Fairfax home sales

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Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Americana Dr., 4927, No. 108-Juan A. Mencia to Mario Torres, $152,000.

Bede Pl., 5114-Jason F. and Kelly L. Kaar to Usha Munukutla Parker, $510,125.

Buffalo Trace, 4502-Stephen L. and Susan D. Rabin to Bartle B. Gorman, $549,500.

Columbia Rd., 5017-Vincent P. Santo to Kim Dung Nguyen and Cam T. Nguyen, $440,000.

Fern Lane, 6738-Mark W. Turner to Jonathan D. Puvak, $440,000.

Gallows Rd., 3909-John K. Mandeville to Michael D. Kolb, $453,500.

Indian Run Ct., 6842-Truong X. Hoang to Gia V. Ngo, $375,000.

Little River Tpk., 7467, No. 201-Hoc X. Dinh and Ha T. Nguyen to Cao X. Tran, $142,000.

Metro Ct., 4562-Kathleen E. Voxland to Diego Hinojosa Guevara, $340,000.

Overlook Park, 5111-Michael M. Kamon to Quyen T. Nguyen and Scott R. Brody, $372,000.

Rose Lane, 4002-Linda E. Hollis to Spiro C. Manolas, $439,900.

Wakefield Dr., 4323-Margaret M. Niemczyk to Robyn Rose, $630,000.

Woodburn Village Dr., 3300, No. 33-Karl J. and Paulette B. Keul to Keae Crowley and Son Cha Lee, $169,000.


Leesburg Pike, 6141, No. 208-Mir K. Alan to Christina Mullinax, $100,000.

Pinewood Terr., 3873-Freddie Mac to Enaas Sarsour, $295,500.


Belle View Blvd., 1507, No. A1-Robert H. Young to Richard L. Matthews Jr., $214,000.

Marlan Dr., 7211-Raymundo Martinez Ojeda and Maricela Cordova Garcia to Aaron and Kelly Burger, $659,000.

Sweetbriar Dr., 2231-William B. Hurd and Gayle C. Todd to Jeremy W. and Mavi Wheeler, $303,000.


Ashbourn Dr., 9725-Alberto M. Flores to Ma May Kyaw Thet, $288,000.

Bestwicke Rd., 6626-Frank J. and Margaret E. Mulkearns to Seockwon Kim, $454,000.

Buffie Ct., 6302-Edward P. Ulrich Jr. to Caleb M. Haslett, $329,900.

Burnside Landing Ct., 10603-Munther and Barbara A. Jabbur to Daniel A. Fri, $629,000.

Chestnut Wood Lane, 10077-Brandon W. Barnett to Jaime L. Estrada, $357,000.

Cove Landing Rd., 5902, No. 202-Kevin R. Quaid and Christine Q. Stgermain to Rita M. Mitchell, $226,000.

Dunleigh Dr., 5233-Barry S. Boskovich to James A. Szipszky, $612,500.

Lake Braddock Dr., 8910-T. Dwayne Oglesby to Gary Rossen, $497,000.

Lakepointe Dr., 9859-Matthew D. Berkman to Jose Z. Kiper, $348,000.

Marshall Pond Rd., 10179-Kevin A. Jeske to Lillard D. Evans, $585,000.

Mizzen Pl., 7313-Jeffrey W. Head to Gregory S. Hale, $575,000.

Old Landing Way, 6128, No. 75-Carolyn E. Lee to Canter Corp., $120,000.

Roberts Common Ct., 5911-Steven C. Lam to Tricia M. Harricharan, $350,000.

Spanker Dr., 6931-Philip J. Martin to Muoi Tran, $640,000.

Strattondale Ct., 9009-John J. and Marilyn J. Goebel to Quang T. Nguyen and Ngoc B. Tran, $519,000.

Tisbury Dr., 6346-Matthew L. and Anne E. Stentz to Brocklyn D. and Jacqueline L. Bahe, $415,550.

