Thieves steal unattended vehicles left running to warm up in the cold

No polar vortex is frigid enough to keep thieves from snatching the cars of drivers who leave their vehicles warming in the cold.

Prince George’s County police report four cars stolen from owners who left their cars running in the frosty weather Tuesday morning. They say another four cars were stolen last week under the same circumstances.

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“It’s cold outside, but whatever you do, don’t leave your car unattended,” said Off. Harry Bond, a spokesman for Prince George’s County police. “It only takes a few seconds for a thief to take you belongings inside the car or take your vehicle.”

Police even say that cars with remote start features are at risk. Bond said most of the cars have been stolen in the morning, and police officers can cite drivers who leave their cars running unattended. The ticket comes with a $70 fine.

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