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4 officers say unarmed man had
his hands up when police shot him

A group called "Justice for John Geer" pickets.

More than 11,000 Fairfax County documents were released, detailing the 2013 killing of John Geer.

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    John Kelly

    John Kelly

    In the 1960s, one of the fathers of rock-and-roll lived and worked in Washington.

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    For advocate of mentally ill, a time to heal

    Alison Hymes once fought for patients’ rights. Then she was committed against her will.

    Counting the District’s homeless population

    Volunteers and public employees combed streets, alleys and parks to tally those living rough in Washington this winter.

    Homegrown tastes available year-round

    Paella, crepes, fruits and vegetables, popcorn and cheeses beckon at the Palisades Farmers Market in Northwest Washington.

    Learning the fine art of bottling whiskey

    At Purcellville distillery, spirit lovers process Roundstone Rye from cask to bottle.

    Sinkhole swallows car in Bladensburg area

    A 12-inch water-main break caused a residential street to give way and swallow a car in the Bladensburg area.

    A prize patrol’s delivery: College acceptance

    Forget fat envelopes in the mail. For some University of Maryland applicants, getting in meant getting a knock on the front door.

    Annapolis mansion destroyed by fire

    Owners Don and Sandra Pyle and four of their grandchildren died in the blaze.

    Leesburg celebrates Martin Luther King Jr.

    Nearly 1,000 people parade through the town’s historic streets to honor the slain civil rights leader.

    Our Washington

    From waterfronts to monuments, Post photographers share their favorite D.C. spots.

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