matthew Thomas Gibala, $300,000.


Fishers Station Rd., 6172-Robert A. and Valerie P. Randolph to Thomas J. and Erika J. Hall, $450,000.

Springer Lane, 204-Francis K. and Mary P. Springer to Robert A. and Lynn A. Sturgell, $224,000.


Brookwood Rd., 8306-Ronald A. and Gail Young to George R. and Carmen Y. Strutz, $289,900.

Craver Rd., 8243-Thomas Eugene and Donna Jean Shugars to Margaret Rhow, $245,900.

Goldfinch Lane, 1136-David C. and Anita L. Knapp to Andrea Holland and James Lampton, $730,000.

Stacy Oak Ct., 753-David R. and Judy A. Bowen to Nicholas and Elizabeth Durastanti, $675,000.

Woods Rd., 8248-George L. Brooks to Michael and Leah Housley, $264,125.


Blue Spring Ct., 2442-John M. Aarnio to Vickie Ballard, $222,000.

Cannon Ball Way, 211-Federal National Mortgage Association to Atinuke A. Olayera Osimokun, $405,000.

Chestnut Terrace Ct., 2406-Elsa Rodriguez and Rafael Quiles to Gheorghe L. Cormos, $205,000.

Damascus St., 1307-Joseph Edward and Maryland E. Jestes to Brian P. Dailey Jr., $210,000.

Falling Brook Ct., 1546-New York Community Bank to Electra Jade and Sean Zemke, $286,000.

Hallock Dr., 1336-Michael J. Schellman and Jessica Ballas to Catherine D. Cornish, $244,500.

Lions Gate Lane, 631-Darren J. Freeman Coppadge and Jonathan D. Freeman Coppadge to Abdel Rahman Elnoubi, $229,000.

Odenton Rd., 1372-Saundra L. and James G. Keeney to Craig and Iram Brown, $310,000.

Pine Meadows Dr., 8538-Jeff Reed Fancher to Matthew P. and Shannon R. Misiewicz, $290,000.

Samantha Lane, 1007, No. 104-Richard Gwynne and Pamela D. Pals to Patrick M. Casey, $218,000.

Thicket Ct., 856-Christina M. and Virgil Wayne Fenters to Thomas D. and Martha D. Angelo, $435,000.

Warm Spring Way, 2463-Stone Financing Corp. to Benjamin and Emma Ellison, $285,000.


Biltmore Ave., 1035-Christopher V. and Anne M. Schultz to Michael D. Brown, $71,250.


Back Creek Rd., 2707-Susan Jean Bateman to John K. and Mary Susan Schmidt, $350,000.

Carolina Ave. N., 140-Robert M. Clark to Matthew and Erin Acree, $180,000.

Cokesbury Ct., 3501-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Eric Taylor and Heather Schultheis, $210,000.

Cremen Rd., 1831-Steven F. Beutelspacher and Valarie Stylc to Michael P. McLaughlin and John Stopowski, $225,000.

Forest Dr., 8380-U.S. Bank National Association to Cheryl A. Bohn, $201,056.

Goose Pond Dr., 9211-Claude J. and Gwendolyn M. Pack to Jason Ryan Pack, $250,000.

Gullane Ct., 8406-James R. and Monika A. Templeman to Kelly Bartz, $675,000.

Jacobia Dr., 140-Pearman Development Corp. to Joseph L. and Patricia A. Hilton, $239,990.

Littleton Way, 3391, No. 3K-Jacqueline Webb and estate of James M. Reese Jr. to Lisa A. Arellano, $145,000.

Mayer Ave., 8083-Alfred A. and Nancy G. Cicere to Laticia J. Smith, $240,000.

Outing Ave., 7754-Denis A. and Rae Shelton to Douglas R. and Deborah A. Berry, $217,000.

Pine Haven Dr., 7682-Federal National Mortgage Association to Gilliand Corp., $125,000.

Princess Pl., 7702-Kenneth and Kelly S. Benner to Thomas and Cecille A. Weister, $295,000.

