Anne Arundel County and Howard County home sales

These sales data recorded by the Maryland Department of Assessments & Taxation were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit

Anne Arundel County

Arundel On The Bay Rd., 3277-Christopher S. and Hope L. Cool to Matthew C. and Luanne B. Patterson, $483,000.

Burtons Cove Way, 651, No. 2-Wayne R. Miller to Daniel H. Flood, $200,000.

Chatham Lane, 234-John L. Hinzman to Cori L. Seedenburg and Christopher J. Gschwendtner, $307,000.

Cornhill St., 48-Dennis J. and Suzanne M. Sinnett to Katherine Dressner Bell, $582,000.

Duke Of Gloucester St., 112-George T. and Patricia A. Brown to William Thomas and Kettela Marie Rice, $1.7 million.

Gentry Ct., 53-Eleanor Lee Lovell to Ann E. Cruse, $235,000.

Gov. Thomas Bladen Way, 2020, No. 203-Jean C. Eger to Cynthia Anders, $198,000.

Kimber Ridge Ct., 400-Alan W. Bernstein and Jennifer Margaret West to Helen Kimberly Potember and Daniel Philip Bornstein, $720,000.

Locust Ave., 322-Richard E. Stallings and Robert W. Emory to Thomas W. and Sharon A. Davis, $362,500.

Mizzen Ct., 5-U.S. Bank to Megan T. Garrity, $195,000.

Pafel Rd., 506-Luis and Martha Mispireta to Kristin Kyle Schutz and Megan Elizabeth Schutz, $269,000.

Queen Anne Cir., 2650-Ellen P. and John P. Campbell to John A. Tsaknis and Theresa Oliva, $950,000.

Randall Ct., 5-Donald Lewis Singer and Mary Frances McCutchan to Katherine C. and James W. Chadwick, $699,000.

Riva Rd., 2570, No. 2C-Mae A. Nolan to Lorna J. Cunningham, $106,500.

South St., 18-18 South Street Corp. to Thomas E. and Diane C. Gooding, $850,000.

Spa Rd., 964-Raymond Higgs to Michael Dove, $149,000.

Washington Dr., 1323-William A. Bulis and David S. Hackett to Robert M. Acciardo, $387,000.

Wilson Rd., 509-Pinewood Properties to George V. and Canby S. Robertson, $425,000.


Carronade Way, 395-Brookfield Builders to Keisha L. Gwinn, $160,000.

Southern Hills Dr., 766-Andrea MacCord and Donald E. MacCord to Bank of America, $132,654.


Arden Rd. W., 309-CPM Investors Corp. to Mandlea Ray Uebel, $130,000.

Grove Park Rd., 203-Joseph T. Torian to Earl D. Fox, $115,000.


Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd., 1906-James R. and Charles D. Martin to Kimberly Ann and Charlene S. Mason, $500,000.

Clay Hill Rd., 1610-Astoria Savings & Loan to Keith Nechanicky, $206,000.

Meadow Hill Dr., 1764-Scott E. and Cheryl L. Gilman to Lee C. Schinnerer and Francesca S. Dougherty, $655,000.

Riverboat Ct., 1122-Mark Edward Farrell to Lance A. and Grace M. David, $224,750.

Snow Goose Lane, 631-David C. Holmes Jr. and Dian Holmes Moulin to John M. and Karen A. Cisco, $330,000.


Garret Ave., 1225-John J. Russell to Bryan M. Akers and Kaitlyn D. Dalton, $250,000.


Ambling Cir., 2518-John V. and Jill E. Deduk to John and Devon C. Paterson, $297,000.

Crofton Pkwy., 1826-Michael A. and Mary M. Peck to Timothy W. and Berenice D. Putnam, $358,000.

Fenway Rd., 1527-Robert A. and Carolyn S. Wood to Keith and Tressa Ellis, $545,000.

Marlborough Ct., 1553-Bryan L. and Savannah L. Lambert to Nichole E. Greenberg, $165,000.

Peartree Lane, 1720-Cheryl A. Martin to Jason A. and Mary K. Parks, $490,000.

Tarleton Way, 1722-James W. and Lynda L. Cratty to Robert F. Martin and Michelle Hermanson, $435,000.


Cheltenham Ct. E., 1508-Brett T. and Lyn G. Shoop to Frank Underwood, $852,000.

St. Stephens Woods Dr., 2010-Andrea Marie Prieto to Navy FCU, $955,485.