Wards Grove Cir., 10028-Matthew G. and Elizabeth K. Henry to Patrick L. and Heather C. Full, $614,000.

Winnepeg Dr., 6202-Gianula Kitsanta and Stephan Willett to Wesley C. Martens, $515,000.


Barren Springs Ct., 13650-Roberta E. Kane to Miriam E. Carpio, $325,000.

Battery Ridge Lane, 14507-Michael A. Barretta to Timothy A. Pierce, $317,500.

Brushwood Way, 14305B, No. 110-Lonnie M. Cohn and Samuel G. Kelly IV to Jenise S. Harris, $385,000.

Compton Lane, 6951-Deborah A. McClain to Mohammad R. Zarghami, $312,000.

Faircloth Ct., 5643-Song A. Young to Kyung S. Lee, $412,000.

Forest Pond Ct., 13660-Chad A. Erbrecht to Catherine M. Chapell, $221,650.

Green Park Way, 14750-Vergil A. Arbuckle to Steven M. Ranieri, $275,000.

Harrison House Ct., 5706-Erika Hoffman Perez to Eric A. Duvall and Lauren A. Williamson, $350,000.

Jenny Leigh Ct., 6721-Richard Nguyen to Paul Girardin II, $315,000.

Laura Ratcliff Ct., 13901-Jennifer A. Jannace to Leocadio Rosas, $273,000.

Martins Hundred Dr., 15405-Charles M. and Melissa S. Bartlett to Edwin C. and Karen S. Roessler, $675,000.

Prince Way, 6218-AAA Homes Realty Corp. to Chusin and Kanokwan Pandaeng, $275,500.

Rosemallow Cir., 5335-Dong W. Park to Hyuk J. Oh, $385,000.

Sheals Lane, 5632-Romona R. Kane to Randy Nguyen, $575,000.

Stone Maple Terr., 6804-Philip E. Godwin to Ralph J. Martinez, $307,000.

Stream Pond Dr., 14706-Andrew May to Ming Fang Gao, $349,900.

Truro Parish Ct., 14580-Vanita Bhardwaj to Shirin H. Far and Hashem E. Zadeh, $248,000.

Wetherburn Dr., 15092-Daniel Harper to Bradley J. Lee, $535,000.

Wood Lilly Lane, 13439-Atul Bhatla to Manoranjan Panda, $485,000.


Dawn Valley Ct., 4109-Gilbert D. Schwabe Jr. to Sathya K. Betha, $155,000.

Lees Corner Rd., 4009-Sun H. Jung to Tuergan Abdulla, $430,000.

Lightfoot St., 3840, No. 148-Kevin Kerkvliet to Wing K. Lee, $191,580.

Silas Hutchinson Dr., 4316-Platinum Investments Corp. to Michael R. and Carrie C. McCrory, $390,000.

Valley Country Dr., 13937-Michael Lightfoot to Jong M. Kim, $550,000.


Bunkers Ct., 6717-Shelby L. Syckes to Paul Garver and Stephanie Cruz, $659,500.

Henderson Rd., 12328-Mabel M. Whyte and Dorothy L. Cobb to Jeffrey W. Goldberg, $1.2 million.

Orchard Dr., 13605, No. 3605-HSBC Bank to Gary Chu and Wen Chun Chen, $196,699.

Rockpointe Dr., 5593-A. Robert Flaak to Ashwin D. Mehta, $675,000.

Union Ridge Rd., 7404-Roy L. and Gladys A. Reichlen to Traci Shepps, $950,000.


Eggleston Terr., 4649, No. 431-Nicole K. Olsick to Kathleen R. McKay, $310,000.

Hunter Rd., 2845-Robert Counts Jr. and Katherine V. Counts to Soon S. Sun and Lin Chien, $370,000.

Wheatstone Dr., 4879-Konstantinos E. Balos to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $515,000.


Canterberry Rd., 10584-James R. Eskew to Rafiq Jamaldinian, $1.04 million.

Clifton Rd., 7639-U.S. Bank to Kristan Esna, $480,000.

