Fairfax home sales

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Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Americana Dr., 4967, No. 207-Anh Hoang to Jose N. Fuentes, $154,000.

Bristow Dr., 4914-Eric Loveridge to Lawrence M. Baccari Jr., $523,000.

Decourcey Ct., 3243-Kimberly M. Creigh to Joel P. Thomas, $355,000.

Five Gates Rd., 8306-Kathleen Sims to Anthony Hamilton, $571,000.

Hugh Bennett Dr., 4321-Hade Corp. to Patrick Fitzgerald, $550,000.

Lafayette Forest Dr., 7714, No. 31-Courtney R. Bott to Sion Jung, $169,500.

Margaret Lane, 8701-Charles J. Altman to Michael J. Hilbert, $827,500.

Old Well Rd., 4906-Bank of America to Jason L. Gardel, $665,000.

Pine Dr., 7215-Timothy Grant to Donald Q. Foy and Tao Yu, $427,500.

Rose Lane, 3520-Jerry F. Williams to Andrew Maxted, $448,000.

Sugarbush Ct., 8506-Cybil Louie to Jie Chen and Xiaoyu Zhang, $475,000.

Whitman Rd., 3841-Bartlett Valad to William Pegram, $715,000.

Woodburn Rd., 3350, No. 32-Venus Properties Corp. to Irina Chuklin and Maxim Rovnin, $167,500.


Ardley Ct., 3341-Elmer C. Franks to Neelanjan Maitra, $385,000.

Blair Rd., 3416-Pauline H. Thompson to Motale E. Efimba, $622,000.

Lakeside View Dr., 3304, No. 3-Herbert Wolfe to Rick M. Newton, $365,000.

Madison View Lane, 3677-Soamiely Andriamananjara to Stacy L. Margolis, $435,000.

Paul St., 3611-Sheikh Siddiqui to Shahida Khanam, $305,000.

Seminary Rd., 5565, No. 115-David D. Latta to Joseph Wannemacher, $191,500.


Barrister Pl., 6306-Dorothy Burke to Anne K. Planning, $600,000.

Duffield Lane, 1789-Gary A. Prinz to Jack D. St. Clair, $495,000.

Kenyon Dr., 6832-Kenneth Kuhn to Jeffrey Simon, $277,000.

Tudor Pl., 1224-Andrew Breton to Steven L. Salazar, $770,000.

10th St., 6530-Theresa C. Lewallen to Asad A. Adenan, $312,000.


Bonnie Bern Ct., 6017-Futuri Real Estate to Abdul Rehman and F. Shafaq, $290,000.

Burnside Landing Ct., 10602-Alan Linberger to Richard M. Mayfield, $630,000.

Centaurus Ct., 6222-Andre A. Sabongi to Laura E. Heim, $337,500.

Cove Landing Rd., 5932, No. 101-Evonne O. Quinn to Judith A. Steele, $199,000.

First Landing Way, 5931, No. 97-Marie Velez Charneco to Frank Hudson III, $234,900.

Lincolnwood Dr., 9633-Michael P. Therriat to Gavin Gilmour, $550,000.

New England Woods Dr., 5900-Jeffery M. Jaworski to Sabana Rahman, $527,500.

Passageway Pl., 6721-Hong H. Phuong to Daniel E. Shaver, $529,000.

Queens Wood Dr., 5084-Manuela Espejo to Takashi Chiba, $525,000.

Sand Creek Ct., 9228-Nghia Luong to Hannah Suh, $318,000.

Spanker Dr., 6925-Stephen A. Prince to Jonathan Clabault, $600,000.

Tibbitt Lane, 5049-Rajalaksmi Nair to Aswathypriya Nair, $273,000.

Wilmette Dr., 6231-Nguyen T. Tin to Babu S. Tummalapally, $480,000.


Asher View, 14155-Monica L. Ross to Gorn Hanpanitkitkan, $286,000.

Cabells Mill Dr., 13702-Donald Lee Daniel to Kevin P. O’Neil, $410,000.

Compton Lane, 6947-Denise Yrivarren to Samy Hanna, $275,000.

