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Public university prices around Washington

The cost of public universities

Tuition and fees at public universities across the country have risen sharply over the past five years, with those in Maryland a notable exception. Below are in-state tuition and fees for selected public universities in Maryland, the District and Virginia in 2012-13, as well as how much those prices rose compared with the previous school year’s.

Bowie State University $6,639 4.6 percent
College of William and Mary $13,570 3.3 percent
George Mason University $9,620 3.8 percent
James Madison University $8,808 4.3 percent
St. Mary’s College of Maryland $15,013 3.9 percent
Towson University $8,132 2.9 percent
University of Mary Washington $9,246 5.0 percent
University of Maryland Baltimore County $9,764 3.1 percent
University of Maryland College Park $8,908 2.9 percent
University of the District of Columbia $7,244 3.5 percent
University of Virginia $12,006 3.7 percent
Virginia Commonwealth University $9,885 3.9 percent
Virginia Military Institute $13,835 4.9 percent
Virginia Tech $10,923 3.9 percent
National average, four-year public universities $8,655 4.8 percent

SOURCE: College Board

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