Round Table Ct., 8080-Charles L. and Colette P. Becker to Andrew Ashburn, $160,000.

Seneca Terr., 204-Stephen A. and Carrie L. Vaught to Timothy Michael Rzepkowski and Caitlin Frances Carr, $280,000.

Sherman Bouyer Lane, 305-Brian A. Goldman and Terri A. Morgan to Colleen P. Kane and Michael T. Rogers, $290,000.

Teal Dr., 137-Donna L. Weyer to Judith Vickers, $356,000.

Virginia Ave., 1107-James F. Fontz Sr. to Federal National Mortgage Association, $281,000.

Whitaker Rd., 287-Gary A. Brendle to James A. Sraining, $165,000.

Second St., 566-John J. Ruhland to Jonathan D. Volpe Sr., $350,000.

229th St., 2509-Kenneth L. and Esther E. Kretsinger to Bortle Custom Homes Inc., $223,569.


Brunswick Pl., 337-Timothy A. Fritz to Rachel and Andrew Onello, $589,000.

Tudor Hall Rd., 3062-Krista A. Boteler/Garrett to Gerald T. and Jenilee M. Denney, $40,000.


Arwell Ct., 1882, No. 7E-Pebbles K. Fryar to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $182,416.

Blarney Ct., 1700-David A. and April A. Burke to Evelyn Nguyen, $380,000.

Grande View Ave., 1759-April M. and William C. Persinger to Kyle J. Whittaker, $315,000.

Lucky Rd., 806-James L. and Marlene K. Keifer to Elisha Tippins, $280,000.

Morgan Station Dr., 1014-Larry G. Dentort Jr. to Eric and Melissa Strickland, $354,650.

Santa Fe Dr., 8120-Federal National Mortgage Association to Edna Elisa Solis Lopez, $288,000.

Thompson Ave., 1110A-Louis P. and Betty A. Butler to George A. Daughtry and Raynetta N. Cross, $430,000.

Winter Pine Trail, 1425-KM Homes Inc. and Mandrin Homes to Alvin S. and Beverly T. Lopez, $512,565.


Baltimore Annapolis Blvd., 217-Donald E. and Shirley E. Arthur to Rachel P. Robey, $209,000.

Cypresspointe Dr., 631-Jeffrey R. Sowinski to Chad A. and Rosemarie F. Potocky, $592,500.

Fairford Ct., 441-Donald Patrick and Michele G. Behan to Joshua S. and Carrie N. Allen, $394,900.

Kimberly Ct., 6-Judy Ann Bunker and the Anne May Bunker Living Trust to Daniel L. and Sarah K. Dorlando, $360,000.

Magothy Rd., 308-Behrouz Rakani and Deanna Bayer to David C. and Terry W. Woessner, $980,000.

Park Rd., 543-Richard W. and Avis A. Mumaw to Jeffrey B. and Karen M. Clayton, $520,000.

Shakespeare Dr., 272-John Michael Strycula to David H. and Traci M. Denhardt, $515,000.

Stratford Dr., 69-Raphael S. and Nila Elena Coates to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $330,672.

Whittier Pkwy., 617-Alane K. Preston to Randolph Rohrbaugh, $297,000.


Juniper St., 1235-Old Lane Bank to Tracey Coltron, $259,900.


Eleanore Ave., 6618-Catherine A. Casey and Joyce D. Svedberg to Daniel M. and Peggy S. Veith, $165,000.

Howard County

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit


Ashmede Dr., 9605-David G. Maschinsky to Seung Geol and Soo Yon Choi, $515,000.

Breconshire Rd., 10269-Martin A. and Denise L. Mogavero to John and Paula Swann, $755,000.

Centennial Woods Lane, 10218-Mark K. and Oksoon H. Choi to Ikechukwu and Ngozi M. Akabudike, $850,000.

Country Lane, 2880-Dennis A. Revicki and Mary L. Poe to Oluremi D. and Lawrence O. Momodu, $600,000.

Dolliter Ct., 10226-Susan Carol Mascaro and estate of Joanne Helen Clopein to John D. Compton and Julia C. Yuan, $427,500.