Crystalford Lane, 5433-Tao Li to Katherine Post, $356,000.

Eagle Tavern Way, 15250-Amy Stevens to Les Albiol, $620,000.

Four Chimney Dr., 14512-Jason L. Tuininga to Christopher J. Mueller and Brandy L. Dyer, $260,000.

Glade Spring Dr., 14281-Han P. Lim to Il S. Kim, $345,000.

Gristmill Square Lane, 6480-James F. Carilli to Joseph A. Girellini, $625,000.

Hoxton Sq., 14821-Bank of New York Mellon to Erh Cheng Hwa and Edward S. Yang, $195,199.

Joseph Johnston Lane, 5462-Timothy Kwanghoon Park to Raj K. Malhotra, $650,000.

Lock Dr., 14561-Chengpei Tian to Robert Coons, $412,000.

Melton Pl., 13906-Beeren & Barry Investments to Jennifer Kim, $338,000.

Palisades Dr., 6511-Kwon S. Min to Christopher Earle, $395,000.

Ravenscar Ct., 14502-Pamela V. Burgos to David Basile, $274,900.

Rockton Ct., 6010-Sean McCimiskey to Said Elmobasher, $330,000.

Rydell Rd., 14801, No. 102-Charles Campbell to David J. Melmer, $140,700.

Shelburne St., 13707-Brian L. Cochran to Srinivas Patelu and Radhika Banda, $532,000.

Smithwood Dr., 14552-Cathy H. Gordon to Amit Jain, $415,000.

Sully Lake Dr., 5553-Abdisamed A. Abdi to Thomas Cheung, $380,000.

Thera Way, 14635-Larry Gamache to David Lee, $275,000.

Truitt Farm Dr., 14717-Suzann R. Heinrich to David B. Kim, $355,000.

Winding Ridge Lane, 13923-Doreen M. Phillips to Jack S. Barufka, $285,000.


Angelica Ct., 13605-Vincent M. Dreyer to Frank Liang and Jianmel Chen, $595,000.

Cub Run Rd., 4534-Fannie Mae to Hazem E. Soliman, $309,500.

Granite Rock Ct., 4622-Joseph R. Conradi to Ryan R. Messier, $549,500.

Point Pleasant Dr., 13461-Juliette Lane Hailey to Mary Finn, $630,000.

Walney Village Ct., 14038-Michael Magilner to Sujeewth Konagalla, $560,000.


Clifton Hunt Dr., 12411-Sheila G. Clark to Barrett J. Belian and Tami H. Stein, $875,000.

Harrier Dr., 5716-Carol A. Meeker to Nazireen Rasiff and Asha Perera, $260,000.

Orchard Hill Lane, 5827-Norma J. Currie to Devin Collins, $142,500.

Springs Dr. S., 13621-Robert D. and Elizabeth McClellan to Thomas B. Taylor and Lorraine M. Krause, $505,000.

White Stone Ct., 13620-Paul A. Miller to Andrew S. Blount, $607,500.


Aristotle Dr., 11373, No. 106-Hector R. Juarez to Mai Flaspohler, $275,000.

Colchester Rd., 6008-DP Capital Corp. to William Ramirez, $262,500.

Fair Stone Dr., 4421, No. 103-Lisa Beth Wright to Ruchika Sharma, $185,000.

Memory Lane, 13209-Andrew H. Bream to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $460,500.

Saintsbury Plaza, 2903, No. 107-Lacy A. Wright Jr. to Jackie Bong Wright, $455,000.


Chimney Lane, 10911-Marvin W. Lawley III to Charles Link, $680,000.

Fairfax Station Rd., 11521-Bank of New York to Raviprasath Ramani, $665,000.

Jonathan Mitchell Rd., 5715-Gregory Bonner to David Mah, $575,000.

Ox Rd., 8106-Maslahuddin Durrani to Alice E. Wilson, $409,000.


Barrett Rd., 6618-Donald W. Kanuk to Ross T. Morgan, $578,500.

Blocker Pl., 2757-David J. Vozzolo to Kristin E. Carlson, $425,000.