Chestnut Manor Ct., 939-Jeffrey A. Hester to Emily Orfanoudakis, $199,900.

Partridge Berry Lane, 906-Mary H. and Kenneth Dixon to John C. and John Louis Fracalossi, $525,000.


Meredith Lane, 1108-John Joseph and Nicole K. Ekelund to Citimortgage Inc., $400,000.


Main St., 930-Sharon E. Frolick to Patrick Mehlman and Alexia Lewnes, $425,000.


Bayview Point Dr., 529-John P. Tullai to Tony G. and Katherine J. Sewell, $410,000.

Darlington Rd., 623-Rebuilt With Care Corp. to Kathryn A. and Thomas J. Gateau, $282,000.

Hunting Ct., 34-Joe D. and Jeanne E. Duval to Kevin L. and Susan M. Berger, $685,000.

South River Terr., 3423-William T. and Jeannie Caldwell to Elizabeth A. Bussler, $425,000.


Fall Ridge Way, 962-Sheila S. Williamson to Mark J. and Janine I. Renzi, $290,000.

Maytime Dr., 2315-Bernard Cox to Amber M. Cranston and Timothy D. Mortimer, $287,500.


Biddle Rd., 803-Aurora Loan Services to Liem Nguyen and Thuc Vu, $109,999.

Big Baer Dr., 1008-Kimzey F. Fox and Susan M. Fox to Sand Investments Corp., $138,000.

Cromwell Ave., 10-Nationstar Mortgage to Timothy L. Miller Sr. and Judith A. Housand, $170,000.

Gordon Dr., 1440-Fannie Mae to Samuel E. and Joyce K. Crouch, $175,000.

Houghton Rd., 1419-Community Development Administration to Luyen Shawn Tran, $138,600.

Kenwood Rd., 1219-Sara S. Stevens to Fannie Mae, $258,210.

Manning Rd., 1706-Jane E. Kline and Robert H. Kornmann Jr. to Greenway Restorations Corp., $118,000.

Marley Ave., 1668-James J. Mandrin to Norma Jean Madonna and Lawrence E. Collins Jr., $249,000.

Sharon Dr., 1004-Raymond Makarovich to William Lyle Poe Jr., $145,000.

Sundown Rd., 1018-Morgan Chase Bank to Danny and Sherri L. Breach, $169,300.

West Ct., 460-Brandi and Jene Conway to Jon G. Johnson Jr. and William Eugene Parks, $90,000.

Fourth St., 1006-Jeffrey A. and Elizabeth K. Wilson to Thomas J. Mcdevitt, $243,000.


Fairbanks Ct., 7624-Fannie Mae to Ronald Spano, $155,000.

Sandhurst Lane, 7639-Jerry D. Jones Jr. and Joey L. Caccarozzo to Matthew J. Santeramo and Kristina C. Gales, $354,999.


Jordan Taylor Lane, 108-William and Susan F. Kunz to David W. and Kathleen M. Chamberlin, $707,000.


Cecilton S., 341-PSQ Corp. to Elizabeth Ann Cope, $279,900.

Pennington Dr., 8060-William E. and Christina M. Yuknis to Vijay Koneru and Pratima Namala, $300,000.


Cleveland Rd., 434-Jose M. and Angela L. Perez to Philip and Danielle Turner, $317,000.

Ridgewood Rd., 302-Carol Ann Kirkpatrick and E. James Thompson Jr. to Joseph E. Kirkpatrick Jr., $190,000.


Anna Lane, 808-Roy L. and Christina Hines to Shaun and Larissa N. Urbina, $380,000.

Oakwilde Way, 786-Peter S. and Ruthellen J. Sheldon to David A. and Kerry L. Strom, $635,000.

Valleywood Rd., 544-Evelyn Barber to Valleywood Investments Inc., $130,000.


Chestnut Terrace Ct., 2408, No. 104-Anne L. Fellow to Loan H. Garner, $190,000.

Forest Walk Lane, 601, No. 101-Clarence H. Albright Jr. to Andrew and Tammi Vanlandingham, $125,000.

Horse Chestnut Ct., 716-Liberty Autumn Woods Real Estate to Samuel and Victoria Zapata, $271,250.

Lokus Rd., -NVR Inc. to Robert H. Schick, $316,744.

Milk Glass Ct., 7648-Paul and Lillie Mae Ross to Munir and Shahnaz T. Nazir, $370,000.

