Anne Arundel and Howard home sales

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Anne Arundel

Admiral Dr., 627, No. 203-Bank of New York Mellon to Robert A. and Donna M. Levin, $222,500.

Amberstone Ct., 60K-Kathleen M. Britton to Wells Fargo Bank, $149,765.

Beach Dr., 324-Matthew Francis and Lara Diane Wilson to Mellisa J. Rubbelke, $330,000.

Brightwater Dr., 173-Harold Skipper to Mia M. McClamy, $172,000.

Cherry Grove Ave. S., 198-John E. and John Edgar Chadwick to Tara Cavaselis, $220,000.

Claibourne Rd., 2679-George B. Marino Jr. to David F. and Gayle A. Bastian, $175,000.

Drogue Ct., 3111-Bruce W. and Karen J. Burnett to Clyde P. Topping and Elizabeth A. Elliott, $495,000.

Farragut Rd., 4-John J. and Winifred S. Melesh to Adrienne A. Spirit and Richard G. Jones, $950,000.

Genessee St., 679-Jennifer J. Zinck to Alexander J. Hannoon, $280,000.

Halsey Rd., 407-John A. and Martha E. Smith to Robert D. Herr, $407,000.

Harness Creek Rd., 3260-Jane H. Holly to Robert D. and Ann J. Goldstein, $1.32 million.

Hilltop Lane, 304K, No. 304-North Green Equities Corp. to Lauren Willner, $204,900.

Ironstone Ct., 20I-Swanson Dowling and Amy Baikauskas to Cathy S. Hochman, $195,000.

Maryland Ave., 5, No. 5-John A. Cress to John R. and Martha L. Detweiler, $425,000.

Narragansett Ave., 3565-Angus Smith and Sheila M. Lumsden to Teresa S. Marshall, $865,000.

Regent St., 1400-David and Deborah Hoggard to Genevieve M. Dunaj, $217,500.

Severn Ave., 803-Nancie J. Robiens and Paula S. Snell to Chad D. Gilpin, $425,803.

Spa View Ave., 131-Bharat and Arceli Parashar to Ray B. and Mary Jane Tacoma, $1.78 million.

Tyler Ave., 915-Sergio Leon and Mary Elaine Salgado to M&K Corp., $70,000.

Valley Rd., 1986-Charles C. Milburn Jr. to Kristin O. Roberts and Richard Dixon, $335,000.


Broadwater Rd., 303-Amanda Lose and Michael Johnson to Daniel C. Laplume and Allison S. Gibbon, $205,000.

Deer Creek Run, 959-Douglas B. and Brooke C. Listmann to William C. Turner and Peggy S. Renzi, $350,000.

Mago Vista Rd., 930-Charles F. Moser and Jane E. Mose to Kevin G. Stagi, $244,900.

Melissa Ct., 560-Marsden S. and Jeri Lin Furlow to Sally Bunting, $200,000.

White Swan Dr., 687-Roger J. and Helen B. Kouhi to Brian and Tricia Schilling, $795,000.


Church St., 111-Doris E. Dietrick to Al-Muftau Adeite and Lateefah B. Adeite, $172,500.

Pope St., 5718-Leo J. Brandt Jr. and Gloria M. Brandt to Vicki Sue Love Davis, $118,395.

Second Ave., 10-U.S. Bank to Suk Ghim and Duck Kim, $140,000.


Cranes Roost Ct., 436, No. 81-Ann Wise Nations and Daniel H. Wise to David L. and Denise L. Rubin, $317,500.

Harwood Rd., 1927-William F. and Mary Ann McCauley to John Page and Mary L. Williams, $900,000.

Riverview Dr., 1152-Guy G. and June F. Dowell to Oleg and Stacy L. Pelekhaty, $311,000.

Truxton Rd., 624-Barbara Van Horn to Joseph Nedward and Lisa Michele McCorkell, $620,000.


Gwynne Ave., 1228-Diane S. Alferez to Steven J. and Deborah L. Gallagher, $164,000.