Darrells Grant Pl., 6765-Kelly Egan Turley to Markus Hermans, $988,000.

Fairwood Lane, 7507-Paul Moloney to Justin Goldsmith, $589,000.

Freedom Lane, 2032-William P. Horn to Matthew Thomas, $845,000.

Haycock Rd., 7035B, No. 102-Kevin P. Chang to Matthew Chin, $470,000.

Kenfig Pl., 7103-David Middendorf to Scott Decker, $425,000.

Lee Oaks Ct., 2813, No. 301-Joseph P. Zagami to Matthew Moulton, $255,000.

Leonard Rd., 1937-Joseph D. Larkin to Rekha Vayuvegula, $403,500.

McLean Province Cir., 6828-Rebecca A. Yuksta to Brian S. Miller, $670,000.

Osborn St., 6714-Meredith Sullivan to Maya Sultan, $815,000.

Peabody Dr., 1839-Scott Stafford to Benjamin Tobin, $470,000.

Slade Run Dr., 3535-Michael A. McCarthy to Justin P. Wise, $505,000.

Truman Lane, 6518-John F. Scott to Angad Buttar, $860,000.

Valley Brook Dr., 6803-John E. and Corinne Grommers to Michael C. Arbec, $460,000.

Willow Point Dr., 7676-Maureen A. Worden to Neal C. Scherer, $328,500.


Arcturus Lane, 1029-David P. Frazier to Joseph W. Meehan, $1.08 million.

Chollman Ct., 8201-Michael A. Barecchia to Edward Shea, $665,000.

Fairfax Rd., 8000-Horace Hicks to Holly L. Nolting, $400,000.

Plymouth Rd., 8700-Gordon A. Echols to Alabama Avenue Corp., $590,000.

Stirrup Lane, 2100-David J. Wilmot to Jeffrey T. Coulter, $620,000.


Ballycastle Cir., 5201-William C. Jones to Toby L. Maratita, $481,000.

Briarleigh Way, 6618-Jennifer Weaver to Carolyn Lovell, $349,900.

Crawford Ct., 7627-Stephen J. Niezgoda to Steven Harris, $485,000.

Ellingham Cir., 6960, No. 81-Melissa A. Corradetti to Adrienne L. Williams, $215,000.

Gadsby Sq., 7410-Venus Properties Corp. to Aymn Taqi Ismaeel, $405,000.

Gentle Lane, 6243-Nancy C. Rolph to Jason S. Crawford, $635,000.

Grange Lane, 6551, No. 202-Andrea L. Bunch to Janacina V. Kerr, $267,500.

Hillview Ave., 6126-John M. Mazur to Alice Trageser, $390,000.

Jane Way, 5821-Lisa A. Burke to Scott L. Klempner, $650,000.

Lawsons Hill Ct., 5707-David W. Briley Jr. to L. Losinio, $378,000.

Netties Lane, 6603, No. 1709-Marin Larson to Sylvia Godfrey, $315,000.

Salford Ct., 7406-Nancy H. Davenport to Michael A. Damsky, $450,000.

Sullivan Way, 6720-Elwood C. Lewis III to Utpal K. Dutta, $520,000.

Tammy Dr., 6115-Gary P. Yordy to Benjamin Packard, $509,000.

Wilton Crest Ct., 3354-Glenn E. Palmer to Jason D. Knowles, $580,000.


Beach Mill Rd., 10311-Creekstone Beach Mill Corp. to Sezen Uysal, $3.01 million.

Colvin Meadows Lane, 1218-Cecil S. and Yunweon Chung to Chai W. Kim, $1.2 million.

Elmview Pl., 11212-James G. Cullen to Moe Duwaji, $1.04 million.

Mill Run Dr., 9807-Alexander Gounares to Ben Wen, $1.81 million.

Seneca View Way, 11450-Karl Pringle to Tihomir Yankov, $1.12 million.

Walker Rd., 601-Lee H. Hill to Nam Bui and Quyen Nguyen, $848,000.


Alton Sq., 12919, No. 115-U.S. Bank to Sujatha Raguru, $230,000.

