Fairfax home sales

April 3, 2013

These listings were provided by Lender Processing Services. For information about other residential real estate transactions, visit www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Fairfax County

These sales data were recorded by the Fairfax County Department of Tax Administration.


Algonquin Ct., 6802-Mitchell A. Villanueva to Sergio Ramirez and Tracey Lewis, $510,000.

Annandale Rd., 3608-Anis Bagasra to Dennis Alloy, $475,000.

Bradley Cir., 7014-Donald M. Bottoms to Patrick Culligan and Joanna Swift, $455,000.

Colonial Village Row, 7878-James M. Lynch to Cartus Financial Corp., $400,000.

Lafayette Forest Dr., 7717, No. 97-Jason J. Ruppert to David E. Howell, $225,000.

Mullen Lane, 4506-Lowell Holloway to Ryan E. Bateman, $525,000.

Thornton St., 4017-Abel Flores to Rodrigo Soria, $370,000.


Hardwick Pl., 6008-Phillip D. Conradt to Grace Kim and Shane M. Waring, $425,000.

Seminary Rd., 5573, No. 203-Bethelhem Aklilu to Anna M. Chung, $195,000.


Edgewood Terr., 6102-Neil J. Goetzman to William Teer, $1.05 million.

Sweetbriar Dr., 2264-Jorge E. Rios to Bryan M. Tanner, $280,000.


Bromyard Ct., 5430-Jon Boyle to Andrew Lyboldt, $375,000.

Draco St., 6362-Linda McGuffey to Rizwan Ahmed, $288,500.

Kendrick Lane, 5518-Mohammed Ahmed to Christopher Huska and Natalia Nazarova, $350,000.

Midship Ct., 5408-Scott Babcock to Patricia Jerman, $410,000.

Raintree Rd., 9308-Susan M. Marsh to Matthew Reeves, $479,000.

Tisbury Dr., 6354-Roger H. Mody to Mohammed Aijaz, $407,000.

Wye Oak Commons Ct., 5861, No. 30-Steven A. Cole to Kun Hong, $372,000.


Cheverly Ct., 14615-Arthur L. Lawson to Ken Song, $215,000.

Flagler Dr., 5716-James L. Beavers to Marc C. Guess, $480,000.

Jaslow St., 14907-Patricia A. Medina to Syed H. Ali and Samia Hammad, $409,900.

Maple Creek Lane, 13272-Karen K. Babounakis to Lisa D. Eggers, $482,000.

Palmerston Sq., 14803-Tory D. Brixius to Augustin Kline, $285,000.

Ridge Water Ct., 6877-Robert P. Chambers to Manoj Narayanan, $334,999.

St. Germain Dr., 14719-Lynn Gillis to Osama Ibraheem, $380,000.

Sheals Lane, 5624-Walter A. Berrios to Kiran Bandi and Jyothsna Reddy, $540,000.

Wharton Park Ct., 5368-Scorr W. Runkle to Jay S. Lee, $660,000.

Winding Ridge Lane, 14016-Anil Kumar to Jaeduk Kim, $339,000.


Beech Down Dr., 3635-David A. Mountcastle to David S. Kohne, $533,000.

Deerwatch Dr., 4668-Natesa Janakirman to Xifan Sun, $330,000.

Meadowland Ct., 4154, No. 61-Robert Wang to Karina Convers, $195,000.

Smallwood Ct., 13623-Brian K. Kropf to Jacqueline Corry, $387,000.

Weeping Willow Ct., 4108, No. 131C-David Kassebaum to Hyung Jin Kim, $164,600.


Compton Rd., 13436-Mark D. Knauff to Theodore Maxwell, $536,000.

Orchard Hill Ct., 5841, No. 5841-Katayoon Norozzi to Armstrong Ventures Corp., $205,000.

Union Village Cir., 13607-Theodore Wieler to David Heggestad, $485,000.


Fort Buffalo Cir., 12220, No. 521-James H. McDivitt to Sunny Virts, $269,900.