Hedgewood Ct., 8005-Keith C. Clark to Joachim W. Exner, $675,000.

Oak Hollow Lane, 8017-Stanford H. Hlavka to Richard Garvey, $615,000.

Reach Dr. S., 7510-Richard A. Boe to Stephen P. Moniz, $824,000.

Union Camp Dr., 6118-Davis S. Welch to Timothy S. Stanos, $719,900.

Wolf Run Shoals Rd., 7501-Allen W. Patton to Denise M. Ward, $560,000.


Anchorway Ct., 3151M-Anne M. Harris to Joseph T. Lancaster, $225,000.

Barrett Rd., 6654-Cheryl Conway and Melany Burrill to Rebecca McClure, $409,000.

Bolling Rd., 2831-Michael Shen to Dai Do, $300,000.

Chanute Pl., 8001, No. 16-Narda and Francisco H. Rodriguez to James J. Liu, $124,200.

Dye Dr., 3224-Jose R. Rodas to Reem Ornath, $385,000.

Fairmont St., 2856-John A. Brown to Frederick Winter, $338,000.

Gouthier Rd., 6719-Andrew P. Beegan to John Neill, $420,000.

Harper Valley Lane, 8135, No. 35-Francis McCarthy to Robert J. Szot, $372,000.

Kenfig Dr., 6905-Thomas A. Wimmer to Russell Greenhalgh, $300,000.

Lakeside Village Dr., 7596D-Richard A. Giordano to Sae Hee Cho, $245,000.

Meadow Lane, 2923-Bank of America to Qiang Zhu, $562,000.

Poplar Dr., 1027-Danny F. Cooper to James P. Racine and Ingrid E. Freemyer, $500,000.

School Lane, 6633-Ariel F. Lujan and Edward Linares to Andy and Nga T. Quach, $690,000.

Westmoreland Rd., 6839-Margaret J. McCary to Thuy Vu, $301,000.


Point Replete Cir., 7125-Andre D. Vaquero to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $519,000.


Camfield Ct., 8838-Classic Cottages Corp. to Mark D. and Carina I. Herman, $549,000.

Masters Ct., 8422-Potomac Relocation Services to Ellen K. Renaud, $636,000.

Southdown Rd., 7846-Walter M. Goode to John H. Hogan, $625,000.


Ambassador Way, 5933-Santhi B. Nair to Rajiv K. Maheshwari, $382,000.

Broadmoor St., 5603-William R. Blake to Cheryl A. Deister, $490,000.

Cannes Ct., 5225-Nathaniel J. Parady to Dana G. Rasmussen, $391,587.

Cool Valley Ct., 6211-Sheryl A. Roberts to James H. Ferguson, $296,000.

Deer Gap Ct., 6643-Richele K. Ellicott to Christopher P. Alexa, $260,000.

Devereux Circle Dr., 7010-Sara C. Brown to Darren A. Bessingpas, $575,000.

Ellingham Cir., 6904, No. 147-Anne Codd to Jason M. Surratt, $295,000.

Gentele Ct., 6401-Paul A. McDermott III to Christopher E. Buckley, $365,000.

Grovenor Ct., 7707-Jonathan H. Maiorine to Mikah D. Sellers, $450,000.

Joseph Edgar Ct., 6755-John K. Forsythe Jr. to Hansen Bong, $499,000.

Lerwick Ct., 6945-Teresa T. and David R. Crowe to Larue J. Meehan, $412,000.

Martin Allen Ct., 7709-Ross S. Douthard to Ethan B. Rich, $550,000.

Montell Dr., 5903-Paul S. and Carolyn W. Rae to Brenda D. Wilson, $445,000.

Netties Lane, 6609, No. 1503-James E. Wilson Jr. to Seble Y. Kasa, $315,000.

Old Telegraph Rd., 6068-Richard J. and Karen L. Lheureux to Miguel Mafuz Gonzalez, $720,000.