Beckingham Dr., 13593-Inderjit Singh to Ramnik Wadala, $350,000.

Bronzegate Ct., 3100-Richard Wheeler to Gregory S. Kuykendall, $1.26 million.

Calkins Rd., 2721-Patrick P. Hansen to Shon Klegin, $575,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12925, No. 203-Richard C. Rouse to Naveen K. Manchikatla, $283,000.

Coat Ridge Rd., 1501-Margaret D. Crutchfield to Robert Hendler, $455,000.

Dairy Lou Ct., 13610-Paul K. Carwile to Stephen Titus, $515,000.

Ferguson Pl., 2115-Youssef Aitsaid to Marina R. Maldonado, $165,000.

Fort Lee St., 2933-Curtis P. Amann to Scott Hoffman, $636,000.

Grand Hamptons Dr., 1116-Robert Kronzer to Celal Yetik, $850,000.

Hungerford Pl., 13390-Terence C. Bernard to Dipa Kharel and Varinder Abrol, $266,000.

Lazy Glen Lane, 13202-John R. Perry III to John Hawley, $563,000.

Mager Dr., 2107-Murtaza Y. Nagarwala to Lydia Arguello, $235,000.

Marcey Creek Rd., 13071-Mariel A. Barnes and James A. Barnes to Amit Karnik, $240,000.

Mosby Hollow Dr., 807-John G. Sims to Katharyn Franklin, $385,000.

Oak St., 641-Donna T. King to Paul Daniel, $432,500.

Park Ave., 956-Gerhard Sauer to Miguel A. Perez, $230,000.

Powells Tavern Pl., 1504-Thomas G. Turner to Todd Anderson, $555,000.

Rock Chapel Rd., 1380-John Van Horn Jr. to Danilo Divljan, $334,000.

Saylers Creek Lane, 12707-Charles C. Benagh and Janiece D. White to James Laskowski, $410,000.

Spring Knoll Dr., 843-Harold O. Tracy III to Satishprasad Ramammurthy, $492,500.

Streamvale Cir., 12319-Sanford R. Beckett to Kelly C. Ethington, $420,000.

Winterwood Pl., 1629-Thomas A. Storey to Gregory A. Bogle, $470,000.


Berkshire Ct., 5843-Rex R. Holmes to David E. Retz, $375,000.

Fairhaven Ave., 2508-Ricardo Salamanca to Daniel Seaton, $390,000.

Fenwick Dr., 5640-Natalie M. Peterson to Jeffrey A. Daniels, $290,000.

Kings Hwy. N., 6016-Erin E. Hill to Steven J. Mehr, $308,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5904, No. 801-Joel Halpert to Nancy Keller and Vincent N. Vogt, $340,000.


Calderon Ct., 7505G, No. 211-Lekisha N. Hoover to Netsanet Mengesha, $222,000.

Collard St., 3201-Robert R. Krueger to Justin Scarborough and Alexandra Medlin, $385,000.

Huntley Creek Pl., 7138-Layaly Rasoul to Barbara R. Gault, $345,000.

Rolling Stone Way, 4323-SunTrust Bank to Jessica Martin, $345,000.

Snowpea Ct., 7511, No. 173-Linda J. Bean to Brittany Smith, $227,300.

Stover Dr., 7255-Dominic Fetta to Linda J. Bean, $320,000.

Windbreak Dr., 2602-Isaac Kofi and Elizabeth B. Appiah to Mekonnen G. Mellesse, $260,000.


Cheyenne Knoll Pl., 5419-Jennifer Shaw and Stephanie Smoot to Tunc Aydogdu, $420,000.

Grafton St., 4916-Bank of America to Jian Jiang and Qiang Zhao, $415,000.

Summer Leaf Lane, 5462-Thomas J. Miller to Craig and Mary P. Ritza, $485,000.


Bennington Blvd., 8863-Karen N. Metscher to Mohammad A. Munir, $560,000.

Corder Lane, 6851-Renee Jenkins to Alexander Miller, $710,000.

