Admit it: You didn’t finish Mark Leibovich’s ‘This Town’

‘Proof’ that people didn’t finish a popular book about Washington, via some big-ish data.

The Switchboard: Amazon asks FAA for drone exception

Five tech policy stories you need to read today.

Amazon wants an exemption from the FAA’s drone restrictions

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Rapid innovation requires that Amazon be allowed to test Prime Air in its own private R&D facilities, the company argues.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella’s love of literary quotes

In a memo to employees that lays out his vision for the company, Satya Nadella again takes a page from his favorite books.

Executive says there are lessons from his harrowing Uber experience

New York executive Ryan Simonetti says he hopes the company will learn from his experience.

Amazon makes an offer to Hachette authors is offering to give Hachette authors all of the revenue from digital sales of their books.

The Switchboard: Amazon speaks out about Hachette fight

Five tech policy stories you need to read today.

This man wants to bring daily deals back from the dead. To which we can only say: Meh.

Matt Ruttledge, who started Woot, is back with a new vision for retail online.

The banking industry wants to be just like Amazon

Bankers are trying to replicate the Amazon model on using consumer data to predict customer needs.

How the television industry should respond to the Aereo ruling

The Supreme Court’s decision is a stay of execution for cable and broadcasters, not a vote of confidence.