Alexandria and Arlington home sales

May 1, 2014

These sales data recorded by the Alexandria Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit .


Alexander St., 27-Gary K. Rubin to Susan G. Braden, $1.13 million.

Aspen St., 207-James C. Venus to Chad D. Horrell, $489,900.

Bessley Pl., 5258-Nicole Frederick and Peter J. Kerr to Joseph Kek, $654,000.

Brighton Ct., 3838-Karen M. Patty to Benjamin Prentice, $484,900.

Cameron St., 1115, No. 213-Wallace J. Robertson to Brenda Bloch Young, $450,000.

Colecroft Ct., 502-Thomas Mckew to H.F. Air Rights Corp., $575,000.

Crescent Dr., 805-Stephen J. Rogers to Pierce R. Coffee, $757,500.

Custis Ave. E., 306-Leonor Babb to John E. Dumsick, $640,000.

Devon Pl., 707-Kevin J. Robbins to Mark H. Herrington, $556,000.

Duke St., 4600, No. 720-U.S. Bank to Mohammed M. Hossain, $144,000.

Edison St., 3609-Federal National Mortgage Association to Jill D. Kempenaar, $274,000.

Fayette St. S., 322-Randall W. Larrimore to Michael C. Vitale, $1.35 million.

Fort Worth Ave., 3716-Kirk D. Beckhorn to Andrew L. Amunson, $952,000.

Gentry Ave., 221-Christopher W. Alsup to Jed R. Bullock, $500,000.

Gretna Green Ct., 246-Mario J. Schiavo to Michael D. Saperstein Jr., $489,000.

Hampton Dr. N., 3101, No. 618-Gallatin Properties Corp. to Laura E. Arth, $298,000.

Hemlock Ave., 2717-Margarita M. Linman to Jay D. Alessandro, $506,000.

Holmes Run Pkwy., 5340, No. 1107-Jessica Boucher to Tamberneshia Willis, $157,000.

Hunton Pl., 2513-Rohan A. Virginkar to Nazir G. Dossani, $628,000.

Ingalls Ave., 3722-Adam C. Duboff to Sarah L. Saunders, $380,000.

John Carlyle St., 520, No. 436-Michael A. Pratt to Bo H.A. Zhu, $340,000.

Kennedy St., 70-Christine J. Boote to Jonathan Earle, $515,000.

Knight Pl., 4625-Leonard A. Petruccelli to Barbara A. McCann, $619,000.

Laverne Ave., 328-Jennifer H. Ware to Laura L. Palekar, $767,000.

Lee St. S., 417-Kathleen Behan to John S. Moran, $762,000.

Livermore Lane, 349-Lee G. Petro to Irina M. Babb, $500,000.

Mansion Dr., 312-Lawrence H. Watson Jr. to Thomas M. Stimson, $1.28 million.

Martha Custis Dr., 1342, No. 527-Christine B. Schiffner to Cheryl L. Kilcheski, $305,000.

Mason Ave. W., 108-Joshua Edelstein to Tracy K. Baldwin, $870,000.

Mount Vernon Ave., 37-Gregory Wade and estate of Linda Ann Shu to FMH Investments Corp., $407,000.

Nelson Ave. E., 106-William D. Euille to Susan Barvenik, $855,000.

Payne St. S., 504-Janette J. Miller to Kristie A. Zimmerman, $375,000.

Pickett St. S., 253, No. 201-Hugh A. Gamble III to Joyce Gietkowski, $334,000.

Pitt St. N., 801, No. 1005-Derek A. Nittle to Ahren T. Freund, $215,000.

Putnam Pl., 706-Cheryl M. Greene to Residential Value of Virginia, $537,232.

Queen St., 423-Phillip J. Dougherty to Joseph F. Blumberg, $785,000.

Reynolds St. S., 250, No. 1010-Philip E. Goldsmith to Wayne V. Scoyoc, $289,000.

Russell Rd., 7, No. A-Carol G. McNeely to William Smith, $200,000.

Saint Asaph St. S., 523-Sarah S. Hull to Thomas O. Mason, $725,000.

Slaters Lane, 501, No. 1208-Cimka Corp. to William D. Whalen Jr., $375,000.

Stevenson Ave., 6301, No. 803-Joseph R. Bocchier to Corinne R. Bazarnyj, $135,000.