Furey Rd., 9064-Hicham Taif to Naishadh Desai, $550,000.

Lorton Valley Rd., 9242-Rhona E. Southwell to Laith Attar, $365,000.

Peace Lily Ct., 8435, No. 111-Pulte Home Corp. to Ann L. Cupit, $285,125.

Rhododendron Ct., 8891-Jeffrey W. Noyes to Daniel J. Van Dam, $825,000.

Samuel Wallis St., 8093-Alejandro Rodriguez and Julio E. Aramayo to Rukhsana and Mehboob Chhipa, $463,000.

Waldren Way, 8948-Daniel W. Hinkle to Abdelhafiz Kheir, $322,000.


Birnam Wood Dr., 8011-John D. Lycas to Miguel A. and Emilia P. Rivera, $770,000.

Churchill Rd., 6823-Alton B. Flack to Bryan Wolford, $700,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 1110-Park Crest Building Corp. to Nasser Ghazvini, $490,000.

Dominion Ct., 1116-Paul Valdetaro to Peiman Seirafi, $1.14 million.

Evans Mill Rd., 7258-Margaret B. Bunce to Richard L. Weaver, $910,000.

Highwood Dr., 1451-Blair Fernau to Edward Allen, $1.41 million.

Lear Rd., 7701-Bereket Tanju to Jerry Allen Jr., $805,000.

McLean Commons Ct., 1565-Lakshmi Desai to Mohamed Tarek Akkad, $728,000.

Noble Dr., 6412-Loretta M. Holt to Benjamin Cramer, $675,000.

Potomac Fall Rd., 7580-Ruth V. Powers and Robert M. Tipton to Teresa Lee, $1.1 million.

Sawyer Pl., 1908-Jessica L. Pierce and Matthew S. Zezima to Hussain M. Dhanani, $810,000.

Spring Hill Rd., 1256-Judy S. Giordano to Eric S. Craven, $839,000.

Tennyson Dr., 6658-Michael W. Schwehr to John P. McGroarty, $1.43 million.

Whittier Ave., 6735-Ira B. Faidley to Derecho Corp., $900,000.


Beekman Pl., 8616B-Kevin D. Colina to Sheila Hawkins, $100,000.

Buckman Rd., 4260, No. 45-Rizwan M. Faruqui to Glenn B. Fischer, $62,900.

El Cerrito Pl., 3811-Gary R. McGowan to Juicy Qureishi Huq, $150,000.

Jackson Pl., 4324-Mark C. McAfee to Nicholas Myhre, $464,000.

Richmond Hwy., 8422, No. 74-Rizwan Faruqui to John Campbell, $78,500.

Sonora Pl., 3938, No. 87E-Cherry Andrews to Celso Wiggins Arguello, $156,000.

Teak Ct., 5503-Dean C. Evason to Dennis A. Salcedo, $610,000.


Bullock Lane, 8115-Nham Lis to Jose A. Campos, $375,000.

Hatteras Lane, 7908-Donna Runkle to John E. Deplitch III, $424,900.

Leestone St., 7065-Curtis C. White to Erimiyas Tsegay and Hanna H. Medhin, $350,000.

Perth Ct., 5233-Stanislaus Fuesel to Carlos Yanes, $442,000.


Bushman Dr., 10222, No. 8112-Janet L. Molster to Diego Prudencio, $222,800.

Copper Ct., 10106-Elizabeth Georges to Mario Saavedra, $1.04 million.

Hunting Hills Pl., 10483-Chris D. Hipwell to Prudential Relocation Inc., $1.15 million.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10176-Bank of New York Mellon to Farzandeh Salehi, $210,000.

St. Augustine Lane, 3521-Hamada Makarita to Woo J. Kim, $1.6 million.

Trousseau Lane, 2977-Edward Hand to Fady Semaan, $985,000.

Windsong Dr., 3109-Brian Hayhurst to William Miller, $1.55 million.


Apricot Ct., 1609-Michael F. Anderson to William T. Powers, $549,000.

Autumnwood Dr., 1634-Daniel Lacroix to Earl L. Grine Jr., $829,000.

