Doggie mystery solved: Biscuit’s owner comes forward

Courtesy of Fairfax County Police - Fairfax County animal control finally caught a shih-tzu they have been trying to catch for many months.

It was a doggie mystery: Who owned the tiny shih tzu that was rescued by Fairfax County animal control officers last week after he wandered Franconia for more than two years?

Some speculated the dog’s owner had died, while others thought “Biscuit,” as he was dubbed by local children, was left behind during a move. Now, the mystery has been solved.

(Courtesy of Fairfax County Police) - Biscuit

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Biscuit’s former owner has come forward. The owner lived in close proximity to the area where the dog was found near Beulah Street and Manchester Boulevard. The woman told authorities that Biscuit had fled the day after he was purchased from a breeder listed on Craigslist.

The owner reported Biscuit missing on Sept. 30, 2010, and posted flyers throughout the neighborhood. She continued to search for the dog for several months, but finally gave up. She has since purchased another dog.

The woman has decided, after much consideration, to give Biscuit up for adoption, authorities said. Biscuit will remain in foster care until he adjusts to life in a home with people, which could take several months.

The Fairfax County Animal Shelter will accept applications and choose the best home for Biscuit. It has received dozens of calls about the dog since his story was reported in the media Monday.

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