Crofton Pkwy., 1605-Jeffery J. Sutton to Christopher G. and Karen E. Eifert, $478,000.

Jasper Ct., 1112-Anthony J. and Kathleen M. Villani to John D. and Mary Jo Waldrop, $525,000.

Laconia Ct., 2315-Robert F. and Danielle Frey to Jonathon D. Scroggins and Ashley R. Seroggins, $290,000.

Pearl Ave., 1508-William C. McCawley to Market Pro South Inc., $338,000.


Birch Trail, 817-A-Jessica and William D. Fales to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $330,827.


Greenland Beach Rd., 142-Charles David and Greg Anthony Hall to Ett Enterprises Inc., $160,000.

Waterway Ct., 1321-Sandra J. Holtz to Brian C. and Susan Lathrop, $320,000.


Russell Thomas Lane, 3516-Larry and Francine Bledsoe to Mary Ellen and Martin A. Hammond, $760,000.


Melbourne Ave., 6008-Donald R. and Stephanie L. Dove to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co., $234,043.


Bishop Rd., 1510-Anna Hutchens to Jeffrey and Donna Nicholson, $222,000.

Fairview Rd., 940-Randall Gregory Roe to Brenda L. Green and Paul L. Heister, $410,000.

Monarch Dr., 3480-Sohail N. and Beth L. Zaidi to Kimberly M. Barr, $975,000.

Potomac Rd., 1705-John Wesley Colvin to Jeffrey A. Cox and Stacie J. Wollman, $95,000.

River Landing Rd. S., 1050-Sara Jane and Vincent Montante to Michael K. and Marie Yates, $740,000.

Shore Dr., 2005-George D. Nicholson to Jennifer and Michael Lu, $440,000.


Arrowhead Farms Rd., 3107-Richard C. and Joyce Lewis to Christopher M. and Carleen A. Emery, $545,000.

Jason Ct., 997-Wanda Lee Boschert to Vance J. and Rachel S. Rogers, $263,000.

Wigeon Way, 1408, No. 202-Centex Homes to Faith A. and Edward A. Anderson, $304,520.

Wigeon Way, 1408, No. 202-Centex Homes to Donna G. Doyle, $282,985.


Bentwillow Dr., 863-Wells Fargo Bank to Melissa L. Cooper, $139,500.

Brooks Terrace Rd., 11-Ngan Ho to Erica J. Gardner, $174,900.

Dubya Ct., 365-Anthony J. Barber to Rebecca J. Bisel, $200,000.

Foxview Dr., 148-Stasha Arocha to Michael J. Eason II, $242,000.

Harris Heights Ave., 6333-Eric E. and Tracy L. Kahler to Michelle A. Haley, $190,000.

High Oak Rd., 8041-Wayne L. Leroux to Gregory and Rebecca R. Barnes, $365,000.

Jay Ct., 903-Raymond H. and Anneta M. Poff to Pegasus Home Corp., $155,500.

Maple Lane NW, 420-Stephanie Vitrano to Erica J. Jones, $167,000.

Olen Dr., 115-Maria W. Herold to Nelson and Kimberly Cramer, $183,000.

Ryan Rd., 301-Michael and Kristina Lacher to Christina L. Price, $160,000.

Tam O’ Shanter Lane, 7952-Dottie L. Lentz to Auslyn C. Johnson, $230,000.

West Dr., 7733-Tina M. Niemeyer to Virginia A. Kushner, $360,000.

Williams Rd., 201-Bryan Martin to Randy Smoot and Chelsea Hughes, $164,900.


Bocastle Lane, 7218-Teresa M. Ogden to Ashish Shrestha, $345,000.

Sewell Farm Dr., 1317-Douglas H. Milo to Carol C. and Jeffrey Scott Moore, $481,000.


Cedars Stable Rd., 3506-Jessie Fred and Ginger Ann Hardin to Cheryl J. and Gregory M. Gallina, $640,000.


Federalsburg S., 258-Julia C. Lambert and James E. Pessagno to Randy Carmichael, $149,900.

