Fairfax home sales

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Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Americana Dr., 4909A-Alice E. Wilson to William Paz Hernandez, $147,000.

Breckenridge Ct., 3330-Da Qing Li to Lacey A. Isbell, $355,000.

Briar Creek Dr., 8412-Matilda Dowell to Seth V. Catallozzi and Joshana R. Ernberg, $505,000.

Cindy Lane, 7101-Mary W. Martin to Thanh V. Tran, $349,900.

Donnybrook Ct., 7722, No. 206-Thomas R. Dearden and Virginia Jaggers to Xinjian Wang, $152,700.

Hirst Dr., 4017-James D. Jewell to Regina T. Nelson, $427,000.

Kandel Ct., 4714-In Sook Um to Byung Uk Kim, $328,000.

Lanier St., 7055-Christopher L. King to Chuk P. Eng, $420,000.

Murray Lane, 7135-Margaret M. Mistretta to Thinh K. Ung, $402,000.

Ossian Hall Lane, 4409-Elie R. Kahn to Kinney C. Schepis, $620,000.

Rose Lane, 3609-Oscar Frias to Migdalia Rosario, $391,000.

Taleen Ct., 3355-E. Kenneth Stegeby to Kai Luo, $538,800.


Diehl Ct., 3429-Celeste J. West to Josh S. Bartz, $467,500.

Lakeview Terr., 3810-Jess M. Petitt to Kathleen Petitt, $170,955.

Leesburg Pike, 6137, No. 505-Jesse Koizumi to Trieu V. Nguyen, $75,000.

Magnolia Ave., 3235-Marcos J. and Dorothy A. Almanza to Robert J. and Alison S. Teitelbaum, $709,000.

Seminary Rd., 5563, No. 412-Jason Davis to Dejan Icitovic and Tijana Dabic, $298,000.


Baylor Dr., 6906-John A. Medina to Thomas P. Morton, $712,000.

Columbia Dr., 6931-Abe Elbakkari to Nicholas Wise, $321,000.

Jube Ct., 7019-Jube Corp. to Larry W. Rivers Jr., $755,000.

Park Terrace Dr., 7307-Warren S. Lacy to Richard B. Roesel, $948,000.

Randolph Macon Dr., 6912-Ken Deporter to Christopher S. and Kelly Gill, $288,000.

Stokes Lane, 2301-Peter H. Appel to Keri L. Dorman, $405,000.

10th St., 6505, No. C1-Cheryl A. Robinson to Michael S. Gifford, $225,000.


Bloom Ct., 9154-Sumith V. Bandara to Arthur T. George, $629,000.

Byron Terr., 9200-Adrian J. Fremont to Charles D. Magee, $569,000.

Church Way, 9712-George P. Case to Thomas J. Laska, $565,500.

Crossrail Dr., 5406-Timothy P. and Kathryn A. Smith to Joyce A. Lawrence, $275,000.

Fenestra Ct., 6343, No. 123-Richard and Carrie Wynder to Yvonne Trilling, $289,000.

Hillock Ct., 9635-Frederick C. Beauchamp to Todd Podsednik, $425,000.

Lake Braddock Dr., 9016-JBL Properties Corp. to Andrew Kelley, $510,000.

Meridian Hill Pl., 5603-Kamal Kumar and Kulwant Chambers to Jason D. Johnson, $518,000.

Olley Lane, 5212-Stephen G. Knight to Henry V. Castro, $480,000.

Rehanek Ct., 9758-Michael A. Ramsey to Sean Patrick Brady, $605,000.

Steamboat Landing Lane, 10306-Tad Laszewski to Robert L. O’Donnell, $450,000.

Wallingford Dr., 9403-Arthur C. Meiners Jr. to Ellen Bresnahan, $525,000.

Wooden Hawk Lane, 5705-Terry B. and Mary A. Lewis to Sean P. and Rebecca A. Leroy, $600,000.


Beaumeadow Dr., 14717-Tierney N. Tompkins to Ndira Inc., $102,000.

