D.C. home sales

These sales data recorded by the D.C. Office of Tax and Revenue were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/


A St., 637-Kim S. Elton to James W. Drobnyk, $1.25 million.

Baker St., 3414-Shirley G. Hansberry to Gerald C. Wells, $125,000.

Corcoran St., 1810-Sara Tilahun to Sennay M. Stefanos, $120,000.

Downing St., 1421-Barbara P. Hale to Charles L. Wesley Jr., $160,000.

F St., 1652-Ghazala Shaheen and Mian M. Yaseen to Rebecca Wersan, $330,000.

G St., 1000-Michuel Perez to Julie M. Hart and Rusty A. Brewer, $730,000.

Hayes St., 4402-Anthony T. Washington to Tiffany L. Payne, $222,000.

Irving St., 1033-David Butler to Elizabeth A. Killingsworth, $378,000.

L St., 1639-Nathaniel Joy Jr. to Marc D. Holmes, $270,000.

Maryland Ave., 812-Charlotte R. Lane to Joshua White, $700,000.

North Capitol St., 1815-JDM Corp. to Malcolm Woodland, $491,500.

Orleans Pl., 624-Bill Steed to All Khawar, $444,500.

Shepherd St., 1008-Mary F. Gathercole to Abigail E. Ley and Dagur Helgason, $344,000.

U St., 104-Maureen L. Page to Rodrigues Remodeling Corp., $306,000.

Wylie St., 1214-Jonathan Teumer to Elizabeth W. Davis, $465,000.

Third St., 743-Citibank to Ryan Bernstein, $517,000.

Fourth St., 1009-Richard C. Meadows Jr. to Balmore F. Hernandez, $375,000.

Eighth St., 326-Maria N. Mbu to Michael B. Casemore, $348,500.

10th St., 2402-WSD Capital Corp. to Den M. Kleissas and Lauren K. Duffey, $399,900.

14th St., 4425-Richard J. Eisendorf to Matthew R. Williams and Meghan E. Cagley, $387,450.

17th St., 213-Helen D. Goodwin to Keith E. Daegele and Gayle S. Putrich, $440,000.

20th St., 4500-Amanda Alexander to Lisa H. Slade, $370,000.

26th St., 3829-VBS Community Ventures Corp. to Lastell Minor Creighton, $380,000.

59th St., 527-Claudia Veney to Rennie M. Henry, $90,000.


Bates St., 59-Howsoon Cham to Abbas Fathi, $300,000.

Buchanan St., 640, No. 205-Amy N. Blaszyk to Love Tayo, $180,000.

Cathedral Ave., 3901, No. 25-Kevin Reilly to Elizabeth M. Stiles, $244,000.

Chesapeake St., 3630-Alice B. Cohen to Peter M. Currie, $975,000.

Columbia Rd., 417-Atel Corp. to Wesley J. Reisser, $500,000.

Connecticut Ave., 3100, No. 243-John S. Travis to Mark W. Dreyer, $370,000.

D St., 631-John T. Debell Jr. to Jeffrey S. Darrah, $643,500.

Delafield Pl., 844-Sadia F. Hameed and Kia Divband to Eliza Cava and Rachel Shorey, $340,000.

Flagler Pl., 2023-Eleanor B. Wood to Garfield Development Corp., $342,500.

Florida Ave., 1827, No. 204-Justin C. Droms to Daria M. Kaboli, $479,900.

Georgetown Ct., 3900-William H. Lewis Jr. to Ellen A. Holland, $1.3 million.

Harvard St., 1750, No. 5A-Kevin M. Thompson to Brett Hamsik, $434,000.

Iowa Ave., 4610-Ray R. Rodenberg to Sarwat Hussian, $465,000.

K St., 475-Matthew Murray and Maureen O’Brien to Alison A. Binkowski and Wallace H. Kuralt III, $409,000.

Kenyon St., 1010-Sasha B. Gottlieb to Peter Deery, $469,000.

L St., 440, No. 1111-Azat Mardanov to Pavani Reddy, $595,000.

Lamont St., 616-Joanne Mclean to Nicholas A. Segalla, $390,000.

Lingan Rd., 4526-Duball MacArthur Corp. to Meiyan Zhang, $1.71 million.

MacArthur Blvd., 5112-Noel A. McCormack to Bridget L. Roddy, $235,000.

Marietta Pl., 814-Fannie Mae to Abena O. Graham, $277,000.

Massachusetts Ave., 3516-Agostino S. Buttinelli Sr. to Hoda Ballantine, $1.48 million.

Massachusetts Ave., 4300-Gail M. Donovan to Ruth D. Knouse, $916,000.

N St., 2115, No. 1-Mark W. Mitchum to Joseph T. Glatthaar and Jacqueline M. Hagan, $365,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1615-Brad A. Reisinger to Hina Khatri, $425,000.

New Hampshire Ave., 1926, No. 1930-James Digirolamo to Eytan Apelberg, $301,000.

New York Ave., 76, No. 301-Jennifer Corboy to Shondrell K. Clarke, $222,000.

Northampton St., 2805-Jessie L. Webb Jr. to Kinfemichael Asheber and Kathryn Monet, $53,000.