Mayaone St., 8606-Lisa A. Gail to Kyle Johnson, $197,500.

Shooting Star Lane, 8201-Sheila M. Jackson to Regan A. Myers and Melisa M. Leng, $285,000.


Forest View Rd., 515-Robert W. Drury and Mildred G. Drury to Garret D. and Angelica P. Holden, $300,000.

Kingwood Rd., 419-Robert R. and Hollie M. Morris to Joy F. and Seth Johnson, $253,000.


Hornbill Ct., 1802-Andrew G. and Kristine C. Smith to David G. and Lisa M. Mathias, $422,000.

Songwood Ct., 301-Robert L. and Karen L. Felts to Jacob L. and Jennifer J. Meushaw, $618,000.

Welland Ct., 576-James P. Foti to Jason D. and Emily G. Starke, $230,000.


Canteen Cir., 2240, No. 111-Stephen J. Bridges and Chelsey L. Kantor Bridges to Allegra Domingue, $274,900.

Crosslanes Way, 2337-William J. and Deborah L. Wagner to Chelsey Kantor Bridges, $450,000.

Grays Ford Rd., 1547-John Allan and Kimberly Cecil to Eduard Aslanyan, $650,000.

Kestrel Ct., 910-Remi R. and Cheryl L. Bergeron to Nicholas and Jennifer Adam, $375,000.

Miles River Ct., 225-Mariatu A. and Haroun Zubairu to Gloria Moon, $205,000.

Rolling Hill Walk, 608, No. 303-William W. and Michelle Sjolinder to Mary C. Nowottnick, $128,000.

Streamview Dr., 2670-Kenneth J. Rempher and David E. Idleman to Curtis Everette Johnson, $385,000.

Trout Run Ct., 616-Edith M. Pembleton to Dillon A. Flaherty IV, $340,000.

Winding Stream Way, 687, No. 204-Michael E. Hebble to Andrew D. White, $182,500.


Bay Rd., 8426-Michael G. Brauer to Shannon Marie Ofiara, $250,000.

Bussenius Rd., 8410-Barbara L. Elliott to Wells Fargo Bank, $140,692.

Central Rd., 7912-Deutsche Bank to Rocco J. Dalessio and Carey D. Alessio, $284,000.

Edgewood Ave., 7736-George E. Bowen and Linda Shanks to Joseph S. Mavor, $236,000.

Hurlock Lane, 1399-Leonard Alfred and Kathleen Mary Young to Brian Mark and Stephanie Lee Latta, $455,000.

Littleton Way, 3397, No. 4B-Denise M. Jewer and Diane R. Blake to William J. and Katherine M. Remeikas, $135,000.

Meadow Rd., 161-Earle M. and Elsie G. Biedling to Christopher S. Webb, $265,000.

Outing Ave., 7820-Aida Breen and Alfred L. Cipriani to Jerry Roberts, $75,000.

Ritchie Hwy., 8008-William and Margaret Rose to Rajesh and Kirti Chopra, $500,000.

Shore Rd. W., 7727-Abner L. Haynie III to Freddie Mac, $265,000.

Turf Valley Dr., 833-Gary E. Bennett to Teresa Bibeault, $170,000.

204th St., 688-Robert E. and Geraldine V. Hammer to Michael J. Ruth and Charlotte E. Lurakis, $200,000.


Beech Tree Rd., 888-Gary L. Cantrell and Linda E. Cantrell to Kenneth R. and Barbara J. Bressler, $279,000.

Hickory Leaf Rd., 7859-Paul C. and Kelly A. Stonecypher to Jessica A. and Marcos Escobar, $237,000.

Montreal Rd., 1846-Michael C. and Mary J. Titone to Virginia V. Vazquez, $250,000.

Quebec St., 1861-John F. Perry and Carmen A. Perry to Daniel John Loncher, $229,900.

Severn Hills Lane, 1800-Kim Lanette Dean to Jeremiah R. and Jamie A. Kuykendall, $340,000.

Tower Court Rd., 7919-Amanda L. and Jonathan M. Pearce to James P. and Samantha L. Schweiger, $320,000.