Blueridge View Dr., 15323-James B. Musgrove to Christopher A. Crews, $410,000.

Creek Valley Ct., 14604-Michael K. Haftel to Jeong Keun Park, $354,600.

Faircloth Ct., 5611-Hyung Il Park to Chung Won Lee, $414,000.

Glade Spring Dr., 14288-Kalaiselvan Periasamy to Thomas J. Choi, $338,000.

Grumble Jones Ct., 14022A-Michele L. Stash to Nabil Ali, $225,000.

Johnny Moore Ct., 14306-Trung Ha to Minh V. Nguyen, $210,000.

Lady Madonna Ct., 14972-Holly A. Cain to Phuc Hong Tran, $255,000.

Lynhodge Ct., 14845-Robert M. Dayock to Jason J. Lee, $230,000.

Meadow Crest Ct., 6060-Erlinda and Antonio Gelacio to Pramod P. Gupta, $200,000.

Old Centreville Rd., 6510-Freddy R. Whitworth to Prudential Relocation Inc., $640,000.

Rowena Dr., 5618-Gregory C. Lannes to Patrick M. Metras, $525,000.

Salisbury Plain Ct., 14408-Mark S. White to Brian L. Perez and Diana J. Chavez, $280,000.

Stargazer Terr., 13547-Kathleen G. Polizzi to Murat Durdag, $379,000.

Stratton Major Ct., 15167-Benjamin F. George to Joshua T. Lee, $535,000.

Stream Pond Dr., 14612-Kieran A. Dunne to Wanyu Hsu, $333,000.

Trillium House Lane, 6516-Michael J. McTigue and Katherine A. McTigue to Scottie W. and Sarah E. Blansett, $635,000.

Westbourne Pl., 6011-Adam M. Aleshire to Albert Hong, $249,000.

Wood Creek Lane, 5729-Cynthia D. Vick to Hung Nguyen, $354,000.

Winding Woods Ct., 14341-Teresa M. Hayes to Caroline C. George, $345,000.


Braxton Rd., 4085-Chris R. and Barbara Conklin to Teddy M. Rose, $365,000.

Elk Run Rd., 15120-Jeffery R. Mauritzen to Jelveh Heydarpour, $387,500.

Hamlin Ave., 4106-Patrick P. and Dana G. Condemi to Patrick and Shella Finley, $340,000.

Lightfoot St., 3810, No. 202-Fannie Mae to Marco E. Garcia, $180,000.

Old Chatwood Pl., 13630-Muu Bui Pho to Bryan M. Eklund, $519,750.

Point Pleasant Dr., 13525-John Caird to Samuel S. Pak, $445,000.

Point Pleasant Dr., 13555-William L. Bashaw II to Carlos Neves, $390,000.

Weeping Willow Ct., 4131, No. 143C-Chandy Brown to Stacey Walter, $152,000.


Balmoral Forest Rd., 7004-Richard H. and Caroline A. Burnett to Douglas M. Grills, $1.13 million.

Braddock Rd., 13300-Deutsche Bank to Ary and Ruby Jogasurya, $500,000.

Forest Run Dr., 6017-Aaron Welling to Sharon A. Sutton, $565,000.

Harvest Pl., 13045-Barbara A. Hennessy to Leo F. Cardillo, $455,000.

Luton Hill Way, 6906-Naim Mohamadi to Jesse M. Strickland and Meagan M. Zajac, $755,000.

Moss Glen Rd., 13513-David W. and Carmen G. Linn to Eric and Kate Danko, $520,000.

Orchard Dr., 13630-Terry and Britt Williams to Fannie Mae, $195,000.

Rockland Dr., 6558-Aurora Loan Services to Mark L. Wells, $553,000.

Springstone Dr., 13904-Royce A. Gregory to Roy K. Dykes, $589,000.

Stone Shadow Ct., 13700-Michael and Audrey A. Nootens to Robert M. and Tiffany L. Gross, $780,000.

Winding Creek Ct., 12024-Thomas P. Morton to David S. Love, $729,000.


