Fairfax home sales

February 27, 2013

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Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Americana Dr., 4961, No. 208-Geovanni Alas to Young Bae, $149,000.

Brentleigh Ct., 4655-Edsson Mazairego to Christopher Betts, $360,000.

Colt Lane, 9101-Joseph R. Goyea to Martin Mounier, $470,000.

Galesville Pl., 7111-Ronald Tull to Khanh Dang, $319,000.

Heritage Dr., 7842-Yen Phan to Tiffany Nguyen, $400,000.

Holyoke Dr., 6406-Martin D. Jones to Stephen Deveraux, $426,500.

Launcelot Way, 3517-Robert A. Chagnot to Matthew Muhlenkamp, $651,000.

Mcwhorter Pl., 7418-Michael W. Shaffer to Michael Gascoyne, $307,500.

Randolph Dr., 4605-Cynthia Koethe to Mohamed A. Chenini and Fadila Ezzekmi, $435,000.

Thor Dr., 7703-Robert Chatman to My D. Nguyen, $340,000.


Columbia Pike, 6508-John D. King to Jose R. Zambrana, $385,000.

Leesburg Pike, 6133, No. 601-Khalid H. Kurtom to Anjali Chin and Reinaldo Zapata, $115,000.

Leesburg Pike, 6147, No. 502-Eugenia Padilla to Jose Miranda, $115,000.

Seminary Rd., 5573, No. 316-Corey S. Lancaster to Beymar Zuritz, $230,000.


Belle View Blvd., 1803, No. A1-Peter B. Crouch to Maria Davenport, $170,000.

Duke Dr., 6804-Margaret H. Stubbs to Aimee M. Grinnan, $385,000.

Marlan Dr., 7108-Trent Duffy to Bryan Mangan, $735,000.

Swan Terr., 1912-Robert C. Langen to Stephen Pezzetti, $604,000.

Yale Dr., 2108-Lynn Tjeerdsma to Eric J. Akers and Gina M. Perovich, $739,000.


Banning Pl., 5825-Arvinder Singh to Justin P. Isaac, $347,000.

Bloom Ct., 9164-Ronald J. Friedl to Victor Rojas, $600,000.

Carters Oak Ct., 5912-Metro DC1 Corp. to Mark J. Davis, $549,900.

Crownleigh Ct., 5752-Doris G. Stallard to Joshua Pellegrino, $353,000.

Goldfield Lane, 9433-Donald E. Hartzell to Damian Flatt, $607,500.

Heron Pond Terr., 10222-Mark D. Luvaditis to Kokab Farshori, $336,500.

Marshall Pond Rd., 10100-Peter Duperrouzel to Stephen Warner, $545,000.

Peter Roy Ct., 9349-Mark E. Drake to Robert Breazeale, $383,000.

Shana Pl., 5805-Vip Patel to Geoffrey Martineau, $380,000.

Vandola Ct., 9520-Sun Kim to Badrul Huda and Sharmina Akthar, $420,000.

Waters Edge Landing Ct., 5743-James J. Claps to Mohammad Dost, $409,000.

Wye Oak Commons Cir., 12216-Rebecca Caprano to Andrei Radulescu, $360,000.


Algretus Dr., 14621-Maria T. Barone to Fouzia Usman and Usman Ahmad, $355,000.

Basingstoke Ct., 6032-Robert Bordley to Gabriello Angeles, $225,000.

Betsy Ross Lane, 14111-Christopher Carnahan to Keith C. Washington, $302,000.

Braywood Dr., 5220-Deborah Masgrau to William Harned, $500,000.

Climbing Rose Way, 14316, No. 102-Sangwoo Kim to Galynn Guisti, $210,000.

Cottingham Lane, 6808-Brian M. Tullock to Bradford McCurdy, $272,000.

Eagle Button Ct., 14206-Seong R. Chung to Sungsil Yang, $294,000.

Grisby House Ct., 5909-Thomas Siragusa to Stephen J. Rossillo, $254,000.

Hanna Ct., 14709-Myeongsoo Lim to Nathan Cheon, $440,000.

Kimanna Dr., 5201-John T. Prots to Kitina Rice Hall, $549,900.

Laura Ratcliff Ct., 13864-William C. Jones to Anh Q. Do, $250,000.

McCambell Cir., 6619-Terence Fulton to Jason M. Dunn, $659,500.

Rosalie Ridge Dr., 5208-Tuan Hoang to Hachul Jun and Soo Lee, $975,000.