Salinas Ct., 8718-Paul and Jill Kendall to Eric T. Brusgard and Jessica L. Bennett, $245,000.


Judge Ct. E., 923-Paul Lewis and Persephone Hope Lewis to Matthew C. and Beth F. Williams, $362,000.


Bradley Rd., 1110-Julie and Kevin P. Dronet to Department of Housing and Urban Development, $364,351.

D St., 677-Fannie Mae to Robert W. and Joyce L. Miller, $330,000.

Dutch Ship Rd., 385-Betty A. Fletcher to Bonnie and Alan Hoyas, $270,000.

Hillcreek Rd., 1222-Preferred Equity Corp. to Michael J. Adamitis, $450,000.

Marydell Ave., 7905-Luyen Shawn Tran and Jennifer Nguyen to Tara L. Perret, $229,900.

Neptune Dr., 8580-Ernest S. Leeson to Brett R. Sturgeon, $154,500.

Old Crown Dr., 3507-James F. and Cynthia Ann Lucas to Joshua Gavin and Meghan Kathleen Shoemaker, $183,500.

Powhatan Beach Rd., 741-Fannie Mae to Tanya T. Badalian, $82,950.

Sillery Bay Rd., 212-Cecelia Marie Brooks to Lawrence and Michele M. Kramer, $225,000.

Willowby Run, 697-Fannie Mae to Allison R. Hartlove, $175,000.


Hambleton Rd., 2800-Brookline Corp. to James M. and Heidi Farley, $400,000.


Chestnut St., 1210-Laurence L. and Paige M. Jennings to Jeffrey G. and Lisa F. Brown, $421,500.

Evesboro Dr., 7914-Brian M. Palombo and Jean Louise Watson to John H. and Cheryl A. Case, $390,000.

Prairie Ct., 1702-Norman C. and Wanda S. Bossalina to James P. and Julie C. Kilbride, $375,000.

Telegraph Rd., 8060-Metro DC1 Corp. to Christian Marlon and Marianella Yovanna Segovia, $135,000.


Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd., 510-Christopher Matthew Dugas to Darla M. Cornett and Joshua L. Cornett, $250,000.

Enclave Trail, 514-Courtney C. Shenkle Jr. and Rose Marie Shenkle to Patrick K. and Catherine P. Branch, $500,000.

Jumpers Hole Rd., 535-Lewis P. and Wilma L. Heck to E. Angus and Jennifer L. Dwyer, $236,900.

Pinefield Dr., 501-Jean L. Schendel to Andrew Van Merlen and Stephanie Jacobs-Van Merlen, $615,000.


Columbia Beach Rd., 1633-U.S. Financial Capital to Sara E. Giddings and Marcus Giddings, $360,000.

Jordan Dr., 1350-April and Michael D. Blakeslee to Lauren and David Greenbaum, $242,500.


Old Solomons Island Rd., 5896-Fannie Mae to Gyan C. Surana and Chandrakala Jain, $69,999.

Howard County

Blackberry Lane, 3551-Richard H. Fussell to Anne C. Fussell, $357,500.

Ericole Ct., 12307-Gene D. Hecker to Michael A. Sotir, $198,000.

Golf Island Rd., 2605-Noureddin Nourmohammadi and Fatemeh Vahedi to Gregory M. and Michele D. Kinnear, $850,000.

Homeland Way, 3021-John M. and Karen M. Reiter to William J. and Sharon F. Koenig, $475,000.

Old Ellicott Cir., 10632-Jonathan S. Mandras to Min Soo Kim and S. Young Park, $390,000.

Tiller Dr., 9448-David L. White to Andrew E. Gaspar, $390,000.


Westcott Pl., 6905-Jeanie H. Kim to Richard D. Johnson and Monica Jessup, $750,000.


Broken Wing Ct., 6224-Meritt W. Burnett and Joann White Burnett to John W. and Lara K. Freeman, $475,000.

Allview Dr., 6629-Lanall Renovations Corp. to Taurin H. Rowe, $450,000.

Garland Lane, 6918-Sheryl Aleksinski to James Edwin Harris and Colleen Marie Cotton, $298,000.

Hingston Downs, 9639-Peter J. Vezzosi to Stella E. Eyewumi, $200,000.

Light Point Pl., 6289-Ramon A. and Yvette Fernandez to Ryan P. and Tiffanie R. Morgan, $419,000.