Brass Lantern Way, 1576-Matthew A. Widmer to Tracy G. March, $530,000.

Chapel Cross Way, 11611-Merrick B. Fredman to Ryan S. McKinney, $512,500.

Chimney House Rd., 1600, No. 1600-Thomas L. Trader to George S. Swicker, $167,000.

Dorrance Ct., 12216-Bayne Johnston to Edward Segaar and Susan E. Haas, $765,000.

Gate Hill Pl., 11402H, No. 56-Nicholas Bianchi to Elizabeth Arbogast, $335,000.

Hearthstone Ct., 11509-Matt Durden to Rachel L. Copp, $389,000.

Hunters Run Dr., 2218-Michael A. Figueroa to Raymond Kaddissi, $230,000.

Lake Shore Crest Dr., 1712, No. 34-Kimberly Rule to Jae Kyun Chu, $269,500.

Market St., 12000, No. 111-Shane M. Tallant to Cassandra Jackson, $295,000.

Middle Creek Lane, 2339-Ryan L. Burger and Wade D. Wickre Jr. to Jeffrey Winer, $355,000.

Northgate Sq., 1430, No. 11B-Charles C. Dekeyser to Smita M. Patel, $179,900.

Oldfield Dr., 10703-Lawrence Cooley to Kevin S. Lynch, $599,900.

Riders Lane, 11815-Deborah Talley to Mohsen Nia and Mansoureh Aliabakhshian, $619,900.

Royal Fern Ct., 2046, No. 20-Bank of New York Mellon to Gloria Kwan, $143,000.

Silentwood Lane, 11269-Laura Poch to Alexa S. Neidermeyer, $291,000.

Staley Rd., 2320-Stephen A. March to Taeo Z. Haas, $849,900.

Stratford Park Pl., 1851, No. 314-Hyong S. Ko to Thomas Tshudy, $353,000.

Sundance Dr., 1755-Joshua S. Potter to Jonathan Douglas, $353,000.

Thunder Chase Dr., 12619-George Richter to Nathan Hanfman, $549,900.

Valencia Way, 1660-Oral E. Groves to Mrudula Ketineni, $310,050.

Waterview Cir., 11438-Timothy Bishop to Terri A. Slitor, $528,500.


Barger Dr., 3419-John H. Diamond and Mark A. Nguyen to Michael P. Cahir, $746,000.

Juniper Lane, 3204-Lee Zeichner to Roy A. Rathburn, $480,000.


Arley Dr., 9011-Robert W. Brock to Unhui Ko and Bong K. Kim, $469,000.

Bowie Dr., 6722-Cheryl A. Givens to Santiago Benitez, $322,000.

Charlotte St., 7403-Samuel T. Lawrence to Oseas M. Rangel, $369,900.

Daum Ct., 9013-Francis J. Adamouski Jr. to Kenneth G. Wood, $475,000.

Edgerton Lane, 6901-Nancy Byrd to Dat Q. Le, $250,000.

Ferncliff Ct., 8009-Michael D. Wood to Michael G. Schoonover, $410,000.

Green Garland Dr., 7710-Brendan Miller to Christopher Renggli, $515,000.

Hooes Rd., 8543-Michael A. Seade and Chandra Moore to James F. Valley, $447,500.

Lois Dr., 6804-Michael D. Benson to William Acevedo, $335,000.

Orange Plank Rd., 7910-Kenneth D. Skeen to Bradley King, $400,000.

Parklane Ct., 8006-George McColley to William Symolon, $472,500.

Ridge Oak Ct., 7465-Min Sun Kim to Diane Havinga, $379,900.

Scarborough St., 7308-Jay P. Laroche to Christine M. Martin, $440,000.

Sleepy View Lane, 8041-James Bennett to Debra L. Mudd, $354,000.

Spring View Ct., 7322-John R. Valaika to Jennifer Quintanilla, $360,000.

Westcreek Ct., 7472-Orlando B. Odom to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $421,000.

Wind Fall Rd., 8307-Mitchell Bardolf to Damon E. Jones, $275,000.