Hampton Forest Way, 5414-Linda Ellis to Brian Smoluch, $340,000.

Leghorn Pl., 9140-Katherine Fioramonti to Charles Hughes III, $400,000.


Clara Barton Dr., 11024-David Jeanes to Daniel I. Castoro, $633,000.

Lake Crest Terr., 8410-Frank Anderson III to Angelique Carrington, $717,500.

Running Fox Ct., 8715-James Garcia III to Tessa C. Lucero, $700,000.


Barrett Rd., 6666-Everyday Homesbuyers Corp. to Patrick Ahrens, $375,000.

Freedom Lane, 2028-Cartus Corp. to Daniel H. Daus, $725,000.

Hileman Rd., 1941-Kim L. Kassing to Lachaiah Nakka, $340,000.

Kings Garden Way, 2164-Julue Feil to Qudsia Quraishi, $582,500.

Gatehouse Rd., 8049, No. 18-Maureen P. Nardone to Charles L. Goranson, $410,000.

Inversham Dr., 7731, No. 162-David M. Keppel to Bethany Bellon, $287,000.

Lee Oaks Pl., 2802, No. 203-Mary M. Ennis to Hao Liu, $255,000.

Montivideo Square Ct., 6809-Michael Forrer to Steven Bogdanoff Jr., $499,900.

Reynolds St., 2105-Paul Evans to George Dolina, $625,000.

Spring Terr., 6504-Christine J. Stromme to Solymar F. Grecco, $539,000.

Westley Rd., 3125-Bank of America to Miriam Salmeron, $310,000.


Point Replete Dr., 9191-Portia A. Prioleau to Khurram Khan and Tahreem Razzaq, $480,000.


Crown Pl., 8409-Robert J. Coyle to Christopher Mead, $589,500.

Prices Lane, 1912-Richard Camacho to Nasir M. Khilji, $950,000.

Winthrop Dr., 8709-Richard A. Corrigan to Winthrop Drive Home Corp., $580,000.


Alderman Dr., 6357-Roland Anthony Jr. to Christopher Gallant, $633,000.

Buttercup Ct., 6021-Roger M. Stevens to Peter Benevento, $350,000.

Darby Towne Ct., 7022-Carolyn Pandolfo to Frank Prindle and Neil W. Ryan, $193,610.

High Valley Lane, 6619-Abraham Nelson Jr. to Qing Zhao and Qiong Wang, $243,000.

Kestner Cir., 6007-Jose A. Lira to Emily Olsen, $387,000.

Leeward Lane, 5232-Fannie Mae to Iqbal Zaidi, $345,000.

Manchester Park Cir., 6202-Gina F. Cannon to Abdul Karim, $527,000.

Nice Pl., 6405-Robert Nardini to Lynn Perry, $464,000.

Rolling Creek Way, 6873-David N. Tressel to Caryn Allender, $500,000.

Silver Ridge Cir., 6486-Fannie Mae to Wesley Hedrick, $319,000.

Tower Hill Cir., 5632-Robert M. Shrieves to Carlos Endara and Viviana Bucheli Sanchez, $720,000.

Wescott Hills Way, 5868-Christopher N. Beece to Renee C. Carignan, $355,000.


Crown Meadow Dr., 733-Mark H. Bonner to Deborah Lucas, $950,000.

Neuse Way, 9503-Bruce A. Steiner to Arthur G. Mosley, $950,000.


Alton Sq., 12901, No. 303-Scott Kirkland to Hanna Woldeyesus, $250,000.

Betsy Lane, 3251-Laurie A. Stidham to Matthew Peaks, $634,900.

Center St., 611, No. 101-Venus Properties Corp. to Margaret Truese, $155,000.

Cypress Tree Pl., 1158-Helmand Investment Corp. to Manish Arora, $290,000.

Einstein St., 2512, No. 264-David Baldwin to Mark Bramer, $274,254.

Fortnightly Blvd., 101-Anthony Odom to John Poklemba, $505,000.

Halterbreak Ct., 2507-William R. McCeney to Matthew Avery, $735,000.