Quiet Hours, 6720-Ijaz Rizvi to Mario I. Baltiyski, $170,000.

Silver Trumpet Dr., 8333-Brian W. and Angela R. Bassett to John Serio and Courtney Burke, $235,000.

Thunder Hill Rd., 5131-Hamza Ali Wardere to 5131 Thunder Hill Corp., $215,000.

Wayover Way, 10287-William Douglas Beims to Anthony D. and Stephanie F. Richelsen, $305,000.

Wild Lilac, 5460-Allyson L. Holley to Kristopher Kozlowski, $235,000.


Darting Bird Lane, 5155-Ralston H. and Miriam B. Deffenbaugh to Ryan J. and Whitney B. White, $390,000.

Dovecote Dr., 6614-S. Antler to German R. Garcia Ulloa, $227,500.

Hilltop Lane, 10940-Scott L. and Justine E. Davis to Marco Rosas Galicia and Juliana Estanslao Marcelo, $208,600.

Sebring Dr., 6216-Anthony Zancan Jr. and Hilda M. Zancan to Robert D. Klukas, $385,000.

Ten Mills Rd., 5010-Michael J. and Katherine F. Backof to Gursimran and Lakshmi G. Singh, $485,000.


Triadelphia Mill Rd., 13982-Scott M. Bolen and Loraine B. Reddington to Greer and Elizebth J. Elias, $573,000.


Cedar Grove Lane, 7448-Robert Arthur and Nancy Lee Berman to Benjamin J. Estrogano and Jessica A. Mercanti, $227,000.

Ducketts Lane, 6772-Fannie Mae to Gloria Moon, $99,000.

Main St., 5869-SASR Holdings Corp. and Theodore R. Fleming to Derrick W. and Whitney N. Lewis, $257,500.

Rockledge Ct., 6420-Jessica Warburton to Prakash and Rajkumari Gurung, $232,000.

Rowanberry Dr., 6033-Michael and Teresa Thomas to Michael and Carole Hoss, $196,000.

Wesley Lane, 6532-Donald W. Newhart to Brian H. Ladle and Jillene L. Ladle, $409,000.


Brightwind Ct., 7905-Dale R. Stevens to Jeffrey and Marjae Sun Ehlers, $290,000.

Ellicott Hills Blvd., 3012-James J. and Gretchen V. Pomfret to James William and Carol J. Price, $430,000.

High Meadow Ct., 8105-Nationstar Mortgage to Sowjanya Vadali and Phanindra Tangirala, $475,000.

Logans Way, 5924-Waterloo Townhomes Corp. to Scott M. Johnson, $441,303.

Montgomery Run Rd., 8341C-Ryan Coleman and Stephanie Lightner to Karen S. Smith, $188,100.

Old Hollow Lane, 7814-Cheryl D. Gray to Leal Yanovich and Saul Yanovich, $316,000.

Stonecrest Dr., 4346-Viking Development Corp. to Kourosh M. and Faegheh Habibi, $586,000.

Winding Way, 9133-Edward D. Hoy and Marie C. Hoy to Brian R. and Cathy M. Donchez, $325,000.


Reservoir Rd., 8548-Namleb Corporation to Stephen Q. and Maureen Parreco, $575,000.


Florey Rd., 5997-Robert and Betty E. Emanuel to Rodney A. Lang and Tammy L. Lang, $396,000.


Aspenwood Way, 8166-Kimberly Solter and Laura Bennett to Tim Plummer and Larrissa Gunn, $260,000.


Baltimore St., 8851-Market Square Mortgage to Michael Jones, $231,500.


Bryant Ave., 9116-Adam Campola to Alan N. Arndt, $236,000.

Glendower Ct., 9636-Mary D. and Noel C. Johnson to HSBC Bank, $368,476.

Laurel Rd. N., 9411N-Robert J. Raymond to Joshua A. Harab, $275,000.

Whiskey Bottom Rd., 9253-9253 Whiskey Bottom Corp. to Hien V. Pham and Khoa Dang Nguyen, $230,000.


Danmark Dr., 3179-John R. and Pamela A. Smith to Steven P. and Kathleen M. Dunkle, $742,000.


Chester Way, 10521-Frederick S. and Lori Ann Carter to Michael and Wendy Himmel, $576,000.

Tompkins Way, 10924-Richard W. and Bonna L. Dohler to Michael J. and Marlene E. Evans, $930,000.


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