Dorsey Hall Dr., 4900-Jodi Steagall/Navid to Faye M. Bradstock, $220,000.

Firefly Way, 4049-Patrick D. and Lorraine M. Delaney to Steven L. Watts, $496,000.

Golden Oak Dr., 12658-Bruce W. and Lauren M. Tyler to John A. and Michele C. Mele, $880,000.

Hickorymede Dr., 3003-Anthony N. and Judith M. Cosentino to John and Jamie Walsh, $545,000.

Leaf Shade Dr., 2806-Kenneth J. Majka to Zeshawn Ahmad, $360,000.

Manorhill Lane, 4604-Judith C. Cappello to Michael Lindsay Blair, Denise Blair Tripp, Jonathan Neal Peck and Vivien Mary Blair, $620,000.

Mount Albert Rd., 12201-Richard C. and Sharon G. Thompson to Stanley A. and Paige A. Kitzinger, $790,000.

Old St. Johns Lane, 2700-Young Sin and Won Koo Sung to Henrietta Owusu, $425,000.

Paulskirk Dr., 9383-Leo S. and Barbara Kowalczyk to Jaikumar Raja Sudireddy, $425,000.

Red Lion Tavern Ct., 10233-Rita M. Beckman to Michael and Katie Bosica, $510,000.

Scarlet Sage Ct., 4245-Philip J. Barton and Tammy S. Royalty Barton to Juan C. and Colleen E. Juarez, $525,000.

Spring Meadow Dr., 3750-Alex and June Park to Baby K. Raman and Serena M. Reghunath, $700,000.

View Top Rd., 3906-North Crossing Investments Corp. to Jay Jariwala and Rakhi Shah, $200,000.


Brighton Dam Rd., 12820-John Mark and Joyce A. Braga to Senthil Kumar Sadasivan and Chitra Selvarajan, $512,000.

Heather Glen Way, 6206-Dayton Oaks Corp. to Riaz and Shabnam Ahmad, $1.85 million.

Rowley Rd., 11439-Craig E. and Jennifer E. Zinderman to Maria N. and Constantin Charalampous, $655,000.

Whistling Winds Walk, 5765-Ruth Carmichael Whye to Jason and Saea Oh, $601,000.


Banjo Ct., 7117-Brian D. and Lindsay B. Stever to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $278,694.

Brinton Ct., 5111-Laura Buell to Joseph D. and Erica A. Shaw, $419,400.

Frietchie Row, 6529-James Clark and Elspeth Dodge to Corey Samuel, $232,500.

Granite Knoll, 6071-American Signature Properties Corp. to Sean P. and Nicole L. Hollywood, $400,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8833-Wallace P. Mattern to Jeffrey Bork and Kathryn A. Schaivone, $249,900.

Parallel Lane, 6220-Soon Hee Sung and Byung Jo Kim to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., $297,400.

Sandchain Rd., 6260-Steven Peter Nugent and Joan A. Nugent Living Trust to Lisa A. Cole, $389,000.

Sleep Soft Cir., 7216-Patrick E. and Christine K. Stratton to Evan W. and Mandi E. Davidson, $294,900.

Stonecutter Rd., 8639-Jeffrey and Kim Plasse to Nathaniel M. Nicholson and Julie A. Silberberg, $437,000.

Talisman Lane, 7218-Lisa and Ronald Heflin to Marian Hartka, $268,750.

Vast Rose Dr., 8627-Virginia M. and Jeffrey Spittel to Paul Jones, $445,000.

Worn Mountain Way, 8640-Deborah L. Quadri to C.M. and Jennifer E. Denno, $452,500.


April Journey, 5730-Linda R. Bartle to Melissa and Michael Westerlund, $365,000.

Bushwood Way, 10989-Todd A. and Shanda M. Mueller to Jeffrey S. Reid, $252,500.

Dark Fire Way, 11637-Vera H. and Cheng Young Kao to Eung S. and Mi Sook Ahn, $520,000.

Great Oak Way, 10904-Joshua and Megan Bair Merritt to Kevin McCariby, $555,000.