Sycamore St., 2914-Anthony P. Jones to Coleman Lowry, $510,000.

Tull Pl., 133-Mark A. Guiffre to Russell T. Natoce Jr., $801,025.

Van Dorn St. N., 1291-Melissa K. Krystek to Stephanie A. Hasenei, $242,000.

Van Dorn St. N., 2500, No. 1517-Beverly L. Hallberg to Robert J. Brown, $115,000.

Washington St. S., 715, No. B16-Marika Torok to Sanat Shankardass, $210,500.

Wesmond Dr., 320-James G. Smith Jr. to Eric T. Brassil, $462,575.

Yoakum Pkwy., 205, No. 2-321-Bank of America to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $322,878.

28th St. S., 3320, No. 303-Susan Lavalle to Timothy Hucko, $177,000.


Armistead St. N., 418, No. T1-National Financial Corp. to Troy Milton, $220,500.

Armistead St. N., 718-John P. Frankenburg to Patricia L. Britt, $436,000.

Mayflower Ct., 5915, No. 202-Kathleen M. Quellen to Jose S. Martinez, $175,000.

Triadelphia Way, 550-Due C. Cang to Ramatoulaye Barry, $575,000.


These sales data recorded by the Arlington County Department of Real Estate Assessments were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit .


Adams St. N., 1981-Paul J. Clemens to Stephen David Fuller and Kathleen A. Pollard, $805,000.

Barton St. S., 1030, No. 284-Amy E. Allison to Siyun Sun, $250,000.

Bedford St. N., 138, No. B-Adam Blake Reiter to Sean Philpotts, $415,000.

Buchanan St. S., 1019-Patricia Anne Augustine to Jairo Viquez, $180,000.

Courthouse Rd. N., 1301, No. 901-Stephen K. Christenson and Vishna Bindlish to DRH 1 Corp., $412,000.

Edgewood St. S., 308-Robert E. Ellicott to James A. Butler, $620,750.

Emerson St. N., 300-Charles F. and William J. Sullivan to Adam Reece, $585,000.

Florida St. N., 604-Mary Lynn Carroll to Mike Teran, $638,000.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4091, No. 401-Aaron McDaniel to William A. Sierra, $326,500.

Four Mile Run Dr. S., 4500, No. 707-Hak Soon Lee to Danielle Welch, $296,000.

Garfield St. N., 1021, No. 311-Carol A. Hedleston to Stephanie Crowley, $455,000.

Garfield St. N., 1021, No. 742-Stanley A. Brannon to Quinn H. Holzheimer, $648,000.

George Mason Dr. N., 411-Kevin E. Coray to Thomas P. Teifke, $740,000.

Glebe Rd. N., 1706-Mats I. Landstrom to Kathryn Keating, $750,000.

Hartford St. N., 1200, No. 508-Mario S. Colombo to Joanna K. Ip, $567,500.

Jefferson St. N., 2801-Peter Griffin to Russell Blauw, $806,500.

Lancaster St. N., 3626-Janet Cope and Nancy Diehl to Brent E. Baxter, $955,000.

Lorcom Lane, 4390, No. 704-Patricia Hammond to Birendra R. Acharya, $270,000.

Nelson St. S., 2029-Marie Agnes Mulumba to James Wiggin, $430,000.

Pollard St. N., 820, No. 513-Fareed and Farzad Aref to Jeremy Nighohossian, $630,000.

Queens Lane N., 1808, No. 4-210-Jessica A. Neff to Paul A. Fengler, $295,000.

Randolph St. N., 1001, No. 522-Ambika Kuckreja to Carita Chan, $360,000.

Randolph St. N., 2745-William G. Murray to G. Harris Custom Homes Corp., $1.82 million.

Richmond St. N., 2318-Carla J. Buchler to Basil Ben Baldanza, $808,000.

Stafford St. N., 900, No. 1218-David B. Martinez to Brandon Charles Possin, $486,000.

Taft St. N., 1210, No. 102-Ralph W. Johnson to Masahito Yamashita, $252,500.

Taylor St. N., 900, No. 1431-Janice S. Brantley to Ann Scribner, $110,000.

Tazewell Ct. N., 2109-Dhanya P. Limaye to Lara Noelle Self, $625,000.

Upland St. N., 4012-John M. Gillam to Walter C. Jean, $820,000.