Barrensdale Dr., 76-Teri Schrocter to Justin D. Mickle, $282,000.

Capote Ct. E., 264-Robyn D. and Alan C. Howlett to Reinhardt Lee and Elaine S. Sparks, $925,000.

Fairlane Ct., 436-John K. and Marianne K. Bacci to Benjamin and Kristen G. Petre, $756,000.

Idlewilde Rd., 106-Thomas and Eva Marie Hagigh to Rachael E. and Teddy Alan Cameron, $449,500.

Red Oak Ct., 602-Shirley C. and James Edward Reyback to Robert L. and Karen L. Felts, $315,000.

Vinton Lane, 435-Alex H. Chung to Philip D. and Cheryl A. Wolf, $475,000.


Oak Ave., 1185-Lee Anne Chandler and Thomas A. Parham to Kristin R. Bellew and Nathan Turner, $237,500.


Sewell Dr., 6216-Raymond B. and Catherine C. Torgerson to Morris S. and Cynthia T. Blackistone, $420,000.

Howard County

Carillon Ct., 10101-Francis and Anne Miller Hagan to Edward B. and Ann M. Greenspan, $500,000.

Conchita Dr., 3553-Fannie Mae to Paul Gary and Dianne Egrie, $305,000.

Folly Quarter Rd., 12891-Dennis and Maria Barbara Smith to Robert R. and Donna M. Whitman, $815,000.

Kingsway Ct., 10305-Mario G. and Christina M. Pino to Ananth Ramkrishnan and Jyoti Ananth, $1.08 million.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10546-Ellicott Square Townhouse Group Corp. to Kiran and Vasavi Tatavarthi, $437,000.

Riverside Cir., 9711-Christopher John Feldwick and Jennifer Crow to Carlas Wilburn and Xiufeng Li, $360,000.

Stayman Dr. W., 9225-Alexander D. Verin and Tatyana Y. Verina to Donna S. Dennis, $410,000.

White Rose Way, 3959-Jesse W. Martal Jr. and Catherine A. Martak to Tami R. Bryan and Ray A. Branker, $600,000.


Meadow Wood Way, 7258-William G. and Marilyn W. Longenecker to Eric C. and Cheryl L. Hitzel, $605,000.


Black Star Cir., 8526-Kristin Sowis Papa to Darin Kyle and Robin Lynn Ford, $281,000.

Fruitgift Pl., 6586-Eric M. Heilman and Patrick F. Ceresa Jr. to Rebecca L. Bell, $172,500.

Gracious End Ct., 9141-Greenman Pedersen Inc. to Sizhnor and Karuna K. Rhena, $200,000.

Hayshed Lane, 8827-Waleska Jordan to Ali Mohammad, $140,000.

Mallard Ct., 8903-Diana Skirven Powell and James A. Skirven Jr. to Jared Ettinger, $244,900.

Owen Wood Rd., 9611-Ajith Kondapalli and Srujana Polsani to Don and Glenetta Harris, $548,000.

Ridgeview Dr., 9474-Bruce H. and Robin A. Scarborough to Nabeel Girgis, $360,000

Silver Trumpet Dr., 8320-Sandra Sachs to Jennifer A. Marker, $220,000.

Warm Waves Way, 8741-Robert H. and Colleen C. Coburn to Salvatore A. and Sue E. Cefalu, $460,000.

Yellowrose Ct., 5759-Muirfield Properties Inc. to David Anderson, $232,500.


Bradley Lane, 10202-JDK Homes Corp. to Lewis A. and Jessica T. Schrumm, $390,000.

Cedar Lane, 5490, No. B1-Sean Cates and Carolyn E. Cates to Farrokh Alimohammadi and Bita Farzin Manesh, $127,700.

Discover Ct., 6221-Douglas W. and Patricia B. Burnett to Todd A. and Leah Adams, $584,000.

Fair Oaks, 10482-Fair Oaks Homes Corp. to Nam Hoai and Jessica McElvaney, $387,000.