Iron Pen Pl., 5408-Jeffery C. Hotz to Barbara A. Walsh, $369,900.

Misty Arch Run, 6029-Sean A. and Kelly S. Simone to Calvin Leonard Bland, $415,000.

Olde Woods Way, 10872-Renee K. and Christopher F. Bachman to Timothy Michael Shaffer and Elizabeth Ann Dreon, $295,000.

Reedy Brook Lane, 4954-Harvard L. and Rhema K. Spencer to David M. and Christina Walker Reed, $450,000.

Sebring Dr., 6097-Greenfield Homes Inc. and Willow Brook Corp. to Mohan Amlani, $330,000.

Slalom Lane, 11125-Anadin and Pedro Giron to the Department of Housing and Urban Development, $210,273.

Snowflake Ct., 11243-Christine M. Broglio and Carol Lynn Swinney to Jackie L. Ward, $200,000.

Trotting Ridge Way, 10974-Evan J. and Amanda Johnson to Brian E. and Afua N. Leggs, $255,000.

Windstream Dr., 10067-Marley S. and Richard L. Cohen to James N. Anthony and Elizabeth L. Fisher, $278,000.


Sycamore Spring Ct., 1921-Christopher and Jeannie Choi to Thomas V. and Gina M. Lease, $648,500.


Bee Ct., 6008-ASF Renovations Corp. to Diana C. and Christopher W. Seybolt, $577,500.

Cedar Grove Lane, 7521-Christopher and Cassie Johnson to Rony A. Rodriguez, $265,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6546-Russell Svoboda to Dong Hyun Rhee, $180,000.

Elkridge Crossing Way, 7246-Brian S. and Karin S. Walsh to Heather G. Williams, $314,500.

Greenfield Rd., 6400-Robert M. and Mary Ann Shaffrey to Uptal H. Acharya, $149,900.

Landing Rd., 5079-Christopher L. Neubauer and estate of Joseph Neubauer II to Frederic D. Leffler and Kathy H. Greisman, $350,000.

Millstream Ct., 7966-Timothy and Lena C. Palmer to Ronald Nutter Jr., $287,000.

Park Pl., 6902-Michael A. Housley Inc. to Steven Parsley, $275,000.

Rainbow Dr., 6146-Frank and Ida Leinbach to Krystle R. and Frank P. Orellana, $377,000.

Tranquil Way, 6703-Tracy R. Fuhr/Middleton to Prathmesh and Neelam Mehta, $330,000.


Bonnybridge Pl., 3832-Stone Financing Corp. to Yu Jia Zua and Bin Bin Liu, $289,900.

Brightlight Pl., 7966-Sarah Abigail Goodman Chiappelli to Suzanne Setavesh, $165,000.

Brightwood Ct., 8057-Brian P. Boccia to Patrick E. and Kelly B. Gemmill, $328,900.

Chapel Hill Dr., 8738-Paul and Julie A. Santos to Shantibhushan C. and Lavanya Yarlagadda, $675,000.

Donovan Lane, 5852-BA Waterloo Townhomes Corp. to Matthew A. and Katherine E. Cox, $169,682.

Falls Run Rd., 8561-Cassandra M. Smoot to Shayna Nicole and Craig Robert Abelman, $185,000.

Joseph Ellicott Ct., 8617-Dolores R. Gordon to the Stephen O. Meininger Trust, $290,000.

Lee Farm Ct., 4930-Cedric S. and Kellie A. Shannon to Contessa Dubois, $336,000.

Old Montgomery Rd., 7924-Ashley Michael Millard to Ihsan and Birgul Unsal, $305,000.

Ribble Ct., 4721-National Residential Nominee Services to Thomas and Solmaz Spence, $535,000.

Stone Crop Dr., 8280-Henry E. Silver to Claude Simon, $235,000.

Victoria Falls Dr., 4011-Michael L. Pfau to Li Zhang and Yanming Bi, $605,000.


Ellington St., 11440-MB Maple Lawn Idot Corp. to Cheryl A. Casnoff, $728,761.