Saguaro Pl., 14400-Barbara Prescop to Jingnan Zhang and Hongwei Yan, $176,500.

Snowhill Lane, 15412-Eric M. Dean to Jason Y. Hall, $578,000.

Stonepath Cir., 6167-Carol L. Storms to Ricardo Carrillo and Rosario G. Giraldo, $305,000.

Village Fountain Pl., 5053-Khurshid A. Khan to Narasinga Angina, $370,000.

Watery Mountain Ct., 14349-Jose A. Miranda to Tahir Mahmood, $255,000.

Willoughby Newton Dr., 5612, No. 16-Barbara C. Hicks to Andrea L. Oscarson, $216,000.


Carrier Ct., 4408-JLG Investments Corp. to Robert A. Moore, $395,000.

Fox Creek Ct., 4900-Wilson K. Cook to Kevin S. Mowry, $655,000.

Leith Ct., 13519-Osczr Aragon to Joshua Mecham, $410,000.

Novar Dr., 4014-HSBC Bank to Tito Antezana, $275,529.

Star Flower Ct., 13506-James F. Hoebel to Judith S. Hangen and David G. Cooper, $560,000.


Canada Goose Ct., 13530-George M. Pearsall to Hassan Elgodamy and Hala Zanoun, $380,000.

Gosling Dr., 5623-Rebecca McCoy to Prescila A. Jessen, $316,000.

Kilby Landing Ct., 13206-Patricia J. Krause to David A. Ruleman, $772,500.

Marblestone Dr., 13924-Russell B. Day to Richard W. Buisch, $642,000.

Quail Ct., 5530-Jing Ma to Thinnakone Phongsavan, $369,000.

Union Mill Rd., 6417-Richard A. Berthelsen to Donald Bavely, $1.24 million.


Buckhorn Ridge, 4609-Susan L. Larson to Lanning Li, $487,500.

Fairfield House Dr., 12217, No. 107A-Pom Su Kim to Manjunath Salimani, $232,000.

Kings Crown Ct., 9703, No. 1-Michael H. Doherty to Massih Zahadat, $175,000.

Penderview Lane, 12153, No. 2001-Alexander Pisaretz to Fredy Ornath, $205,000.

Prosperity Ave., 2665, No. 453-Nader Ayish to Tu N. An, $359,900.

Saintsbury Plaza, 2903, No. 208-Leonore A. Brown to Judith A. Smith, $460,000.

Valley Ridge Dr., 3946-Derya Uzturk to Omair Laiq Uddin, $430,000.


Clara Barton Dr., 11203-Lynn L. Powell to Bryan D. Overman, $630,000.

Goldflower Ct., 11223-Melanie Faruharson Brose to Damon Erickson, $510,000.

Larkview Ct., 9590-Webster L. Smith to Billy Jones, $745,000.

Smoke Rise Lane, 5599-Joseph M. Guiffre III to William J. Dunlap, $1.35 million.

Wood Pointe Ct., 8412-Valerie M. Francis to Mikhail Medvinskiy, $530,000.


Anchorway Ct., 3151J-Edward S. Risley to Hanni Wenzel, $310,000.

Barrett Rd., 6650-Jane Taylor to Cian F. Cashin, $446,500.

Ellen Ave., 7000-Beverly A. Kilmer to Elaine Gurian, $367,000.

Falls Reach Dr., 7078, No. 301-Elizabeth Rice to Maria Garcia Tomchick, $394,000.

Jefferson Ave., 7001-Andrew Sylvia to Peter M. Laub II and Jennifer L. Nowlin, $429,000.

Lusby Pl., 1844-Fariborz Amini to Aiyi Liu and Shidong Yang, $1 million.

McConvey Pl., 2126-Jian Shen to Jianhua Chen and Qing Wang, $865,000.

Marshall St., 3006-Manuel A. Santos to Chaim Smith, $445,000.

Pimmit Dr., 2155-Philip E. Herrick Jr. to Pimmit Properties, $322,113.

Pine Spring Rd., 3019-Owen J. Pinkerton to Arlene D. Lewis, $450,000.

Salem Rd., 7506-Zaneta McGaha to Lazaro M. Cerqueira, $712,000.

Tod St., 7218-Helmand Investments Corp. to Chihwei Liu, $485,000.

Willow St., 6915-Lawrence Carr to Andrew Winerman, $875,000.


Apple Hill Rd., 2304-Melanie Sorli to Lothar Eckardt, $552,500.

Cedardale Dr., 8317-Hamid Ahmady to Richard Menchi, $579,900.

