Schools in the District with low enrollment

March 5, 2011

School Ward

Transition Academy @ Shadd7

Hamilton Center5

Prospect Learning Center6

Mamie D. Lee School5

Sharpe Health School4

River Terrace Elementary School 7

Peabody Elementary School 6

Marshall Educational Center5

Shaw Middle School @ Garnet-Patterson1

Ross Elementary School2

Ronald H. Brown Middle School7

Davis Elementary School7

Drew Elementary School7

Kenilworth Elementary School7

Jefferson Middle School6

MacFarland Middle School4

Plummer Elementary School7

C.W. Harris Elementary School7

Houston Elementary School7

Terrell/McGogney Elem. School........8

Garrison Elementary School2

School Ward

Garfield Elementary School8

Thomas Elementary School7

Malcolm X Elementary School8

Johnson Middle School8

Payne Elementary School6

Smothers Elementary School7

Simon Elementary School8

Kramer Middle School8

West Education Campus4

Ketcham Elementary School8

Ferebee-Hope Elementary School8

Francis-Stevens Edu. Campus2

Amidon Elementary School6

Hearst Elementary School 3

Ludlow-Taylor Elementary School 6

Luke C. Moore Academy Sr. High5

Aiton Elementary School 7

Eliot-Hine Middle School6

Seaton Elementary School 2

LaSalle-Backus Education Campus4

Horace Mann Elementary School3

Sousa Middle School7

These D.C. public schools have an enrollment of fewer than 300 students:

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