Loudoun and Fauquier home sales

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Loudoun County

These sales data were recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor.


Aldie Springs Dr., 40412-Richmond American Homes to Joshua Estrada, $665,000.

Bottlebrush Terr., 25107-Jaime B. Espinoza to Sunil Khadilkar, $384,000.

Cutgrass Terr., 25119-Ahmad W. Afshari to Michael Hopper, $265,000.

Nettle Mill Sq., 24636-Jacqueline E. Baird to Daniel S. Cunningham, $377,000.

Tomey Ct., 25472-Shamim P. Pathan to Abu H. Saiful, $560,000.


Bickel Ct., 119-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Marvin Granados and Miriam Pineda, $219,000.

Christopher Lane, 5-Douglas S. Campbell to Damian L. Baker, $458,000.

Esterbrook Cir., 46441-Joseph C. Teets to Charles Ueltschy, $540,000.

Hollymead Pl., 46516-Anne C. Dawson to Gary T. Dempsey, $455,000.

Lynnhaven Sq., 46671-Joseph T. Barker to Deborah Gonzalez Comstock, $440,000.

Minor Rd., 106-Manfred Foxx Gruensteidl to James W. Lewis, $490,000.

Quiet Brook Pl., 20755-Lisa N. Carr to Nasser Gheta and Lily Zandniapour, $630,000.

Riverbend Sq., 20417, No. 201-Linda N. Eluma to Alex Rebeiz, $215,000.

Trinity Sq., 20922-Susan Mitcham to Saloeun Pol, $409,000.


Altavista Way, 20400-Leslie Kaciban to Sean P. Shechtman, $554,500.

Augustine Pl., 43281-Aaron Greene to Rajib Chanda, $690,000.

Bitterroot Terr., 21080-Jeffrey Hunt to Reena Mahal, $290,000.

Cherrystone Pl., 20499-Ravi Epuri to Srinivas C. Panda, $511,000.

Crossbow Ct., 42832-John P. Starego to William B. Davis, $495,000.

Fultonham Cir., 21387-Jennifer A. Juengling to Phillip J. Adams, $487,500.

Hay Rd., 42782-Daniel Jackson and Katherine Rock to Cheri Counselman, $370,000.

Killawog Terr., 20971-Mary E. Gressler and Christine M. Cotting to George J. O’Sullivan IV, $275,000.

Mossy Brook Sq., 44192-Kenneth R. Rucker to Keith Macomber, $280,000.

Prairie Dunes Terr., 20143-Douglas L. Balok to Juan C. Ortiz and Marisol Valdez, $395,000.

Ridgecrest Sq., 19901-Akbarzadeh Z. Azadeh to Aaron P. Lilliendahl, $335,000.

Shadyside Terr., 43699-David M. Pacella to Luz Cruz, $291,000.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20979, No. 101-Kristen M. Sherer to Zohreh Mehryar, $165,000.

Vosburg Terr., 20996-Ana E. Guido to Manjit Rodriguez, $356,000.


Belle Terra Dr., 22408-Yingjun Zhang and Jingqun Wu to Sripal R. Togaru and Shilpa Vontikommu, $770,000.

Cricket Hill Ct., 22681-Meena P. Betha to Lohit L. Reddy, $560,000.

Hidden Pond Pl., 21288-Chris Rodino to John W. Dougherty, $514,900.

Magellan Sq., 42491-Linda Whittington to Daniel S. Littlefield, $370,000.

North Brown Sq., 22915-Sukesh Kohli to Praveen K. Duttuluri and Vijaya L. Kantipudi, $499,900.

Riders Sq., 43191-Robb C. Milne to Seraz M. Khan, $328,500.

Thornhill Pl., 21528-John Garcia to Christopher R. Moore, $490,000.


Grand Central Sq., 45605-Nolan Doyle to Kianoush Ighani, $164,990.

Matador Terr., 45822-Christopher Marcoux to Yogesh Bandil and Shikha Gupta, $380,000.


Monticello Dr., 10802-Jacqueline M. Bassett to Samir Kerboussi and Faiza Bendebiche, $525,000.


Ivandale St. N., 60-James S. Gates to Charles R. McClay Jr., $300,000.


Alpine Dr. SE, 160-Michael S. Mihelic to John R. Jackson III, $477,000.

Ariel Dr. NE, 285-Thomas P. Golden to Robert V. Sears, $532,000.

Cambria Terr. NE, 1200-Joseph Altadonna to Melvin T. Morris, $365,000.

Canongate Dr., 40656-William F. Raney to Richard Neel, $1.04 million.

Chadfield Way NE, 701-David P. Fuller to Patricia A. Carothers, $450,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 205-Mary D. Amberson to Julia N. Guirgius, $185,000.

Dandelion Terr. SE, 563-Ryan J. Hoy and Meghan K. Carney to Steven M. Kehoe, $373,000.

Front St., 19450-Robert P. Middledorf to Jennifer Beamish, $470,000.

Gap Rd., 40306-Matthew B. Gavin to Carmen Marco, $575,000.

Hawling Pl. SW, 1206-Dariush M. Behrooz to Charles W. Tingen Jr., $574,000.

Jackson Hole Cir., 43520-Garland T. Hall Jr. and C. Michael Goodfellow to Daniel A. Cotter and Mae I. Lindstrom, $800,000.

Meadows Lane NE, 232-Kenneth Z. Cool to Cecile Tran, $170,000.

Mill Site Pl., 19251-Scott M. Debergh to Kevin N. Reichard, $640,000.