Picot Rd., 4500-Nina Tsui to Muhammad Atif, $365,000.

Rose Hill Ct., 6280A-Jose R. Arias to Nita and Anita Kumar, $112,000.

Sutcliffe Dr., 6444-Aldrin P. Atangan to Raymond Cuevas Jr., $510,000.

Towchester Ct., 7477-Areeba Properties Corp. to Jura Zickafoose, $349,000.

Waterfield Rd., 6486-Weichert Relocation Resources to Kirby and Doris Hunolt, $570,000.

Woodlake Lane, 6033-Richard E. and Catherine A. Dwyer to Glenton I. and Ankica Atwell, $700,000.


Beach Mill Rd., 11224-Elizabeth F. Watson to John Maguire, $880,000.

Fairpine Lane, 9404-James H. and Diane E. Cole to Thomas Langdo, $878,000.

Inglish Mill Dr., 11285-George H. Greenleaf to Edward McNamara, $949,000.

Nicholsridge Rd., 10818-Thomas J. Glynn to Martin P. Glaubman, $1.1 million.

Tralee Dr., 11529-Richard J. and Lynne C. Galanis to William E. and Michelle A. Dubay, $1.5 million.


Ashnut Lane, 13108-Cynthia A. Yates to Sasidhar R. and Vidya K. Annamreddy, $420,000.

Bayshire Lane, 1404-Sivadasan and Prabha Madhavan to Kevin D. Clark, $419,000.

Brightfield Lane, 13506-Michael A. Brusuelas to H. Scott Penny, $445,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12954, No. 404-Devin C. Rouse to Ovid Sekhar and Bella S. Kumari, $283,000.

Coppermill Dr., 13261-Walter H. Goodman to Gaurang J. Bhatt, $440,000.

Cypress Tree Pl., 1171-Terry J. and Thurman J. Dade to Ryan W. Lees, $280,000.

Fairfax Lane, 509-Mashruf Ahmed to Sandstorm Real Estate, $425,000.

Folkstone Dr., 12339-Khushal and Ajmal Hotaki to Jing Zhang, $499,950.

Hamer Ct., 13401-David Dresser to Willi Yabar, $355,000.

Horsepen Woods Ct., 2892-Mohammad F. Ahmed to Fairfax County Redevelopment and Housing Authority, $169,167.

Ladybank Lane, 13173-Jeffrey M. Liebold to John Kuenzli, $540,000.

Mager Dr., 2167-Marco A. and Victorina M. Corrales to Toya N. Poudyal, $209,000.

Mississippi Dr., 654-Kathleen R. Furey to Ayman M. Mohamed and Aslaa M. Mashaal, $335,000.

New Banner Lane, 2628-Walter J. and Virginia M. Wondolowski to Christopher T. and Laurie C. Moy, $505,000.

Ox Meadow Dr., 12721-Stevens K. Shegrud to Ashish E. Tikhe, $1.23 million.

Pearl St., 132-Herndon Neighborhoods Corp. to Joshua E. Fein, $999,990.

Reneau Way, 384-Chris Basgall to Henri S. Minion, $244,900.

Shaker Woods Rd., 1279-Willard C. Menish to Richard F. Miller, $630,000.

Stanton Pl., 13491-Margaret B. Herseth to Vivek Iyer, $300,000.

Westcourt Lane, 2201, No. 102-Hugh Scott to Mei Shih, $170,100.

Willow Glen Ct., 12809-William S. Berno to Benjamin Garrett, $675,000.


Elmwood Towne Way, 3796-John Balestrieri to Samuel T. Brown IV, $545,000.

Jefferson Dr., 2612-Alexandra G. Mansy and Chad A. Bowie to James D. Lutzweiler and Thelma O. Okoro, $351,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5903, No. 604-Robert A. Morris to Mark Beerthuis, $400,000.

Norton Rd., 5709-Ombhur Investments Corp. to Ronald G. Terrell, $475,000.


Audubon Ave., 7965, No. 202-Mohammad U. Hossain to Jose Umana Villatoro, $73,000.