Ontario Rd., 2515-Ramona M. Justice to Meier Development Corp., $627,000.

P St., 1718, No. 518-Robert W. Brooks to Yuki Onoe, $480,000.

Paper Mill Ct., 1038, No. 1038-William C. Miller Jr. to Steven A. Ghabel, $560,000.

Park Rd., 1673, No. 404-Todd D. Pozen and Vanessa M. Gutierrez to Gabriel J. Gonzalez, $310,000.

Pennsylvania Ave., 701, No. 1009-Yeni Wong to Linda Y. Lin and Eugene R. Hsia, $280,000.

Porter St., 3856, No. 370-Jill E. Tecler to Ashley M. Stone, $305,000.

Quebec St., 3547-Peter J. Sebeny to Hans B. Miller and Shari T. Wilson, $1.38 million.

Reno Rd., 3910-Edwin O. Bailey to Jonathan Murnick, $910,000.

Rhode Island Ave., 1426D-Sandy J. Anderlman to Beth A. Stewart, $680,000.

Rosemont Ave., 2033-Mark Benjamin and Karin Leuthy to Rajneesh Aggarwal, $800,000.

Scott Cir., 1, No. 316-Nicholas K. Mitsis to Lilieth Whyte, $229,000.

Spring Pl., 1528-Ronald L. Thompkins Jr. to MLC Properties, $400,000.

Tennyson St., 3139-William L. Sheingorn to Matthew T. McDonald, $810,000.

U St., 512-Merial S. Jones to Nathan Groce, $295,000.

Upshur St., 403-Aisha Johnson to WSD Capital Corp., $248,400.

Van Ness St., 3611-Yael Weinman and Andrew J. Shapiro to Adam Chepenik, $849,000.

Western Ave., 5729-David A. Ruleman to William P. Shields, $850,000.

Wisconsin Ave., 3601, No. 104-Eulalia Gonzalez Tostado to Leonel Pita, $257,500.

Third St., 5010-Keesha M. Perkins to John D. Messinger and Amanda P. Plant, $396,000.

Fourth St., 1817-Cory D. Chase to Alice C. Laidlaw, $420,000.

Fifth St., 4415-Charistopehr Hauser to Joanne Kim, $501,000.

Seventh St., 5008-Sindy Cruz and Obed R. Zamora to Jablonka Residential Corp., $250,000.

Eighth St., 7209-Douglas P. Olsen and Susan A. Froetschel to Elizabeth Hogan and Ethan Budiansky, $499,000.

11th St., 2100-Michael B. Walsh to Douglas Rogers and Christopher Brown, $573,000.

13th St., 1502, No. 2-Jessica Abel to Daniel Martin, $453,500.

13th St., 5301-Michael Watson to Darrell K. Gilliard, $745,000.

14th St., 2125-Gordon M. Clay to Michael P. Sabor, $615,000.

15th St., 4523-Juno R. Davis and Andrea J. Sloan to Garfield Development Corp., $403,000.

16th St., 3420, No. 610S-Michael A. Floyd to Milagro Salazzr, $598,500.

20th St., 1301, No. 610-Dan W. Figgins Jr. to Kush Arora, $305,000.

21st St., 1514, No. 9-David S. Cohen to Rifat A. Hasan, $1.1 million.

24th St., 922, No. 305-Nadya Sbaiti to Dinesh Nangia, $290,000.

30th St., 1229-Marianne M. Emerson to 1229 30th Street Corp., $973,000.

33rd St., 1015, No. 804-Rene Moreno to Adam Zagorin, $955,438.

39th St., 2725-Nina Deal to Taiwan A. Allen, $430,000.

43rd St., 5235-Michael A. Pearl and Tracy L. Hresko to Pranab Ghosh, $719,900.

48th St., 4801-Creig L. Beaghler to Daniel S. Rosenthal and Laurie A. Phillips, $1.28 million.


Atlantic St., 719-719 Atlantic Street Corp. to Selinda L. Martin, $185,000.

C St., 812-John P. Feehery to Brenda L. Jacobsen, $1.05 million.

Carolina Ave. S., 1330-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Kelley C. Barnaby, $828,000.

G St., 411-David G. Monaco to John P. Feehery, $1.4 million.

H St., 1615-Nantucket Holdings Corp. to William R. Cocke, $779,000.

I St., 419-Wayne C. Barnard to Sasan Bahadaran, $776,000.

Potomac Ave., 1518-Nantucket Holdings Corp. to Jason S. Kowalski, $850,000.

Yuma St., 868-Ruta Davis to Christopher J. Vanarsdale, $92,500.

First St., 1025, No. 1305-Square 699N Corp. to Matthew J. Mazzola, $595,900.

Ninth St., 244-Karen M. Voellm to Rex L. Sturm Jr. and Shaanti M. Kapila, $746,000.

14th St., 2118-Hasan Spall to Anthony M. Williams, $250,000.

18th St., 1-John D. Brewer to Michelle Biederman, $362,000.

34th St., 2112-Robert Hejl and Carin L. Bigrigg to Nia Nicholas, $275,000.


Danbury St., 5-Wells Fargo Bank to Jason M. Levine, $142,000.

Fourth St., 800-Potomac Place Associates Corp. to George F. O’Connor, $352,725.


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