Maple Lawn Blvd., 7682-Nathan S. and Brianne J. George to Kyong Sook and Lauren Q. Rhee, $434,000.

Tilghman St., 7740-Beth L. Viscarra to Daniel H. Kim, $640,000.


Broadleaf Ct., 3602-Patricia L. Zimmerman to James R. Halliday, $1.2 million.

Clear Drive Ct., 3609-Robert J. and Gina Bergin to Steven J. and Sharon G. King, $775,000.


Green Hollow Way, 6810-Rukhshana and Naseem M. Rafiq to Rakeshkumar M. and Rekhaben Patel, $1.5 million.


Aspenwood Way, 8107-Sharron Brown and estate of Oliver Brown III to Michael P. Caschetta, $265,000.

Oak Meade Way, 8440-Federal National Mortgage Association to Brian and Sarah Jackson, $278,000.


Bluestone Ct., 8409-Matthew W. and Katherine Anne Oliver to Cristina and Maxwell Kennedy, $360,000.

Carlinda Ave., 6801-Brian W. and Amy K. Masselink to Hidayah M. Kendall, $459,000.

Lady Bug Row, 9507-James K. Giedraitis and Laura J. Craig to Matthew P. Angert and Lauren Ashley France, $487,500.

Pirates Cove, 9224-Kay Crouse Sentz and estate of Scott M. Sentz to Francisco Jimenez Sr., $220,000.

Rainleaf Ct., 9803-Louis S. and Samia A. Elias to Amy K. Scribner, $307,000.

Weather Worn Way, 7565-Jon A. Deming to Erica K. Gates, $166,000.


Sand Hill Manor Dr., 12061-Charles T. and Denise L. Fader to Aijun Chen and Yanhua Zhao, $680,000.


Weller Dr., 720-GSA Avenues Real Estate Corp. and Susquehanna Bank to Sapient Venture Properties Corp., $470,000.


Castlerock Ct., 8718-Heather M. O’Hagan to Donald K. Cleveland and Julianne M. Giarrusso, $265,000.

Dumhart Rd., 9033-Allen W. and Susan D. Miles to Christopher R. and Kirstin Wilde, $282,500.

Glen Hannah Dr., 10611-Kevin P. Klingebiel to Haixin Zhou and Fei Han, $285,000.

Hadleigh Ct., 9615-James E. and Leesa M. Radja to Duval T. Miller III, $308,000.

Harmony Lane, 9911-Denise E. Lindsey to Gregory and Ramona A. Dairsow, $450,000.

Jennifer Ct., 8632-Mark and Tammy Ferris to Brian and Rebeeca Battaglia, $385,000.

Martown Rd., 7985-Wayne H. White and estate of Lucille Boyette White to Gregory P. and Deandra M. Christiansen, $398,500.

Old Scaggsville Rd., 9006-Justin N. and Amber D. McCann to Donald R. and Jamie N. Rohsner, $223,000.

Queens Guard Ct., 9508-Shelsie K. Fung to Bonnie Herriott, $405,000.

Rolling River Run, 10023-Eugene and Shannon J. Kim to Miao Tian, $672,500.

Steeple Ct., 9425-Brian A. Undegraff to Ochhaval and Kalpana O. Shah, $315,000.


Taylor Park Rd., 1026-Joyce M. Frank to David Lee and Tricia R. Dunchak, $400,000.


Fox Valley Dr., 3321-Steven and Chau T. Whatley to Gulshan S. Oshan and Avinash Kalsi, $675,000.

Wellworth Way, 2693-Valery and Ronald Tsimmerman to Joseph C. and Melissa S. Walchko, $616,000.


Emmaus Rd., 1229-Steven M. and Caryn A. Clarke to Matthew W. and Krista B. Hoffman, $555,000.


Chester Way, 10504-Catherine P. and David L. Schoonover to Christopher Neubauer, $625,000.

Turnberry Way, 2135-Bonnie C. Hanson Living Trust to Paul Nathan and Myungsun Kang Bell, $440,000.


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