Caribbean Ct., 2985-Rebecca L. Ibach to Michael A. Fragoso and Ashley E. Morrow, $730,000.

Day Lilly Ct., 8930-Gary L. Bridgewater to Trevor S. Pottorf, $775,000.

James St., 3007-William E. and Penny L. Bispo to Pushpa Lavezzo, $550,000.

Valley Rd., 11500-Juan C. Galdo to Mani Mohtasham, $270,000.


Captain Rhett Lane, 11680-James Hilton and Donna Blackwell Lofton to Jeremy A. Lustman, $715,000.

Crosspointe Dr., 8304-Andrew J. and Mary E. Bowman to Marina and Jason North, $700,000.

Hampton Rd., 10121-HSBC Bank to Obaidullah Futuri, $911,300.

Nuthatch Dr., 9622-Christine M. Seltzer to Manuel E. Falcon, $800,000.

Station View Ct., 6000-Raymond T. Sterling Jr. to Sanjoy C. Malhotra, $480,000.


Annandale Rd., 3437-Phyllis R. Tobias to Alvaro R. Pinto, $635,000.

Camp Alger Ave., 7719-Sara A. Bickler and Carl Long to William K. Ball, $410,000.

Cleave Dr., 2832-Mathew J. Thomas to Robert A. Collins, $650,000.

Fisher Ave., 6706-Jon W. Kaufmann and Ann Marie Kaufmann to Julie A. Barnes, $825,000.

Lawrence Dr., 2861-Emily C. Alesantrino to Reena P. Patel, $472,000.

Mildred Dr., 3453-John R. Steffenson to Kimberly Mack, $489,000.

Oak Run Ct., 3304-Donald R. Southern to Robert K. Dahlstrom, $475,000.

Summerfield Rd., 2838-Sean C. Powers to John P. Powell, $407,500.

Westlawn Dr., 6800-James D. Platt and Melissa R. Fabrizio to Shannon M. Miller, $419,000.

Yancey Dr., 7946-Maria C. Blanco to Gordon Jones, $390,000.


Inlet Cove Dr., 6949-Azfar W. Aziz to Zachary L. Smith, $580,000.

Inlet Creek Ct., 6975-Wallace R. Langbehn to Tai and Lan N. Bui, $517,000.


Bradgate Rd., 8618-Elisabeth C. Letsen to Michael W. May, $550,000.

Clark Pl., 2011-Linda E. Rae to Jeffrey Tabor, $433,000.

Croton Dr., 1106-Charles E. Mcdowell to Daniel S. Lyon, $525,000.

Croton Dr., 1208-Ask Group Corp. to Timothy J. Ritchie, $660,000.

Dare Ct., 1510-James C. and Marina A. Haney to Michael F. Skinner, $445,000.

Hamilton Lane, 8005-Linda S. Monroe to Timothy J. Foerster, $399,000.

Lafayette Dr., 1612-Amy C. Moore to Barbara H. Neal and Sterling A. Green, $495,000.

Plymouth Rd., 8636-Wayne L. and Nancy J. Self to James T. Heimbach and Mary B. Heimbach, $925,000.

Riverside Rd., 8520-Nenad and Emira Tadic to Joseph M. King and Janet A. Fiorentino, $514,000.

Yardley Dr., 8617-Joseph F. and Jennifer J. Collum to Matthew J. and Jessica R. Cegelske, $549,000.


Alforth Ave., 6263-Carol A. Bohlayer Hinkle to Narender M. Jayachandran, $353,000.

Birchleigh Way, 6528-Megan L. McKeown and Ian T. Jasperson to Kyle J. Schoembs, $359,900.

Blanford Ct., 7556-Jennifer M. Wilson to Kathryn M. Amirpashaie, $289,000.

Buckingham Palace Ct., 5705-Bruce W. Thompson to Michael S. Roach, $485,000.

Caleb Ct., 6420-Stephen D. Salzman to Nana O. Amoah, $735,000.

