Annandale High football coach interrupts half-time program of school’s band

Annandale High School football coach Mike Scott interrupted the half-time program of his school’s marching band last Friday, attempting to force the band off the field before their performance was finished, according to an account in the school’s student newspaper.

The Annandale football team was losing 35-7 at halftime during last week’s season-ending game against South County High School when the Annandale Marching Band took the field.


Letter sent to Annandale High School parents

Letter sent to Annandale High School parents

The text of a letter from the principal sent to parents regarding a football coach who interrupted the band.

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It was “Senior Night,” and the Annandale Atoms Marching Band was performing for the last time on its home field. According to The A-Blast student newspaper, the band’s set lasted about three minutes before Scott ordered his team to take the field and begin warm-ups.

Scott then approached the band’s director, Adam Hilkert, and told him to “get the band off the field.”

The coach was apparently concerned that the football team would incur a 15 yard “unsportsmanlike,” if the band exceeded the allotted 20 minutes in the halftime.

According to the A-Blast account, published as an editorial, “the way this was handled by the Annandale coaching staff and administration was poor in taste and brought out the worst kind of ‘unsportsmanlike,’ behavior.”

Fairfax schools spokesman John Torre said that “Principal [Vincent] Randazzo is extremely concerned with how this situation was handled. He is following up with all of the parties involved and will take whatever appropriate action is deemed necessary.”

In a letter to parents, Randazzo said that Scott will apologize for his actions to band members. Randazzo also offered his own apologies.

“What happened shouldn’t have happened and I regret that it has tarnished what should have been a night of celebration for our seniors,” Randazzo said in the letter.

Annandale lost the game 55-14 and finished the season 1-9.

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