John Milton Dr., 2625-Dennis Hayes to Robin Bairstow, $435,000.

Marjorie Lane, 304-Page H. Jackson to Carey York, $635,910.

Monroe St., 821-Steven J. Shilling to Brian L. Evans, $743,000.

Parapet Way, 12854-Robert M. Girouard to Charles P. Ament, $1.05 million.

Reston Ave., 1149-Carlo Marcantonio to Dawit Fikre and Yodit Gebremichael, $670,504.

Shea Pl., 13343-Freddie Mac to George Armia, $197,000.

Stuart Pointe Lane, 1737-Carey York to Hyoo Lim and Hyewon Cho, $515,000.

Valebrook Lane, 1406-Michael C. Stevens to Brandon Calderwood, $462,000.


Edgehill Dr., 5825-Joo Chang to Eugene Guglielmo, $360,000.

Farmington Dr., 2702-Eric L. McCormick to Sara Wollmacher, $359,000.

Kendall Pl., 3604-Jack Purdy to Hammad Shah, $275,000.

Mount Eagle Dr., 5902, No. 906-Charles J. Garvey to Gyami Shrestha, $280,000.


Bedrock Ct., 4106-Ha Thien Nguyen to David York, $415,000.

Brosar Ct., 3100-Luis A. Mendoza to Guillermo Gomez and Monica Alvarez, $280,000.

Huntley Creek Pl., 7121, No. 48-Nathanael Benentt to Colleen Mangone, $360,000.

Woodstone Pl., 6705-Dennis J. Neal to Spencer Tacktill, $489,000.


Bismach Dr., 5616, No. 4-Adrian Piedrabuena to Joy Craven, $173,900.

Grafton St., 4901-Sharon Johnson to Frank McCreery Jr., $190,000.

Masefield Ct., 6257-Adrian V. Polk to Jason C. Short and Jennifer Ponder, $499,000.

Mayapple Pl., 6304-Mary Ellen Daffron to Angela M. Baker, $402,500.

Sand Wedge Ct., 6550-Tim Nields to Francisco Gallo and Valeria J. Wedolowski, $420,950.

Tayack Pl., 6500, No. 301-Anita T. Patel to Joseph Lojek, $267,000.


Belmont Blvd., 10508-Cary J. Petrovich to Ryan Ray and Jody Ickes, $730,000.

Dogue Indian Cir., 7861-Freddie Mac to Juanita Russe, $342,500.

Grandwind Dr., 7790-Sasha Soper to Michael V. Stewart, $530,000.

Koluder Ct., 8546-Luis Ovando to Juan Cardenas, $260,000.

Marovelli Forest Dr., 9180-Hakeen Ahmadi to Inayat Omar, $700,000.

Parsonage Lane, 9522-Rafael A. Ortiz to Jeffrey Lee, $508,000.

Sheffield Hunt Ct., 9193-Jimmy L. Fealsel to Abdul Waheed, $295,000.

Virginia Terr., 9029-Thinh T. Nguyn to Kerry Yoakum, $585,000.


Birch Rd., 1917-Bahram Saba to Kent L. Arnold, $975,000.

Crestwood Heights Dr., 8220, No. 206-Park Crest Building Associates to Danielle Taricco, $363,000.

Dean Dr., 6821-Gertrude M. Cooke to David A. Tanner and Kiley A. Gosselin, $580,050.

Emerson Ave., 1450, No. 203-Krishna Tayal to Edgar Merson, $1.14 million.

Greensboro Dr., 8370, No. 714-Bennett C. Siu to Kianoush Alem, $445,000.

Hampton View Pl., 6634-Eric B. Howell to Russell Porter, $888,450.

Kellogg Dr., 6218-George Brookings to Frode Davanager, $877,000.

Kurtz Rd., 1324-A. Robert Young to Pankaj Duggal, $1.4 million.

Rockingham St., 2022-Madeline L. Loddo to Glenn Harris, $725,000.

Tennyson Dr., 6809-David A. Veatch to Timothy Terry, $1.14 million.