Rampart Dr., 1786-Thomas M. Shaw to Robert Hood, $808,000.


Berwick Ct., 7509-Carlton W. Stanley to Kylor Eutsler, $469,000.

Brookland Rd., 5415-Thomas L. Pels to Patrick Mcgee and Jean M. Kim, $560,000.

China Grove Ct., 6527-New Spring Corp. to Ciel P. Thomas, $374,900.

Clifton Knoll Ct., 7004-Martin J. Duffy to Michael Lee, $800,000.

Cromarty Dr., 6988-Keung Moy to Brooke A. Jordan, $390,000.

Digby Grn., 7439-Christina M. Carden to Rafael Cabrera, $419,000.

Eastgate Lane, 7320-Acacia Savings Bank to Stephanie Weaver, $258,000.

Ericka Ave., 6830-Jacqueline J. Byers to Carter Askren, $413,000.

Franconia Station Lane, 6132-Dennis Scott to Elwood Lewis Jr., $425,000.

Gentle Lane, 6285-Laura J. Miller to Andy Q. Zhang and Michelle L. Schafer, $659,500.

Harbin Dr., 6254-Frederick Anci to Lonthol Srun, $500,000.

Heatherwood Dr., 6049-Fannie Mae to Patrick Mazie, $372,759.

Knights Ridge Way, 6053-Daniel Turner to Helen M. Man, $418,000.

Manorview Way, 5964-Venus Properties Corp. to Joseph A. Allegretti, $635,000.

Masondale Rd., 6009-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Mukul Chopra and Lesley E. Anderson, $735,000.

Pine Brook Rd., 3807-Mary Gilligan to Robert Zuppert Jr., $625,000.

Rockshire St., 6413-Daniel G. Amon to Daniel K. Schwartz, $260,000.

St. Giles Way, 5917-Tanya Saunders to Robert J. Boone, $345,000.

Summer Park Lane, 6109-Summer Park Lane Corp. to Joyce Laurent, $432,500.

Virginia Hills Ave., 6500-Sandra L. Prevenslik to Michael P. Hemmer and Ellen M. Anderson, $355,000.

Woodfield Estates Dr., 5879-Takaharu Nakashima to Aaron Henry, $465,000.


Challedon Rd., 1003-Omar M. Al-Alami to Lyle Hoag, $675,000.

Jonquil Cir., 1100-U.S. Bank to Ying Tao and Cong Liu, $780,000.

Parrish Farm Lane, 730-Peter Maynard to Michael Hansen, $1.38 million.

Seneca Rd., 650-Eric Brueckner to Scott Colgate, $785,000.

Timbercreek Trail, 1028-William H. Money to Michael O. Kane, $2.11 million.

Wynkoop Dr., 10726-Samia L. Salem to Philip Toumazatos, $831,950.


Beckingham Dr., 13607-Stephen T. Banko to Dhaval Dhartibahen, $416,000.

Browns Ferry Rd., 12545-Robert Schlosser to Betty Butzko Tr., $500,000.

Center St., 603, No. 204-Oscar R. Pardo to Virginia American Properties, $125,000.

Centre Park Cir., 12956, No. 113-Richard G. Gallavan to Stephen A. Weiner, $290,000.

Cobra Dr., 13597-Yi Guo to Ali R. Fiyouzat, $600,000.

Cuttermill Ct., 1406-Wayne J. Mills to Jason Benkert, $431,450.

Folley Lick Ct., 1615-Carolyn Castro Donlan to Patrick McClain, $493,000.

Frog Hollow Ct., 13108-Christian Godart to Cynthia Bruzzese, $530,000.

Kidwell Field Rd., 13130-Wilson J. Medina to Michelle Lee and Sheldon Zhou, $315,000.

Lazy Glen Lane, 13211-Lauren D. Lloyd to Sie Sie Htun and Thet Maung, $569,900.

Lockgate Pl., 13312-Glen Bartolomei to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $580,000.

Mockernut Ct., 2950-Jinqiu Shao to Mohammad Zaman and Fazilatunnessa Poly, $530,000.

Park Crescent Cir., 13009-Qiang Xue to Andres Ortiz, $441,000.

Quietwalk Lane, 132-Michelle J. Avery to Thomas Davis, $521,000.

Rolling Plains Dr., 2482-David Bainum to Vedagiri Babu and Kalpana Thankikachaiam, $475,000.

Rushing Brook Lane, 2726-Chien Yu Chen to Naveen Singhal, $975,000.