Belle Haven Meadows Ct., 2409-Patrick D. Bossman to Stephanie G. Ihnat, $637,000.

Dawn Dr., 2495-Prudent Homes Corp. to William S. Brinley, $590,000.

Huntley Creek Pl., 7115, No. 45-Keith L. Barnes to Jerome E. Williams, $275,000.

Lida Ct., 2216-Karyn Deleon to Kevin P. Knight, $535,000.

Lory Ct., 2304-Altaf U. Khan to Eric J. Rardin, $553,000.

Phillips Dr., 2606-Residential Value of Virginia to Jennifer L. Huffman, $391,000.

Schooley Dr., 2804-Steve H. Standley to Express Homebuyers Corp., $251,000.


Braddock Rd., 4100-Mary A. Myers to Steven F. Pauling, $335,000.

Cheyenne Dr., 6481, No. 302-Sharon L. Loveless to No T. and Hoa Nguyen, $247,000.

Medinah Lane, 6543-Lorraine P. Vismara to Gulay T. and Tamer A. Ureten, $380,900.

Pine Rd., 6605-Philippa R. Schanke to Classic Cottages Corp., $240,000.


Cardinal Forest Lane, 9220J-Brandey J. Rodgers to Michael Dandar, $192,876.

Frosty Ct., 8307-Lynn D. and Carol A. Pape to Breck and Regina L. Woodard, $575,000.

Halley Ct., 8195, No. 303-John Meredith to Meryem Sad, $225,000.

Kanawha Ct., 8772-Mark Ladringan to Quoc D. Hoang, $200,000.

Lorraine Carol Way, 9792-Cynthia Gaare to Michael E. Everson, $460,000.

Pasture Rose Ct., 8175-Mark W. and Susan H. Goodin to Ruth D. Embrey, $447,500.

River Dr., 6018-Robert C. Keeney to James Hammes, $624,000.


Adeline Ct., 6193-Hastings Estates Corp. to Roozbeh Badii, $1.54 million.

Banton Cir., 1203-Thomas J. and Francilla A. Morgan to Kelly R. Moler, $856,000.

Brook Valley Lane, 1120-Joseph R. Turrisi Jr. to Ligeng Cao, $1.13 million.

Capitol View Dr., 7204-Raymond C. Straathof to Byungki Kim, $1.96 million.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 702-Park Crest Building Associates to Kune H. Lim, $400,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1609-Park Crest Building Associates to David Kirdassi, $602,500.

Dead Run Dr., 1012-Richard N. and Robert T. Tandler to Craig R. Marino, $800,000.

Elliott Ave., 2103-Samuel S. Jackson Jr. to Thomas B. Laursen, $1.01 million.

Heidi Ct., 6600-Gary P. Poon to Pengchong Yan, $1.37 million.

Kellogg Dr., 6207-Patricia A. Rostkowski to Douglas E. and Marisa B. Branton, $813,000.

Kirkley Ave., 6639-Mark P. Brooks to Tianshu Li, $665,000.

Macarthur Dr., 1917-Arthur J. and Leigh E. Horner to Novella Custom Homes Corp., $975,000.

Mc Lean Ct., 6624-W. Robert Watson and Elizabeth W. Reeves to Syed R. Qamer, $582,000.

Oak Lane, 1724-Danielle M. Kempf to Benjamin F. Jarratt II, $950,000.

Opalocka Dr., 1827-Robert M. Gordon to Bernard Shatz, $760,000.

Ridge Dr., 734-George Romanowski to Mark P. Brooks, $1.18 million.

Spoleto Lane, 7700-Michael W. and Carol Ann Toner to John Q. Zhao, $795,000.

Strata St., 6843-Thomas D. and Rachel R. Tallarini to Jimmy J. and Esther H. Lin, $630,000.

Taylor St. N., 4025-Barbara A. Beck and Peter R. Allen to Carl Scott, $628,000.