Bright Meadows Lane, 8100-Christopher Chambers to Bao Nguyen, $509,000.

Carpers Farm Way, 1349-Thomas L. Lonergan to Warren Ke, $850,000.

Chamberlain Woods Way, 1309-Masamoi M. Stahr to Aaron T. Duchak, $975,000.

Daniel Lewis Lane, 9540-Tae R. Oh to Benjamin A. Randrianarivelo, $556,000.

Dogwood St. SW, 106-JDA Custom Homes to Daniel G. Holton, $1.24 million.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 1412-Mark Drasites to Haewon M. Moon, $310,000.

Hunter Mill Rd., 1348-Thomas R. Colosi to Timothy Greten, $800,000.

Kedge Dr., 2079-Louis Vandergriff to Joy Jenks, $875,000.

Manhattan Pl., 2663, No. 1-Ajay Palvia to Kishore Boggarapu, $380,800.

Millwood Ct. SW, 410-Jennifer H. Keenan to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $616,000.

Murnane St., 9937-Thomas F. Hanton III to Seth M. Demsey, $1.25 million.

Park St. SE, 408-Jon V. Conte and George E. Vomvolakis to Brendan G. Miller, $1.13 million.

Robin Way Ct., 2111-Richard J. Desanti to Bruce E. Hollywood and Megan M. Faunce, $1.08 million.

Scenic View Terr., 10036-Harry Brill to Karen Kim, $945,000.

Scotch Haven Dr., 9638-William H. Welsh to Michael Beattie, $444,000.

Sugar Lane, 3061-Andrew M. Kuchling to Jennifer K. Sullivan, $360,000.

Trowbridge Lane SW, 1100-Dusko and Louise Branson Doder to Wenjing Lou and Jianrong Hong, $950,000.


Blarney Stone Ct., 6450-Nelson Moncada to Rao M. Tadavarthy, $305,900.

Burlington Pl., 6607-Benjamin L. Huff to Sherry Nuckolls, $270,000.

Forest Creek Ct., 6166-Joanne Hong to Kyung Min Lee, $340,000.

Gillings Rd., 6911-George Carter Jr. to Benjamin Lord, $445,000.

Harland Dr., 8302-Freddie Mac to Wednel Cadeau, $322,500.

Kousa Lane, 7221-Timothy Davis to Muhamed Aref and Reem Y. Shaker, $345,000.

Minutemen Rd., 5941, No. 256-Harry C. Spalding to Bryan Keohane, $255,000.

Rolling Woods Ct., 7870, No. 3202-Raymond L. Sexton to Virginia Huemmer, $320,000.

Surveyors Pl., 8813-Kadija Jah to Helly Ahmadyar, $260,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Blue Coat Dr., 10113-Neil D. Laubenthal to David Jasinski, $525,000.

Daniels Run Way, 10083-Stephen H. Lee to Dhira Gulati, $875,000.

Lyndhurst Dr., 3890, No. 103-Estasham Azad to Lisa M. Castro, $140,000.

Maple Trace Cir., 9791-Chong Zae Shelor to Hong Xiang, $666,000.

Ranger Rd., 9714-Troy Meyerhoffer and Linda L. Early to Scott Reed, $385,000.

Second St., 10811-Billy W. Rose Sr. to Arun Nagappan, $655,000.

Woodland Dr., 4037-Gary W. Boken to Ryan Madden, $334,900.

Falls Church

These sales data were recorded by the City of Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 307-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to James K. Stewart and Barbara E. Fitzpatrick, $496,200.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 524-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Matthew R. and Terry L. Clark, $426,900.

Broad St. W., 513, No. 806-Ellen D. Lee to George N. Maracas and Linda S. Sapochak, $650,000.

Gundry Dr., 337-Brian and Heather Hart to Jung Gi Shyeh, $515,000.

Oak St. N., 511-Jacques and Christine Newcomb Zinman to Brian L. Octeau and Stephanie R. Amoroso, $1.22 million.

Spring St. S., 520-Allan and Jeffrey Gall to Charles E. and Samantha D. Beam, $599,900.


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