Veitch St. S., 317-William E. Blackwell to Sargon M. De Jesus and Sarah M. Foard, $397,500.

Vernon St. N., 1417-Paige P. Powell to Kristen Detineo, $849,900.

Washington Blvd., 2539-Steven A. Vekony to Andrew Chelana, $595,000.

Westmoreland St. N., 2200, No. 423-Deborah Clay Wright to Setsuko Pfeiffer, $525,000.

Woodrow St. N., 807-Jordan Manor Wakefield Corp. to Ruihong Guo, $896,935.

Woodstock St. N., 4012-Michael Krulfeld to Sunline Custom Homes Corp., $715,000.

Second Rd. N., 3008-Natale A. McPherson to Timothy Hopkins, $950,000.

Fifth St. S., 3356-Jonathan Preston Parker to Nicholas Johnson, $580,000.

Sixth St. S., 3826-S Sixth Street Corp. to Edward Andrew Ferriter, $445,000.

Seventh St. S., 3511-Martin H. Gold to Benjamin J. Jeffers and Alexandria R. Stevens, $620,000.

Ninth St. N., 3830, No. 605W-Christopher M. Greer to Michelle Parekh, $367,500.

Ninth Rd. S., 3862-Jonathan Van Hise to Daniel Githens and E. Marquina, $369,900.

Ninth St. S., 5073-Abraham Joshua Chernila to Kapil Padwal, $423,000.

13th Rd. S., 2904, No. 404-2-Sarah Elizabeth McKinley to Timothy C. McMillan and Niki Marie Clark, $260,000.

15th St. N., 2001, No. 222-Erin A. Vickery to Marcus P. Peters, $420,000.

18th St. N., 3805-18th Street N. Corp. to Ross A. Dannenberg, $1.39 million.

20th St. N., 4734-Daniel W. Klett to Michael F. Tarlton, $859,000.

23rd Rd. N., 3319-David B. Pearson to James A. McKenney, $965,000.

26th St. N., 6929-North 26th Street Corp. to Stephen Lauderdale, $475,000.

33rd St. N., 5619-Brent E. Baxter to October Properties Corp., $800,000.


Arlington Ridge Rd. S., 1515, No. 302-Catherine Lowry Campbell to Robert H. Berry Jr., $499,900.

Crystal Dr., 1805, No. 710S-William Norment Cox III to Mitra Afshari Sarabi, $451,500.

Glebe Rd. S., 3600, No. 410W-Helmand Investment Corp. to Babaseyi Olaleye, $425,000.

19th Rd. S., 1331-Joanne F. Charles to Tiffany Miller, $925,000.

21st St. S., 1026-Steven R. Rasmussen to George E. Grant III, $709,500.

24th St. S., 1307-Walter H. Parsons III to Brandon Cash Carlton, $965,000.


Kentucky St. N., 875-Francis J. Mahoney Jr. to James W. Waters, $559,000.

Sycamore St. N., 1117-Peter Trofimenko to Jeffrey B. Bender, $745,000.

Sixth St. N., 5643-Richard M. Allen to Classic Cottages Corp., $510,000.

12th St. N., 6353-Pope Associates Corp. to Christopher B. Lettau, $625,000.

19th Rd. N., 6047-Joseph Waddell to Stone Financing Corp., $800,000.

22nd St. N., 5800-Ruth C. Corning to William R. McNulty, $890,000.


Nash St. N., 1423, No. N-308-David S. Kohart and Adrienne K. Hubbard to James R. Summers, $321,500.

Ode St. N., 1303, No. 214-Harry W. Hude II to Lidia Butzky, $300,000.

19th St. N., 1111, No. 2101-Eric P. Dennett to Jai Ma I. Corp., $725,000.


Abingdon St. S., 3074, No. B1-Lisa M. Deaton to Margaret P. Kerley, $267,000.

Kenmore Ct. S., 2642-Judith L. Gallagher Howell to Kedrick Nevin Whitmore, $725,000.

Uhle St. S., 2636-S. Uhle Street Corp. to Ian M. MacLeod, $310,000.

Walter Reed Dr. S., 2542, No. 5-Karen A. Waide to Michael O’Neil Loatman, $495,000.

28th Rd. S., 4624A, No. A-Lauren Elizabeth Maimone to Dennis Dunaway, $285,000.

34th St. S., 4623-Paul A. Kesler to Patricia E. Dangelo, $458,500.

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