Valleywood Rd., 1840-Paul L. Sweeny Jr. to Andrew Shepard, $900,000.

Wemberly Way, 6810-Jeffrey L. Epremian to Capital View Corp., $1.1 million.


Ashton St., 7824-Carlos A. Guerra to Iris I. Harris, $280,000.

Beekman Pl., 8643, No. 43B-Fannie Mae to Glenn B. and Barton B. Fischer, $99,990.

Cherry Valley Lane, 8319-Sam B. and Betty B. Shepard to Mark A. Funk, $522,000.

Fitzroy St., 7927-Remberto Castellon to Clement O. Addo, $375,000.

McNair Dr., 9115-Mary S. Starner to Michael P. Murphy, $570,000.

Oak Leaf Dr., 8808-Michael C. and Alicia K. Biggerstaff to Donald F. Roberts Jr., $360,000.

Phylliss St., 4502-Alton D. and Sylvia E. Reeves to Zhongrul Deng and Haiqin Dai, $500,000.

Sacramento Dr., 8611F-Babak D. Taghavi to Oscar E. Cordova, $125,000.

Southlawn Ct., 8511-Mario E. Campos to Willie D. Ruffin and Nia T. Smith, $195,000.

Surrey Ct., 8804-Albert E. Edgecombe and Leslie R. Pickens to John J. Fitch, $620,000.

Wagon Wheel Rd., 8526-Wallace L. Russell to Vincent J. Jarecki III, $519,000.


Belfast Pl., 5530-Brian J. Tasler to Terrence P. Delong, $375,000.

Callander Dr., 5534-Rodney M. Smith and Heather L. Patterson to Seydou and Fatou C. Samake, $410,000.

Elgar St., 7503-Deborah Littell to Ana C. Tolentino, $298,000.

Jervis St., 7526-Donald P. Horan to Roberto Ruiz Ramirez, $385,000.

Kirkham Ct., 5676-Kendra M. Burnette to Laurel Lynch, $362,000.

Long Pine Dr., 7448-Adam S. Mackenzie to Kevin S. Cox, $425,000.

Uxbridge Ct., 8383-Patrick L. Full to Kellen H. Burgwin, $310,000.


Borge St., 3172-David R. Rourk to Kenneth B. Driver, $452,000.

Fox Mill Rd., 3233-Michael S. Therrien to Thillainathan Varadhan, $1.46 million.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 9947-Janet Y. Ladd to William Wilson and Meghan Hill, $290,000.

Red Granite Terr., 10425-Todd H. Harris to Betsy L. Pond, $469,000.

Thaxton Lane, 2840-Edwin J. Hudson Jr. to Xinjin Zhao, $680,000.


Armand Ct., 1908-Kumala Dewi to David C. Braccia, $1.16 million.

Falls Reach Dr., 7000, No. 108-Shien R. Lee to Samir S. Abhyankar, $275,000.

Hollywood Rd., 2814-Henrique Fernandes to Bing Lin Lo, $275,000.

Leonard Rd., 2012-Hope for Home Corp. to Justin K. Ho, $675,000.

Midhill Pl., 6680-Sharon B. Price to Gerald D. Fikes, $559,000.

Rockford Dr., 7332-Jorge Gutierrez to Robert J. Kaighn Jr., $485,000.

Timberock Rd., 7418-Elaine S. Brenner and Alberto G. Sorongon to Monte L. Williams, $498,000.


Bayfield Ct., 11787-Riley W. Rice to Noelle Brahimi, $295,000.

Beaver Trail Ct., 11232, No. 1-Arnold Cusmariu to Daniel R. Petrole, $274,900.

Breton Ct., 11820, No. 11B-Debra H. Lewin and Virginia M. Hickman to Mohammad Namvar, $190,000.

Deer Forest Rd., 11605-Stephen T. Homeyer to Damien B. Flynn, $900,000.

Farrier Lane, 2517-Roger L. West to Andrew D. Devolder, $660,000.