Clifton Knoll Ct., 7000-Ronald D. and Holly K. Reagan to Brian L. Stuckert, $740,000.

Crestleigh Cir., 7365-Louis W. Dorsey Jr. to Rebecca J. Baldwin and Kevin J. Roland, $350,000.

Darby Towne Ct., 7044-Ian P. Murch to Corinne C. Sabet, $434,900.

Ellesmere Ct., 6003E-Michele A. Forte to Matt R. Burghdoff, $265,000.

Essex House Sq., 6086A-Mary M. Snyder and Louis A. Dorazio to Donald F. Stahr, $242,500.

Gadsby Sq., 7428-Kiah J. Warden to Geoffrey Koehler, $395,000.

Glamis Dr., 5711-Katrina A. Radam to Wade McClure, $499,900.

Grovenor Ct., 7700-Glenn T. Tolley to George M. Khoury IV, $430,000.

Heatherway Ct., 6812-Regina N. Smith to Patrick A. Goodwin, $330,100.

Ivanhoe Lane, 3710-William D. and Kristin S. Stephens to Stephen B. Magill, $762,000.

Ivanhoe Lane, 3721-H. Evangeline Tomlinson to Eloise M. Sendi, $675,000.

La Vista Dr., 5721-Donald G. and Jennifer A. Good to Robert Inman, $318,000.

Lamoyne Ct., 7516-Charles D. Wien to Tracy D. Smith, $464,000.

Madison Hill Ct., 3095-Fitzhugh Elder IV to Marcin Toroj, $499,000.

Mallory Cir., 7337-Jacqueline O. Mixson to Diane Griffith, $480,000.

Mulberry Ct., 6103-Matthew W. Patmon to Peter R. Van Ness, $655,000.

Mulberry Ct., 6106-John A. Parulis to Lawrence G. and Gwynn E. Mason, $555,000.

Old Carriage Trail, 7905-Brandon K. Robinson to Suzanne R. Larson, $327,000.

Parkridge Lane, 5913-Jason and Dianna Baltimore to Ethan K. and Jennifer H. Ackerman, $540,000.

Patience Ct., 6396-Freddie Mac to Robin J. Snyder, $276,000.

Ridge View Dr., 5773-Lily B. Bean to Kelly A. Stuart, $385,000.

Sandyford St., 5311-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Willa S. and Kenneth W. Davis, $585,000.

Snug Harbor Ct., 7102-Kanit Khomdumdin and Jana Benjanark to Richard A. Carey, $320,000.

Stegen Dr., 6127-John M. Riggs to Walter R. Koon Jr., $815,000.

Thomas Grant Ct., 6611-Nathaniel J. and Rebecca C. Teti to Ryan P. Savage and Bridget C. Mahoney, $430,000.

Tipton Lane, 4515-Mier M. Mahbub and Homa Sharifi to Brian S. and Eileen M. Rubin, $399,999.

Walkers Croft Way, 6297-William J. Dalecky and Elisabeth M. Dalecky to Gwendolyn C. Murphy, $400,000.

Windham Hill Run, 6251-Darrell and Kristina Van Hutten to David P. and Janis D. Fleming, $560,000.

Wescott Hills Way, 5948-Lisa K. Snyder to Nicholas J. and Hanna Cormier, $460,000.

Worsley Way, 7247-Rita D. Lefler to Youssef Chwairy, $430,000.


Forest Ridge Dr., 722-Jeffrey S. Knox to William J. Malpass, $880,000.

Holly Creek Dr., 900-Michael Ternisky to Matthew H. and Jacqueline R. Yang, $740,000.

Minburn St., 10107-William V. Dowling to Laurence A. Grayer, $857,000.

Walker Rd., 348-Paul J. Fisher to Marc F. Saunders, $700,000.


Applegrove Lane, 13113-Carl F. Cisky to Randall Jones, $550,000.

Brynwood Pl., 3224-Albert T. Vertino to Michael O. Kress, $637,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12909, No. 205-Natalia S. Watson to Fairfax County Redevelopment, $90,027.

