Two coyote attacks on pets, one fatal, reported

Coyote attacks on family pets, one of them fatal, were reported last month in the Maryland and Virginia suburbs.

In Fairfax city, three coyotes wounded a dog in Daniels Run Park July 30 or 31, city authorities said. The dog, which was not leashed, “most likely got too close to a coyote den,” according to the city’s Web site.

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About 10 days earlier, on July 20, two coyotes fatally injured a 13-year-old cat in the Pasadena area of Anne Arundel County, said the cat’s owner, Lori Reaney.

It happened outside her home, “right in front of me,” Reaney said.

Two days later, she said, she was standing near a car with its headlights on, and a coyote approached to within 20 feet and “just stared at us.”

Coyotes, once seen as a symbol of the West, have spread throughout the country.

A Fairfax County Web site said they generally pose little threat to people but have been known to prey on small pets.

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