Eric Holder reports for jury duty

Even the nation’s highest justice official has to fulfill his civic obligations.

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder was in D.C. Superior Court Tuesday morning with dozens of other District residents called for jury duty.

Holder sat in the last row of Judge Stuart Nash’s courtroom along with other prospective jurors as the judge gave details of the criminal case. It involves the robbery of a cell phone at 14th and Park Roads NW.

Holder’s three FBI agents waited outside the courtroom.

It was a homecoming of sorts for Holder, who is a former judge in the courthouse.

When it was Holder’s turn to be called to the bench, the judge smiled and said hello, as did the attorney and prosecutor. Holder greeted each one and then briefly rested his forearm on the judge’s bench, before removing it and taking a small step backwards. Holder then laughed and gave a friendly pat to the defense attorney’s arm.

He was dismissed after being interviewed by attorneys and the judge.

Keith Alexander covers crime, specifically D.C. Superior Court cases for The Washington Post. He has covered dozens of crime stories from Banita Jacks, the Washington woman charged with killing her four daughters, to the murder trial of slain federal intern Chandra Levy.
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