Dower House Dr., 3105-Richard D. Lawson to Patrick R. Quinn, $540,000.

Farthingale Dr., 13041-Ryan C. Williams to Gopala K. Seelamneni, $535,000.

Franklin Corner Lane, 3027-Paul M. Higgins to Ming Yan, $665,000.

Harrington Ct., 12916-Keith D. Higgins to Somasundaram Chandrasekaran, $760,000.

Jensen Pl., 2204-Gene and Emilia B. Vasallo to Ilya and Yevgenya Furman, $150,000.

Melchester Dr., 2774-Raymond A. and Claret M. Heider to Jordan T. and John T. Hardenbergh, $595,000.

Mother Well Ct., 2920-Daniel P. Abatemarco to Kannan Thiyagarajan, $580,000.

Pine Oaks Way, 3104-Daxing and Phuong Chen to Irfan I. Galaria, $750,000.

Ravenscraig Ct., 3205-James L. Nylund to Scott Dunlap, $575,000.

Shaker Dr., 1211-William C. Sandel Jr. to David M. Zangrilli Jr., $749,900.

Sugar Creek Ct., 12211-Milton E. and Linda M. Girdner to Dongsheng Liu, $593,000.

White Barn Ct., 3258-Robert J. and Deborah S. Butherus to Pochun Chen and Ting Liang, $525,000.

Zachary Taylor Cir., 13308-Jamshid A. Damanpour to Nageswarn N. Baisetti, $411,000.


Jamaica Dr., 2506-Mark R. Remley to Jonas P. Shellenberger, $305,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 706-Sandra P. Reinhardt to Linda E. Rae, $311,500.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 1508-Fred J. Hecklinger to Terrence L. Stefanik, $450,000.


Beddoo St., 6715-Jamie L. Darrow to Michael J. Bielecki, $455,000.

Deer Run Dr., 6800-Bank of New York Mellon to Sanjay Ganju, $237,900.

Lantern Pl., 4531-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Peter K. Zweber, $430,000.

Sherwood Hall Lane, 2209-Edward P. Ardery to Fazken A. Krikorian, $494,000.


Arapaho Lane, 5305-Margaret Indellicate to Marie Browne, $399,900.

Braddock Rd., 3904-Marco A. and Teresita D. Monzon to Falak Sher, $325,000.

Melvern Pl., 3911-Mehwish Ahmad to Sara Gohar, $285,000.


American Holly Rd., 8125-Nardos Ketsela to Matthew Pophin, $695,000.

Cardinal Forest Lane, 9274, No. 101-Fannie Mae to Juliana M. Berry, $200,000.

Dogue Indian Cir., 7867-Synergy Gateway Corp. to Calvin C. Wilfong, $360,000.

Furey Rd., 9096-HSBC Bank to Brian K. Cole, $590,000.

Henry Knox Dr., 7672-Irfan Malik to Denise Y. Mills, $619,900.

Peace Lily Ct., 8425, No. 131-Pulte Home Corp. to David M. and Patricia J. Dixon, $179,990.

Waites Way, 8926-David A. and Rebecca J. Bennett to Woo S. Choi and Sae H. Yoon, $318,500.


Adeline Ct., 6200-Fredericka A. Wall to Majid and Sulaiman Al-Bassam, $750,000.

Cawdor Ct., 8107-Walter K. Steiner to Daniel C. Gibb, $858,000.

Claiborne Dr., 6011-Edward J. Qubain to Rajasekhar Medicherla and Madhavi Vootukuru, $1.16 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1310-Park Crest Building Associates to Tooraj Nikzadeh, $495,000.

Enola St., 7821, No. 7-Michael F. Hequibal to Sanjeev Ambala, $199,900.

Forest Villa Lane, 1523-Robert E. Leidenheimer Jr. and Dana A. Elfion to Riverstone Custom Homes, $725,000.

Heather Brook Ct., 6517-Thomas C. Downs to James Chun, $1.36 million.