Beekman Pl., 8643A-Fannie Mae to Alexander Ferrer, $110,000.

Cherry Valley Lane, 8501-Philip Ruthlman to Brett Groves, $475,000.

Gramercy Cir., 4322-Leverna Faulkner to Tareq Alsawaf, $233,000.

Manzanita Pl., 3875, No. 57B-David N. Allen Jr. to Jose Ayala and Aida Giron, $165,000.

Silverada Pl., 7970, No. 129C-Laura Snyder to Tin Win Tun and Si Si Nyein, $140,000.

Woodhue Pl., 3906, No. 7-Tia Adams to Muhammad Sultan, $129,000.


Glenallen St., 5404-Julia M. Balboa to Deicy Perez, $350,000.

Heming Ave., 5770-Pat Santiago to Anh Nguyen and Kevin Cao, $435,000.

Long Pine Dr., 7664-Praveen Kurup to Joon Song, $365,000.

Yorkshire St., 5529-Laura J. Nelson to David Stokes, $429,000.


Borge St., 3130-Robert M. Gmitter to Yi Liu, $456,000.

Emerald Rock Dr., 10317-Timothy Morgan Jr. to Stephen McCormick, $399,000.

Melanie Lane, 2887-Paul Hives to William B. Baird, $850,000.

Oakton Terrace Rd., 10162-Ronald J. Patten to Kristin L. Witters, $244,000.

Southam Lane, 10337-Michael A. Nadolski to Wei Yang and Yueqin Zhao, $990,000.

Summit Square Dr., 3178, No. C5-Summit Condo Corp. to Alexander Bogdanov, $200,900.


Alsop Ct., 2455-David Stuart to Julie A. Larkin, $350,000.

Bayfield Ct., 11755-Thomas M. Gunther to Benjamin Eliason, $363,000.

Buttonwood Ct., 11527-Timothy A. Frederick to Stephanie Robinson, $313,000.

Colts Neck Ct., 2109-Kevin M. Mosher to Anna Henningsgaard, $426,751.

Edgemere Cir., 12017-Miguel D. Martinez to Barry Eccleston, $500,000.

Farrier Lane, 2522-Kevin Waston to Ricardo Mussenden, $539,000.

Gate Hill Pl., 11408, No. 119-Kathleen R. Seip to Darlene Holseth, $335,000.

Hunters Run Dr., 2285-Suzanne S. Dwyer to Vishnupriya Aravalli, $250,000.

Lake Chapel Lane, 11145-Neil A. French to Robin M. Talmadge, $610,000.

Pine Cone Ct., 11551-Mary West to Stephen A. Taylor and Stephenie A. Overman, $399,900.

Salt Kettle Way, 2108-Tien M. Vu to Erik L. Bishop, $545,000.

Stones Throw Dr., 11305-Vijay Swarup to Himanshu Bhardwaj, $1.15 million.

Thrush Ridge Rd., 11013-Mollie R. Marchant to Leslie Vereide, $449,900.

Wainwright Dr., 1837-Eleanor Rowley to Louis Schwebius and Ji Hae Park, $400,000.

Woodcrest Dr., 1513-David R. Polant to Babek R. Mohassel and Natalie Bonomo, $288,000.


Meeting St., 3031-Mark R. Walbridge to Tara A. Jerinsky, $504,750.


Applecross Lane, 8920-Jose R. Cuevas to Patrick Clark, $449,900.

Ben Franklin Rd., 6904-Elbert P. Jenkins Jr. to Shayna Dixon, $375,000.

Brian Michael Ct., 6835-Timothy Labinski to Manav Kainth, $338,900.

Daum Ct., 9023-James J. McCabe to Erik Haynes, $477,000.

Golden Horseshoe Ct., 7406-Patricia Ann Jerman to Andrew Winters, $345,000.

Loving Forest Ct., 8136-Douglas White to Jason S. Smith and Angie R. Orwig, $300,000.

Scott St., 8960-Phuong Nguyen to Michelle Padgett, $672,000.

