Montgomery Schools: A snapshot of the achievement gap

The achievement gap that separates black and Hispanic students from white and Asian students remains in sharp focus a day after students in Montgomery County marched in downtown Rockville to urge action on the long-standing problem.

Here are figures broken down by race and ethnicity for the class of 2013, drawn from state and county data, on a handful of measures of academic success.

Four-year graduation rate, in percent

White: 94.7

Black: 83.9

Hispanic: 77.5

Asian: 95 or higher

Four-year cohort dropout rate

White: 3.0

Black: 8.7

Hispanic: 12.2

Asian: 3 or less

Participation in Advanced Placement (AP) - Percent taking at least one exam

White: 80.5

Black: 39.6

Hispanic: 51.6

Asian: 85.6

Performance on AP - Percent earning at least one college-ready exam score

White: 68.8

Black: 22.1

Hispanic: 35.8

Asian: 70

SAT Participation: Percent taking the college entrance test

White: 78.8

Black: 61

Hispanic: 47.3

Asian: 86.3

SAT and ACT: Percent of test-takers with career and college-ready scores of at least 1650 on the SAT and/or at least 24 on the ACT

White: 71.5

Black: 19.3

Hispanic: 26.9

Asian: 67.8

SAT Performance: Mean combined score

White: 1768

Black: 1397

Hispanic: 1451

Asian: 1775

SOURCE: Montgomery County Public Schools, Maryland State Department of Education

Donna St. George writes about education, with an emphasis on Montgomery County schools.
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