Stuart Pointe Lane, 1711-Gary W. Arnett to Papiya Gupta, $515,000.

Treeside Lane, 1118-Hasan Ademovic to Mohammed Shamari, $315,000.


Berkshire Ct., 5905-Mark J. Goodman to Zachary Miknis, $375,000.

Elmwood Towne Way, 3802-Christine Tatum to Petra Mcgregor, $550,000.

Fort Farnsworth Rd., 2612, No. 266-Frederick Belloff to Liang Zhou, $170,000.

Midtown Ave., 2451, No. 312-Bank of America to Ignacio Perez, $250,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 116-Terry J. Myron to Thomas Colucci, $272,500.

Norton Rd., 5619-New Spring Corp. to Sandy Yi Davis, $360,000.


Audubon Meadow Way, 7700-Frederick Robinson II to Becky D. Woodson, $425,000.

Cedar Landing Ct., 8228-Jillene MacCreery to Aurelia Carr Olverson, $420,000.

Coventry Rd., 7033-James Beers to Westley Vermillion, $552,000.

Huntley Run Pl., 7023, No. 103-Ryan J. Casteel to Goverdhan Rupani, $340,000.

Midday Lane, 7863-Patrick W. Scally to Jerry A. Cardarelli, $580,000.

Windbreak Dr., 2472-Stephanie D. Clark to Noah D. Ross, $290,100.


Braddock Rd., 4006-Potomac Relocation Corp. to Peter E. Kielty, $331,000.

Chowan Ave., 5121-Nancy A. Thomas to Edward A. Molnar, $470,000.

Hawaii Ct., 6310-Christopher Guilietti to Owen Koch, $537,500.

Shackelford Terr., 6266-Michael A. Dillon to Yergalem Wedila, $490,000.


Carpenters Hall Dr., 8831-Joseph Silver to Jeannie Washington, $562,500.

Galvin Lane, 9063-Gihan Sekara to Jason Y. Osuga, $600,000.

Hagel Cir., 9616, No. 23-Sec of Housing and Urban to Fiaz Anwar, $130,000.

Hill Ct. E., 7896-Tony B. Grandy to Jorge Black, $559,000.

Marie Ct., 9062-Fabiola D. J. Valencia Revoc Tr. to Saraswati Maharjan, $280,000.

Old Pohick Way, 7345-Randolph Blum to Ashwinkumar Parekh, $328,000.

Thomas Nevitt St., 7984-Jong Sook Lee to Michael Choe, $400,000.


Alicent Pl., 7009-Brian D. Onufrychuk to John Hopkins III, $589,000.

Broyhill St., 6804-Robert E. Carlson to Jeffrey Pearce, $865,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 208-Park Crest Building Corp. to Shiow Chi, $560,000.

Farm Meadow Ct., 7212-Bernard L. Swain to John P. Casey, $1.98 million.

Great Falls St., 1936-Allan Muten and Susan Phillips to Gwenn S. Purcell, $775,000.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 308-John Bowman Tr. Jr. to Marie E. Wilson, $360,000.

Hector Rd., 7009-Capital View Corp. to Matthew Bergeron, $1.8 million.

Karen Forest Dr., 7810-Milton T. High to Naoko Ishii, $1.69 million.

Lewinsville Rd., 8514-Menon Corp. to Ranjit Cheriyan, $1.45 million.

Lincoln Way, 1504, No. 319-Sanjeeb Mishra to Paula D. Richards, $218,000.

Mayhurst Blvd., 1400-Lewis Pasternak to Sumeet Luthra, $1.57 million.

Overlook Rd., 8634-Jerry H. Briggs to Raman Singh, $1.23 million.

Ramshorn Dr., 6132-Robert S. Meagher to Douglas Kliman, $1.04 million.

Seneca Ave., 1604-Michael W. Choi to Calvin Gu and Katherine L. Hu, $1.1 million.

Spring Hill Lane, 8200-Yie Chen Lin to Bradford Roberts, $989,888.

Tremayne Pl., 7640, No. 109-Steve J. So to Sampath Seetharam, $277,500.

Eighth Pl., 1607-Michael Persh to Yi Zhao and Ernest Liu, $640,000.


Beekman Pl., 8633D-Marissa N. Wackel to Jennifer Henry, $70,000.

Colonial Ave., 4101-Emma Grace Niemiec to Emma Niemiec, $252,000.

Fairfax St., 9319-Vance R. Ablott to Allan Castro, $589,900.