Spelman Dr., 6912-Carl Deckert to Robert Johnson and Teri Drinkwater, $544,900.

Supreme Ct., 6825-Nasreen A. Malik to Khuram Malik, $260,000.


Ashgrove House Lane, 8835-Johnn F. Long to Hung Lin, $640,000.

Bobbyber Dr., 2111-Donna Fleming to Mobarka Alshahrany, $575,000.

Centerboro Dr., 2765, No. 355-Bank of America to Baining Hu and Xue Win, $299,900.

Cottage St. SW, 606-Janie F. Lawton to Douglas Lee, $1.25 million.

Electric Ave., 8261-VI Duong to Anqi Sun and Xiaoling Yuan, $567,500.

Journet Dr., 2248-Hadi Alsegaf to Tyler P. Morris, $638,000.

Kedge Dr., 2097-Michael J. Kastle to Daniel Doyle, $850,000.

Kelley St. SW, 1221-Ruth Mary Hall to Carey Homes Corp., $460,000.

Mountington Ct., 10317-Mary Griffin to Matthew Warner, $679,800.

Pennington Pl., 2557-Vickie Lessa to Toni Christiansen, $698,000.

Ridge Rd. SW, 513-500 Spring Street Corp. to Linda Crouch, $1.22 million.

Stone Vale Dr., 9965-Charles C. Stephenson Jr. to Hilary McLellan, $785,000.

Symphony Cir. SW, 911-Yolanda Richards to 911 Symphony SW Corp., $440,000.

Tyson Oaks Cir., 7974-Thuan X. Nguyen to Ryangguk Kim, $415,000.


Cambridge Dr., 5809D, No. 662-Mauricio A. Menjivar to Ngoc Lai and Lan Dang, $185,000.

Galgate Dr., 7119-Lino Sist to Sanjay Matneja, $525,000.

Jillspring Ct., 7215, No. 21C-Fannie Mae to Joseph Leeson, $209,000.

Olde Lantern Way, 7281-James Taylor to Bernard Knox, $369,000.

Reynard Dr., 6711-Alexander J. Czakowski to Michael Farris and An Le, $455,000.

Summer Grape Ct., 6643-Irene C. Tillman to Matthias Mohammod, $336,000.

Winding Hollow Way, 8803-All Star Investments Corp. to George Odoom, $339,888.

Fairfax City

These sales data were recorded by the City of Fairfax Real Estate Assessment Office.

Assembly Dr., 10502-R. Michael Clemmer to Joshua Garay, $399,000.

Assembly Dr., 10545-Andrew D. Spurgeon to Adam Humphreys, $413,800.

Delegate Ct., 4335-Darcy A. Farley to Hwal Jang, $585,900.

James Wren Way, 10526-Nathan M. Burrell to Timothy Lo, $575,000.

Maple St., 10607-Alexa J. Greenblatt to Elizabeth Saulnier, $292,000.

Marilta Ct., 10911-Deicy Dorado Lopez to Eric Scannell, $365,000.

Falls Church

These sales data were recorded by the City of Falls Church Commissioner of the Revenue.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 601-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Lisa M. Johnson, $389,900.

Broad St. W., 444, No. 611-Waterford Falls Church Corp. to Lawrence M. Wood, $542,900.

Brook Dr., 205-Warren J. and Joan R. Neiman to Philip A. Ziegler and Lauren E. Pinkus, $775,000.

Cameron Rd. W., 102-Elizabeth R. Compton to Tobias A. Ward, $561,500.

James Ct., 423-Deborah P. Holland to Adrienne L. Funk, $319,900.

Meridian St., 500-Scott W. and Suzanne P. Ripley to James E. and Kathleen E. Tysse, $829,000.

Roosevelt Blvd., 600, No. 106-Regina T. Lascano to Sara D. and Francis F. Kelly, $150,000.

Sherrow Ave., 418-Jeffrey D. and Sabrina S. Gallimore to Syed Jaffrey and Samira Gill, $856,000.

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