Kirby Rd., 1311-Georgetown Homes Corp. to Anton N. Sidawy, $734,900.

Linganore Ct., 7311-Timothy Rupli to Adnan S. Omar, $1.92 million.

Maxwell Ct., 1723-Henry Zoller to Walter M. Magruder, $729,000.

Park Ave., 6960-Arthur L. Cotton III to David Euler, $1.25 million.

Rhode Island Ave., 2004-Harold R. and Johanna R. Cole to David and Katherine Lugar, $2.18 million.

Solitaire Lane, 1808-Stephen B. and Gail D. Hurlbut to Kim Pagotto and Gino P. Pagotto, $1.45 million.

Tennyson Dr., 6660-District Properties Corp. to Mehrdad Favagehi and Lourdes A. Christopher, $1.72 million.

Waggaman Cir., 1460-John M. Toups to Raja N. Saliba, $1.58 million.


Battersea Lane, 3035-C. Coleman and Jean E. Harris to Fielding E. Watson Jr., $540,000.

Hunter Murphy Cir., 8382-Robert Brian Rainey to Jonathan D. Standley, $275,000.

Pole Rd., 5305-Thomas H. Anderson to Shahin H. and Bilkis A. Khan, $250,000.

Woodland Heights Ct., 8605-Tom Swaffer to Charles M. Dower, $750,000.


Bostwick Dr., 6707-Christine Imgrund to Bounnom Xayasone and Lidavanh Khanthavongsa, $379,000.

Ferndale St., 5314-John C. and Joanna G. Knoll to John A. Benavides, $410,000.

Ivor St., 5512-J. Michael Dunleavy to Aaron M. Elliott, $401,000.

Milland St., 5209-Ethel M. Spillars to BB&E Corp., $270,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10248, No. D5-Summit Condominiums Corp. to Nick Y. Liu, $238,400.

Capperton Dr., 9983-Weichert Inc. to Lucy E. Cohan, $335,000.

Jermantown Rd., 2906, No. 25-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Mehmet E. Tulun, $321,000.

Oakton Manor Ct., 2833-Joyce S. Heller and Diane Goff to Edward M. Kinzer, $535,000.

Stone Mill Ct., 11439-Brett Flinchum to Phillip L. Scott, $900,000.

Tattersall Trail, 11131-Hyeong Il Kim and Beth E. Cypser to Justin S. and Deanne J. Draeger, $790,000.

Waples Mill Rd., 11928-Patrice E. McGinn to Keystone Corp., $287,000.


Coors Park Ct., 2865-Freddie Mac to Tuan V. Huynh and Dieu Thanh Do, $365,000.

Falls Place Ct., 2428-Donald E. and Esther M. Tepper to Paul A. Miller, $575,000.

Fay Pl., 1945-Carole L. Herrick to Murf Properties Corp., $339,000.

Hileman Rd., 2008-Amy Thornton to Brian I. Meltzer, $409,900.

Kirby Ct., 6620-Frank M. James to George Wang, $655,000.

Leesburg Pike, 7730-Suresh Meduri to An Chi Tai, $507,500.

Metropolitan Pl., 7019, No. 300A-Peter V. Lindsay to Nicholas J. Derosa, $384,500.

Pimmit Dr., 2311, No. 912-Harald Bauer to Leila M. Ansari, $150,000.

Sportsman Dr., 7409-Danny Halim to Dianming Nie and Liying Liu, $394,000.


Belmont Ridge Ct., 1943-Victoria Kieffer to Courtney E. Mason, $315,000.

Castle Rock Sq., 2239, No. 1B-Freddie Mac to Robbin R. Petersen, $100,000.

Cross School Rd., 10718-Chris and Jennifer Hadley to Scott S. and Amanda L. Taylor, $785,000.

Fountain Dr., 1830, No. 701-Zhiqing Zhang to Gary L. Klein, $520,000.

Golden Sands Lane, 12204-Silver Oghayora to Pablo Raffo, $290,000.