Ludgate Dr., 9403-Robert A. Rosenberg to Alan J. Leibowitz, $1.45 million.

Mount Vernon Cir., 9370-David L. Howell to Jonathan Graham, $1.26 million.

Pembrook Village Dr., 4453, No. 144-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Susan C. Lin, $110,000.

Sexton St., 3609-Metro DC1 Corp. to Kathryn Winter, $400,000.

Westgate Dr., 4004-Dianne B. Karpovich to Michael Beaulieu, $540,000.


Hinton St., 5517-Norman M. Bangert to Damaris Torres and Sean A. Mityga, $400,000.

Leebrad St., 7030-Brett A. Fisher to Andrew Reddy and Teresa Fearing, $349,000.

Queensberry Ave., 5623-Brian T. Ashe to David Harrell, $410,000.


Appalachian Cir., 10303, No.-211-Paul Castro to Suresh Kurapati, $165,000.

Elmsway Ct., 10521-Michael J. Vergot to Sahir Sait and Zejfa Jahic, $585,000.

Quarter Horse Ct., 11807-Paul F. Williams to Christopher Gibson, $665,000.

Stuart Mill Rd., 10958-Margareta Petrenas to Rebecca Nelson, $649,000.

Vale Rd., 11404-Geoffrey A. Willing to Hisham Radwan, $615,000.


Antiqua Ct., 2354-Samuel J. Holt to Yuliya Budko, $270,000.

Breton Ct., 11908, No. 3A-Jose Weeks to Jeannine Santoro, $315,000.

Cabots Point Lane, 2163-Ann D. Jones to James Clippinger, $570,000.

Creekbend Dr., 12031-Kenneth E. Harrop to Walter R. Creighton III, $880,000.

Dunlop Ct., 11857-Blake Bowers to Shelby Van Oss, $359,000.

Freetown Dr., 2491-Michael M. Jacobs to Daniel P. Moses, $410,000.

Glade Bank Way, 2315-Scott M. Zion to James Greenwood, $380,000.

Great Owl Cir., 11752-Sandra S. Long to Judith Polizzotti, $450,000.

Hollow Timber Ct., 11436-Walter L. Hill to Kristine Petka, $649,000.

Ivystone Ct., 11616, No. 5-Virginia Housing Development to Jill M. Gundlach, $265,000.

Lamplighter Way, 1268-Brett A. Gunter to Joelle Kunkel, $679,900.

Longwood Grove Dr., 11192-Louis Orem to Basil Sakati, $765,000.

Moorings Dr., 1582, No. 3-Margaret Parsley to Michael Blevins, $214,600.

Olde English Dr., 11710H-Kevin Autrey to Bonnie Vancheri, $190,000.

Pegasus Lane, 2514-Stone Financing Corp. to Robert B. Ernst, $520,000.

Red Leaf Ct., 11593-Gregg Downey to Adam Shannon, $415,000.

Sanibel Ct., 12193-Freddie Mac to Joseph Gal, $197,500.

Silver Fox Lane, 2419-William C. Torpey to Kevin S. Marshall, $638,000.

Stratford House Pl., 11776, No. 1409-Aprodite S. Hero to Robert F. Pence, $1.2 million.

Taliesin Pl., 12012, No. 13-Jon W. Rustad to Heather Proffitt, $325,000.

Twisted Oak Dr., 1508-James K. Moore Jr. to Travis D. Larkin, $395,000.

Villaridge Dr., 1903A-Robert Shackleford to Elizabeth Hacker, $265,000.

Whisperwood Glen Lane, 2085-Joseph Brier to C. Mark Blackden, $322,500.

Woodbrook Lane, 11308-William J. McGarrett to Kerri Lenahan, $891,500.


Arley Dr., 8714-Luis R. Calderon to Martha Kiene, $535,000.

Bertito Lane, 7711-Richard A. Jones to Cheiho Ko, $530,000.

Dampier Ct., 8417-Malcolm N. Zuidema to Andrew J. Madigan, $230,000.

Essex Ave., 7507-Bank of New York Mellon to Idris Jalili, $242,000.

Groveland Heights Ct., 7714-Kathleen Fox to Daniel Tinsley, $305,000.

Highland St., 6924-Carolina Thomas to Sham Wadhwa, $295,000.

Katherine Ann Lane, 6418-Theodros Woldegebriel to Enrique Gonzales, $369,500.

Laurel Creek Ct., 7305-Jeffery Simcox to Howard Fowler and China H. Goody, $837,000.

