A new report finds that teachers are often assigning work that doesn’t meet new standards.

'This is kindergarten. We force children to take tests that their brains cannot grasp. We ignore research that proves that children who are 5-6 learn best experientially. We rob them of precious free play that teaches them how to be good citizens, good friends and good thinkers.'

'Critics have labeled university teacher education programs failures and decreed their replacements successes by selectively citing research to support a particular point of view (knowledge ventriloquism), and by repeating claims based on non-existent or unvetted research, or repeatedly citing a small or unrepresentative sample of research (echo chambers).'



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Findings at Big Ten school reinforce evidence of the breadth of the college sexual assault problem.

D.C.’s high schools have focused on remediation but are now bringing back courses that engage students.

Here is a new post from pediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom, author of a number of popular posts on this blog, including “Why so many kids can’t sit still in school today,” as well as “The right — and surprisingly wrong — ways to get kids to sit still in class” and “How schools ruined […]

Families for Excellent Schools analyzed data from New York City's public schools and found that the lowest-rated teachers work in the schools that have high minority populations and serve students from poor families.

Starting college feels overwhelming to many, but there's lots of good advice out there.

An educator says she can’t separate call to address climate change from need for stronger schools.

A school district chief sends a letter to teachers that is, well, unusual.

If you’re a parent who recently paid a tuition bill for a college student this fall, you know full well that tuition bills are about as transparent as the pricing of airline tickets.

Children from poor or minority families are more likely to be frequently absent from class.

Principal Michael Doran died less than two weeks before the start of classes, one in a series of heartbreaks for the community.

President William Howard Taft, a century ago, took a career path that might be of interest to President Obama.

Wilson High School’s Beacon newspaper staff wrote an editorial calling the policy “censorship.”

Nicholas Upton was "pulled out by a rip current" while swimming and has been missing since Sunday.

Teachers, janitors, bus drivers and other staff members agree to work for free in a Pennsylvania school district that is out of cash.

Graduation Academy aims to get potential drop-outs to the finish line in the summertime.

She had a 2330 SAT score and wanted another year to get healthy, but the Alexandria school said no.

Why -- and some solutions.

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