Hearthstone Ct., 11514-Mihai Nicolaescu to Andrew R. Goad, $399,900.

Lawyers Rd., 10927-Brian E. and Marcia N. Carlson to Clement and Cynthia Caracciolo, $665,600.

Nashua Ct., 2352-Michael J. Davis to Michael E. Spencer, $595,000.

Olde English Dr., 11719B-Janelle C. Clark to Karmony Inc., $205,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 1640-Andrew Harrop to Laura C. Marshall, $387,000.

Sagewood Lane, 1951, No. 224-Robert M. and Constance A. Drobeck to Nicholas T. and Jane C. Glakas, $180,000.

Springhouse Pl., 11625-Alexander H. Dobson to Alison B. Harbrecht, $660,000.

Stoneview Sq., 11656, No. 96-Norman H. Tadlock Jr. to Franklin R. Wiesman, $123,000.

Sundial Ct., 11302, No. 903-William G. Theodor to Habiba Javaid, $325,000.

Taliesin Pl., 12004, No. 13-Arash M. Khah to Kelly L. Harris, $318,000.

Wainwright Dr., 1843-Cynthia L. Hines to Catherine L. Dilley, $452,500.

Wild Hawthorn Ct., 11530-Anna Henderson to Douglas Johnson, $515,000.


Copa Ct., 6531-William B. McIntyre to Susan P. Thomas, $827,500.

Peyton Randolph Dr., 2900, No. 102-Huyen Dieu Tran to Lucky Investment Corp., $89,200.


Athena St., 8065-Stephen M. Burnham and Deborah H. Burnham to Rebecca M. Dellamano, $495,000.

Carmela Cir., 8459-Kevin B. Massie to Ryan P. Finneran, $380,000.

Dickenson St., 7414-Lynn Bowers to Vanessa and Jahuer Carrasco, $325,000.

Exmore St., 7424-Venus Properties Corp. to Timothy L. Clark and Heather A. Bowling, $389,250.

Giltinan Ct., 9043-Bonita G. Henderson to Jan M. Allbeck, $345,000.

Hibbling Ave., 6205-Jose Y. Palma to Daoud Abu Ghannam and Huda Abu Ghannam, $310,000.

Monticello Blvd., 7207-Wayne St. to Henock B. Shebru, $350,000.

Reservation Dr., 7221-Ashwani Malhotra to Resty L. Aspuria, $520,000.

Stream Bluff Way, 7362-Fannie Mae to Thomas L. March Jr., $433,000.

Villa Del Rey Ct., 6953-Chong H. Renfree to Roger A. Chamochumbi, $180,000.


Asoleado Lane, 1714-John E. Keane Jr. to James R. Pruitt, $720,000.

Brenner Ct., 9445-Kuan T. Penn to Mitchell Brew, $1.1 million.

Center St., 9609-David S. Fiddleman to Peter M. Munoz, $605,000.

Chestnut Farm Dr., 9500-Janardan J. and Kalpana J. Patel to Mohammad Najib, $900,000.

Creek Crossing Rd. NE, 505-Michael C. and Mary J. McParland to Kenneth M. and Steve A. Miranda, $660,000.

Edwin Lane NE, 309-Robert B. and Sharon L. Fratis to Andrew Farrimond, $624,900.

Farmside Pl., 9694-Barbara A. Newman to Judith M. Stevenson, $475,000.

Galloping Way, 2122-Vienna Properties Inc. to Melanie R. and Todd E. Condron, $790,000.

Harithy Dr., 2212-Mary P. and Paul A. Haagt to Ethan H. and Christina H. Cao, $825,000.

Higdon Dr., 8710-Catherine F. and Robert B. Bridgers to Luke D. and Susan A. Foster, $652,000.

Johns Hollow Rd., 10284-Thomas M. and Shelly L. Walker to Marshall D. Ruffin Jr., $1.5 million.

Glengyle Dr., 2504, No. 198-Carolyn A. Cornwell and William Brancato to Christopher J. Bertrand, $290,000.