Macswain Pl., 9201-Michael Noblett to Daniel Negussie and Guirmte Habtemariam, $585,000.

Northedge Dr., 9246-Vivianjune S. Furber to Gregory Cox, $628,000.

Richfield Rd., 7903-Shirley A. Manwaring to Daniel S. Cardwell, $500,000.

Sleepy View Lane, 8048-Sheila A. Noles to Franklin Bautista, $335,000.

Stagecoach St., 6614-Kenneth C. Edwards Jr. to Jeremy A. Hawkins, $370,000.


Acorn Cir., 8524-Christopher Kuhblank to Ryan S. Prendergast, $599,000.

Bellforest Ct., 2701, No. 409-Catherine Thibault to Fargad Almadhi, $315,000.

Carpers Farm Ct., 10004-Nicholas Parnaby to Marci L. Jacques, $915,000.

Charles Cir. SW, 6-Patricia Johnson to Clark A. Schweers, $475,000.

Cottage St. SW, 1405-Fannie Mae to Duyman Phan and Lanthanh Truong, $425,000.

Deed Ct., 2145-David F. Melcher to Noel Campbell, $350,000.

Dunn Meadow Rd., 10498-Shaminder K. Minhas to Babak Kimiavi, $1.06 million.

Gallows Rd., 2726, No. 1117-Gordon E. Lindberg to Mehdi Houshangnejad, $250,000.

Glyndon St. SE, 1001-Glyndon Street Corp. to Scott T. Hallworth, $1.4 million.

Kedge Dr., 2098-Yeong Kwon to Anand Ramana, $899,000.

Lawyers Rd. NW, 220-Steven G. Phillips to John Rogers, $875,000.

Myers Cir. SW, 904-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to John L. Hoover and Laura A. Pagliarulo, $578,000.

Oak Valley Dr., 2730-Anne Marie Termini to Robert Pagnotta, $524,900.

Oleander Ave., 9808-Hyoung Min to Bektash Kolasi, $538,000.

Patrick St. SW, 304-Jonathan Brown to Vlada Gilliland and Wayne M. Blier, $494,900.

Roberts Dr. NW, 607-Anthony Inae to Michael W. Vietor, $585,000.

Surrey Lane SE, 400-Surrey Estates Corp. to Brian Onufrychuk, $1.26 million.

Vigne Ct., 7973-Alfonso Caamano to Daniel Dornan, $732,500.

Wolftrap Ct., 2173-Doris W. Pierce to Sherin S. Kamal and Nehad F. Helmy, $665,000.


Birchtree Ct., 7905-Dennis W. Kelly III to Jennifer Bury, $350,000.

English Ivy Way, 6392-Margaret E. Davis to Kenny Truong and Van Thanh Le, $425,000.

Green Hollow Ct., 6178-Duane A. Porch to Benjamin A. Huff, $387,900.

Lavant Dr., 6909-Douglas A. Quartetti to Han Choi, $451,000.

Paige Glen Ave., 8405-Douglas E. Proffitt to Kerensa Riodan, $485,000.

Reynard Dr., 6816-Robert W. Ralston to Brian Capra and Ericka Burrini, $512,000.

Seabright Rd., 5952-Davod O. Oclander to Greg L. Pohl, $410,000.

Stream Way, 7373-Cheiko Ko to John Paul Szemborski, $315,000.

Tiverton Dr., 7714-Leslie A. Combermale to Michael Zimmerman, $280,000.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Cavalry Dr., 10120-Martha L. Welsh to Mark P. Jelonek, $466,450.

Madison Mews, 3901-Old Town Fairfax Corp. to Grant H. Lewis, $619,980.

Maple St., 10636-Matthew Zender to Kwon Lee, $279,900.

Regent Park Ct., 10624-Vidal Rodriquez to Kevin Galloway, $725,000.

Warwick Ave., 10818-Donald R. Soules Jr. to Rebecca Gleed, $375,000.

Falls Church

These sales data were recorded by the City of Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 323-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to George G. Lizama, $355,900.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 630-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Amy S. Miller, $420,000.

Cameron Rd. W., 216-Susan F. Douglas to Jonathan L. Marks and Daniela Dobrescu, $531,550.

Madison Lane, 1012-Celebrity Homes Corp. to Roberto Adrian Senderowitsch and Maria Alejandra Pineiro, $1.27 million.

Sycamore St. N., 1005-Robert W. and Melanie F. Settje to Elizabeth M. and Raymond K. Touomou, $740,000.

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