Fowlers Lane, 2516-Goldberg Management Corp. to Christopher M. Bianchetta, $657,000.

Greenmont Ct., 1454-John C. Allen to Kate M. Knyzewski, $370,000.

Heathcote Ct., 11956-James W. Kerr to Frederick Boltz, $432,000.

Market St., 12000, No. T82-Brian M. Whitaker to Brian and Sharon Y. Sullivan, $364,000.

Market St., 12001, No. 459-Sunil and Love K. Arora to Gerard A. Decker, $457,500.

Newbridge Ct., 11651-Willard L. Parr to Sanjiv B. Jadhav, $393,500.

Orchard Lane, 11406-Angela Meixell and Philip Lilienthal to Ketsana Vongsavat, $521,000.

Parkcrest Cir., 1675, No. 4E-Fannie Mae to Luke P. Baldwin, $200,000.

Poplar Grove Dr., 1516-Tara A. Burke to Richard L. McCarthy, $395,000.

Ridgehampton Ct., 2480-Ali Mumtaz and Saima Bhatti to Sameer Seth, $285,000.

Sierra Woods Dr., 1615-Dirce Mourilhe to Joey Kemble, $334,000.

Square Sail Ct., 11197-James B. and Marianne M. Curren to Steve Soltes and Rachael Blake, $598,500.

Summerchase Ct., 1516A-Janice T. Petzold and Brenda K. Winter to Julie Edison, $236,309.

Tanbark Dr., 11442-Ronald S. Smith to Jace E. Wallace, $630,000.

Upper Lake Dr., 1932-Jaleh F. Barrett to James B. Curren, $1.06 million.

White Cornus Lane, 2290-Department of Housing and Urban Devleopment to Sami Abdelghafar, $184,000.

Woodbrook Ct., 1223-Timothy R. Benitez to Prudential Relocation Inc., $563,500.


Colmac Dr., 6206-Beth McConn to Prudential Relocation Inc., $550,000.

Greenwood Dr., 6198, No. 201-Andy Nguyen to Khai Doan, $94,000.


Ambrose Ct., 8432-Pierre A. Joly to Brian J. Wessmiller, $650,000.

Brandon Ave., 6004-Steven G. Murphy to Mark Hinkle, $475,000.

Carath Ct., 7410-Kathleen D. Timmons to Brian D. Plotnick, $629,900.

Conservation Dr., 6947-Roy C. Holder to Nicholas Nemos, $500,000.

Franconia Ct., 6411-Baret L. Bailey to James Winters, $299,999.

Griffin Pond Ct., 7721-Sheila M. Jordan to Douglas K. Clark, $704,000.

Julian St., 6424-Margarito Castro to Kenneth W. Lowe II, $400,000.

Loisdale Rd., 7203-Genry B. and Alba L. Reyes to Agustin F. Deleon and Francisca A. Gomez, $285,000.

Newington Forest Ct., 8553-Bank of New York Mellon to Mohan P. Niraula, $311,200.

Running Creek Ct., 8206-John S. Villasenor to Stuart M. James, $525,000.

Seabrook Lane, 7603-James A. Percoco to John M. Schutte, $660,000.

Sleepy View Lane, 8001-Jasbir Kaur and Lachhman Singh to Ahmad Tookhi, $265,000.

Steeple Chase Ct., 8071-Van Pham Do to Sunil K. Shukla and Jyoti Goyal, $240,000.

Trips Way, 6383-Freddie Mac to Jonathan Beach, $355,000.

Winter Blue Ct., 8118-Robert M. Driggers to Linda A. Crossley, $385,000.


Amanda Pl., 8461-NVR Inc. to Chenghong Wang, $1.05 million.

Babcock Rd., 2597-Lawrence B. Kenyon Sr. to Nikhil Gupta, $780,000.

Brookside Lane, 1761-Daniel M. and Timothy J. Cornell to Mark E. Langevin, $1.3 million.

Cloverdale Pl., 10002-James S. Shorris to Yariv Waks, $915,000.