Peppermill Terr. NE, 506-Kelly M. Graves to Jacob Marsh, $265,000.

Prosperity Ave. SE, 111F-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Pervaiz Manzoor, $92,000.

Putters Green Ct., 41714-U.S. Bank to William W. Korby, $1.12 million.

Rundle Terr., 43034-Michael J. and Kelly A. Norkus to Roger Stanley, $334,900.

Shenandoah St. SE, 222-Jennifer Buckley to Allan L. Mink II, $203,000.

Smartts Lane NE, 839-Robert A. Albert to Susan S. Zanti, $250,000.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 501, No. 205-Toll Brothers Homes to David C. Humphries, $192,995.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 507, No. 102-Toll Brothers Homes to Kamlesh Gillespie, $183,743.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 512, No. 308-Toll Brothers Homes to Mohammed Elhage, $241,995.

Tuliptree Sq. NE, 588-Stephanie C. Walley to Pedro Contreras Pava, $280,000.

White Clay Pl., 21126-Steven L. Klipstein to Brookfield Relocation Inc., $659,000.


Berlin Pike. N., 5-William E. Brown to Malcolm F. Baldwin, $205,000.

High Meadow Lane, 39169-Peter C. Levins to William Bliss, $427,000.

Potomac Heights Lane, 11489-Clifton Batcheler to Jayson Kabana, $420,000.

Sedgeway Lane, 12259-Randall W. Clark to Richard D. Taylor, $432,500.


Frazer Dr., 211-Jeffery Foutz Jr. to Ruth H. Pfohl, $224,600.

Ivy Hills Terr., 138-Timothy L. Carte to Deanna Derusso, $299,000.

Maple Ave. S., 641-Altaf Khan to Remon Eshak, $425,000.

Pinot Noir Lane, 14237-Carroll S. Brillant II to Eric M. Evans, $501,323.


Autumn Ridge Ct., 35495-James R. Howard to Richard A. Rumsey, $685,000.


Commons Sq., 25872-Madhu Setty to Joseph Romagnoli, $350,000.

Femoyer Terr., 25171-Michael Petrella to Tam T. Luong, $146,546.

Glasgow Dr., 26155-Michael E. Starr to Patrick R. Reardon, $667,000.

Latrobe St., 42689-E. Scott Toler to David L. Ware Jr., $385,000.

Norrington Sq., 25832-Micheal B. Francella to John K. Wood, $414,900.

Priesters Pond Dr., 25815-Daniel S. Lee to Mark D. Carter, $615,000.

Roan Ct., 27057-C. Robert Volz and Valoree F. Faw to Bang K. Hoang, $1 million.

Upper Clubhouse Dr., 25452-Amit and Darshan L. Kakar to Amit Kakar, $161,000.


Alder Ave. N., 110-Mary L. Beck to Soeun Sum and Putheary Pheng, $300,000.

Clarion Terr., 46866-Jeanine L. Hodson to Bryan N. Trotman, $223,000.

Drury Cir., 103-Jaime Quintanilla Aleman to Stephanie N.and Trieu D. Nguyen, $210,000.

Fillmore Ave. N., 130-Raymond J. Vargas and Vitja A. Padilla to Miskisha Padilla, $230,000.

Irving Rd. S., 307-Ana E. Rivas to Jiaping Zhong, $241,000.

Northbrook Way, 46845-Bank of New York Mellon to Ravi Allam and Sathvika Sangani, $474,900.

Silo Mill Ct., 14-Earl F. Wilkerson to Christopher Britz, $339,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 831-Melodi Horne and Farrokh R. Djahanbani to Michael L. Foster, $247,500.

Fauquier County

Data recorded by the county Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue.

Airlie Rd., 6492-Henry Stocks to Michele Hughbanks and Aaron Gross, $520,000.

Blackwells Mill Rd., 14082-James N. and Tomas R. Makris to Andrew Ping, $308,000.

Bristersburg Rd., 12565-Roberta Landes Roberts to Jason E. Durbin, $360,000.

Crest Hill Rd., 12213-James E. Rankin to James A. Everett Jr., $265,000.

Dorset Lane, 112-James F. Minihan and Laureen M. Davenport to Lisa A. Turner, $215,000.

Eagle Ct., 11136-Jeffrey W. Chapman to William R. Appleby, $325,000.

Estate Ave., 549-Bank of New York Mellon to Brent Johnson, $268,000.

Hi Rock Ridge Rd., 7046-Richmond American Homes to Jody L. Sutphin, $450,000.

James Madison Hwy., 5375-Charles W. Curry Jr. to Barrie L. Newman Jr., $273,500.

Kingsbridge Ct., 34-Ernest S. Brady Jr. and Meghan E. Tugwell to Kristin E. Berkebile, $260,000.

Louis St., 210-Freddie Mac to Carlos E. Melendez, $196,000.

Millfield Dr., 7787-Kristi L. Bartlett to Michael A. Cooper, $220,000.

Pebble Run Rd., 4940-NVR Inc. to Stephan Slaughter, $590,415.

Remington Rd., 11756-Ty M. Burch to Kari E. Root, $160,000.

Sapphire Ct., 261-Harold Dailey to Rose Maldini and Michelle M. Root, $264,900.

Spruce Hill Ct., 6783-Charles D. Christy to Wayne Verity, $348,000.

Turnbull Rd., 8366-Patrick Colgan to Joey M. Russell, $159,900.

Washington St. W., 101-Benjamin D. Carter to Ryan L. Hart, $225,000.


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