Harpers Farm Rd., 5679-Crystal Konny andHallee S. Konny to Sandra Hudson and Larry Butler, $151,000.

Little Patuxent Pkwy., 11527-William L. Bell to Arik L. Morris, $284,000.

Millbank Row, 10966-Jesse Luviano to Wendy Wilson, $225,000.

Running Brook Rd. W., 5239-Mervyn J. Grills to Theresa Gale, $185,000.

Twin Rivers Rd., 10551, No. D2-Jamie Y. Timmons to Bayview Loan Servicing Corp., $208,791.

Windstream Dr., 10069-Ronald S. and Elizabeth H. Burke to Jack E. Cumbe Jr., $243,000.


Howard Rd., 14038-Lawrence E. Weyer Jr. and Susan L. Weyer to Marcus A. and Mary A. Britt, $550,000.


Butterfield Dr., 7825-Paul R. and Shoshana F. Hutchinson to Christopher Raley, $231,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6678-Dinesh and Maya Patel to Chad Vincent Lewis Zobrisky and Traci Lynn Sharkey, $231,000.

Old Washington Rd., 6365-Shirley Mae and Keith Lamar Baker to U.S. Bank, $295,000.

Stone Throw Way, 7113-Capital One Bank to Vita Lashelle Hankins, $206,000.


Bali Ct. N., 8626-Wanda J. Griffin to Scott D. and Kara L. Yeager, $360,000.

Coachlight Lane, 7611A-Jeffrey W. Grasty to Pritti Pamnani, $215,000.

Halcyon Ct., 3251-Young Aee Ro to Fang Fu, $328,000.

Linwood Dr., 8490-Cynthia A. Hanna to Casimir Anthony Potyraj Jr., $475,000.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8337J-Katherine D. and Stephen C. Penyak to Emily A. Sweeney, $192,000.

Old Frederick Rd., 8644-Francisco J. and Rosa Gomez to Rene Hernandez, $170,000.

Stonehouse Dr., 8666-Myeong Keun and Jeong Soon Kim to Thomas K. and Jennifer O’Toole, $505,000.

Timberland Cir., 8502-Damian and Shannn Gallina to Denise Veres, $457,000.


Fulton Estates Ct., 12135-Christopher and Kelly Felix to Cartus Financial Corp., $630,000.

Pindell School Rd., 7015-Dennis R. and Cathy Jo Luck to Craig A. Mustard and Philip R. Cobb, $570,000.


Concord Dr., 8636-Byron B. Simms and Aimee Kristen Reinert to Eiud Caraballo Serrano, $290,000.

Spring Water Path, 9329-Michael Blair and Jennifer L. Luca to Joseph A. and Stacey E. Schilling, $408,500.


Long Corner Rd., 1070-Dorothy G. Hill to Carroll Lee Rice, $140,000.


Chaucers Ridge Ct., 11204-Donna L. Mastin to Adam and Kirsten Sayani, $585,000.

Ice Crystal Dr., 8470R-NVR Inc. to Marilyn B. Brannigan, $241,725.

Laurel Rd. N., 9015-Shernell L. and Wayne L. Wonson to Anthony and Olajumoke Rotimi, $81,000.

Midsummer Flame Terr., 10205-Dong Hyun and Yeo Soon Lee to Shankar Krishnappa, $500,000.

Scaggsville Rd., 10228-Joseph C. and Kathleen S. Holden to Christopher M. and Robin J. Murray, $529,000.

Windsor Walk Ct., 11337-Michael T. and Jessica L. Rinaldi to Michael Grant and Kristen Koski Hendrix, $565,000.


Taylor Park Rd., 1015-Ralph Allen and Jacqueline Eugenia Costello to Rob Stankovic and Heather Campbell, $410,000.


Bucks Run Dr., 15261-Thomas F. Hoesch and Pamela Hoesch to Robert J. and Nancy H. Allen, $735,000.


Breezewood Cir., 10633-Said and Lynnne C. Bensarghin to Richard Y. Lee and Cathleen Cui, $654,000.


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