Desale St. SW, 1403-Elsa M. Espichan to Mehrdad Erfani, $415,000.

Gallows Rd., 2531-Ronald I. and Laura J. Tull to Amjad Ashkar, $465,000.

Glengyle Dr., 2710, No. 16-Bernard C. Wimmers Jr. to Paul Sullivan Jr., $237,000.

Grovemore Lane, 2800-Ping Hui Lee to Lei Shi and Yingzi Chen, $421,000.

Irvin St., 1708-Robert W. Goedecke to Henry S. Choi, $649,900.

Longford Ct., 9965-Bartle B. Gorman to David C. Skarsten, $425,000.

Madrillon Springs Ct., 2033-Vanita Z. Talebli to Kenneth H. Lee, $555,000.

Middleton Ridge Rd., 9713-Sajan and Kamal Budhrani to Parminder and Pooja Atwal, $900,000.

Newton St., 2404-Mark D. Smith and Annette Mashburn to Michael B. Miller, $668,660.

Paisley Ct., 1790-Dominion Maple Leaf Corp. to Meshal A. Alodailah, $119,700.

Richelieu Dr., 2233-Tae H. Kim to Michael Y. and Linda Y. Chen, $553,000.

Ross Dr. SW, 1302-Jennifer L. Zangger to Somerville Homes, $375,000.

Silentree Dr., 2133-Sean P. Dennehy to Kenneth A. Boris, $730,000.

Thistle Ridge Lane, 9603-Young Estates Corp. to Hugo R. Vasquez, $1.57 million.

Verdict Dr., 9622-Calvin A. Lloyd to Alexandro M. Bertin and Elizabeth K. Maya, $597,500.

Ware St. SW, 909-Geraldine A. Butkus to 500 Spring Street Corp., $410,000.


Carrleigh Pkwy., 7906-Gail F. Sedgwick to Eduardo Ugarte II, $600,000.

Elkton Dr., 7004-Douglas M. Genne to William R. Glass III, $434,950.

Forrester Blvd., 8425-Ira I. Walther to Edmund A. Matricardi III, $290,000.

Greenview Lane, 6723-Leoncio M. Agudelo to Louis P. Simon, $499,900.

Jansen Dr., 7936-John C. Reikowsky to Russell J. Degidio, $394,002.

Lamese Ct., 6508-Ronald A. Szatmary Jr. to Robert B. Brown, $535,500.

Merryvale Ct., 6014-Cedella J. Bonette to Michael and Denise Godfrey, $575,000.

Sherborn Lane, 5905-Lawrence E. Leonard to John J. Devine, $624,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Byrd Dr., 10932-Futuri Real Estate to Jonathan Lacy, $406,300.

Courtney Dr., 10495-David E. and Barbara R. Gabel to Linda K. Peterson, $599,500.

Farrcroft Dr., 3833-Steven P. and Linda M. Futato to Stuart A. Levy and Toby R. Levin, $930,000.

James Wren Way, 10539-Danny S. and Deborah A. Denney to William D. Voit, $610,000.

Lyndhurst Dr., 3790, No. 301-Fannie Mae to Thomas J. and Linda P. Moran, $138,900.

Mason Oaks Ct., 4235-Ha T. Truong to Richard H. Nguyen, $660,000.

Oxford Lane, 4110-Susan M. Kaye to Edward White Jr., $290,000.

Spring Lake Terr., 10122-Ali Atallahs to Steve and Janice A. Galiotto, $470,000.

Falls Church

These were among sales data recorded by the City of Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 234-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Sarah E. Blum, $303,000.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 622-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to David P. Beddoe, $375,900.

Greenwich St., 606-Steven R. and Kim K. Patierno to Wade L. and Whitney E. Casstevens, $1.01 million.

Park Ave., 908-Yuk Ying Der to Justin David and Yasue Ohyabu Mylroie, $640,000.

Washington St. S., 1282-William A. Gowin III and Dona M. Dinkler to Jean Clark Dubro, $650,000.


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