Longford Ct., 9931-Francisco P. Faria to Mark Valentini, $479,000.

McGregor Ct., 2336-Donald A. and Debra L. Blome to Iman El-Akoum, $450,000.

Meredith Dr. E., 2514-James S. Spaine to Christopher B. Johnstone, $760,000.

Meredith Dr. E., 2630-Raymond S. and Janet N. Dalland to Eric R. Haapapuro and Julie K. Brown, $800,000.

Park St. NE, 313-Surrey Estates Corp. to Benjamin Walsh, $1.26 million.

Podium Dr., 9606-Daniel E. Goodspeed to Jay H. Reiziss, $900,000.

Shenandoah St., 2446-Paul G. and Sharon M. Hayeck to Clinton S. Church and Jennifer Smyth Church, $638,000.

Strathaven Pl., 2907-John W. Bruce and Zongmin Li to Alle and Jill Schilstra, $810,000.

Sweet Mint Dr., 9836-Mathew Dodrill and Cynthia R. Ott to Sanat and Saroj Bakshi, $370,000.

Tyson Oaks Cir., 7899-Shahla Emadi to Brian L. Hayes, $412,000.

Virginia Center Blvd., 9486, No. 105-Jan S. Gallo to Yasmin M. Reyes, $232,000.


Astongale Ct., 8954-Kenneth McClevey to Christine S. Banks, $332,500.

Carrleigh Pkwy., 7742-John C. Muehl to Charles I. Kratz III, $635,000.

Forrest Hollow Lane, 6012-Bradley J. Lee to David M. Allen, $355,000.

Harrowgate Cir., 7828A-Sharon M. Paulovich to Jorge A. Ruiz, $154,900.

Lexton Pl., 7703D, No. 33-Henry H. Quintanilla to Steven A. Koehnke, $145,000.

Rexford Dr., 5801K, No. 808-Fannie Mae to James B. Wright, $165,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Barbara Ann Lane, 9908-Pamela J. Palmer to Ricardo D. Lopez, $328,000.

Courtney Dr., 10461-Annemiek D. Devos to Richard A. Bukovich, $625,000.

Daniels Run Way, 10094-Richard C. Ricks to Mazhar Ahson, $898,500.

Fern St., 4118-Alvaro Quintana to Michael Stine, $377,500.

Hemlock Way, 3809-Carlene Y. Francis to Mohammad I. Wali, $471,000.

James Wren Way, 10544-Robert D. Maslowsky and Beth Maslowsky to Branislav and Snezana N. Mikasinovich, $605,000.

Main St., 10125-Shi J. Jia and John Zhang to Joshua I. Tolk, $699,900.

Main St., 10570, No. 319-Kenneth H. and Rachel Coelho to Sherrie L. Woodring, $170,000.

Maple St., 4100-Jerry R. Smallwood to Tom C. Abella, $331,375.

Preserve Oaks Ct., 3311-D.R. Horton Inc. to Xiaolu Cui, $738,540.

Scout Dr., 10203-Chanley M. Mohney to Eric R. Donson, $460,000.

University Dr., 3860-Belva J. Sampson to Glen M. Denlinger, $427,500.

Yorktown Dr., 10649-C.H. at Main Street Corp. to Jacob Y. Choi, $725,000.

Falls Church

These sales data were recorded by the City of Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue.

Broad St. W., 502, No. 308-Kenneth and Stephanie Bowen to Gary P. Keith and Greetje Bouwhof, $592,000.

Columbia St. E., 503-Robert Dove to Kara L. Bue and Kara Leah Bue, $1.2 million.

Gundry Dr., 303-Timothy A. Price to Elton Talka and Miranda Haxhi, $505,000.

Lee St. N., 306-Sycamore Homes Corp. to Mohammad R. and June B. Taheri, $1.25 million.

Lounsbury Pl., 107-Denise Elliot to Bruce Howard and Mary McLaughlin, $750,000.

Randolph St., 506-Daniel K. and Kathleen Cavanaugh to Bridget E. Tombul, $552,000.


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