Loudoun County and Fauquier County home sales

February 19
Loudoun County

These sales data, recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor, were provided by Lender Processing Services. For other residential real estate transactions, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.


Grand Ellison Ct., 24170-Robert L. Thibodeau to Shawn P. McDonald, $1.24 million.

Lenah Run Cir., 40675-Hudson City Savings Bank to Surafel M. Belew and Hanna M. Bizuneh, $675,000.

Patriot Terr., 25401-Charles J. Pascoe to Jessica L. Rudd, $300,000.


Blossom Landing Way, 20859-Michael W. Provines to Ramy M. Shaalan, $579,900.

Chester Terr., 46160-David C. Vermette to Terry Settle, $385,000.

Darkhollow Falls Terr., 47402-Belinda A. Hankins to Taulant Shamo, $405,000.

Huntley Ct., 56-Michael B. Tiller to Joshua R. Sielschott, $269,000.

Lynnhaven Sq., 46685-Larry D. Robbins to Sandra D. Terry, $395,000.

Muddy Harbour Sq., 20632-Grant M. Holt to Dina Kurdali and Fadi Nukta, $470,000.

Royal Burnham Terr., 47568-Anthony J. Joes to Tao Shen, $467,500.

Stanmoor Terr., 20926-Tina Schott to Deborah D. Milliner, $338,000.

Willoughby Sq., 20528-Larry Casby to Timothy J. Brennan, $370,000.


Apache Cir., 44334-Julio C. Amaya to Sujatha Lingineni, $595,000.

Coolspring Lane, 42976-Brendan A. Leonard to Jeffrey Podgorski, $612,500.

Crooked Stick Terr., 43777-Charles McCarthy to Paul J. Orloff, $550,000.

Estate Pl., 21467-T. Geoffrey Gay to Paul J. Luoma Jr., $720,000.

Fullerton St., 43371-Salvatore Spampinato to Svati Patel, $578,000.

Hickory Corner Terr., 43825, No. 105-Sarah R. Barber to James R. Knodell, $274,900.

Hope Spring Terr., 20580-Pulte Home Corp. to Joel E. Schuler, $345,415.

Kittanning Lane, 21000-John and Geraldine Burcham to Harpreet S. Sandhu, $365,000.

Lemon Springs Terr., 21018-Kevin Coon to Pirtpal S. Dhaliwa, $305,000.

Maitland Terr., 20636-Centex Homes to Jeremy J. Koczan, $324,580.

Maltese Falcon Sq., 44495-Patricia E. Heidt to Gregory W. Buckis Sr., $426,500.

Mizner Terr., 19922-Kenneth N. Wacker, trustee, and Wacker Family Trust to Wilson Summers IV, trustee, and Laurel Summers Family Trust, $585,000.

Needleleaf Way, 20437-Chad Billings to Ahsan Ashraf, $635,000.

Paget Terr., 44119-Sujatha L. Lingineni to Duke Gates, $373,500.

Roaming Shores Terr., 21024-Jay E. Speigel to Pasquale Di Bari, $425,000.

Southwind Terr., 20681-Andrew A. Vanvleet to Thomas Mullen, $322,500.

Thistlewood Ct., 43455-James Mikolashek to Gouri S. Das, $655,000.

Watertown Terr., 44475-Sahibzada T. Latif to Rong Ma and Jian Zhang, $308,000.


Addlestone Pl., 43016-National Residential Nominee Services to Rajeev Nalluri, $745,000.

Blue Elder Terr., 22607, No. 304-Lorie C. Coker to Sanjay Barthakur, $215,000.

Courtland Park Dr., 22906-Tammy S. Hegner to Michael S. Wolf, $675,000.

Firedrake Terr., 23232-Matthew Little to Andrew Cross, $482,500.

Houseman Terr., 20923-Ray N. Anspach to Mujeeb Khan, $438,000.

Hunters Green Sq., 43112-Emily Moulton to Wahid Karim, $390,000.

Livingston Terr., 22896-H. Curtis Bruch to John Johanson, $465,000.

Minerva Dr., 23096-Robert G. Parkinson to Nasir I. Zahidi, $459,900.

Parkland Farms Terr., 22574-Andrea S. Garcia to Janardhana S. Pulugurtha, $385,000.

Scattersville Gap Terr., 22548-Ahmad A. Shahjahan to Prudhvi R. Parlapalli, $447,500.

Stone Hollow Dr., 22011-Stone Financing Corp. to Ivan Bekkers, $770,000.

Vickery Park Dr., 22795-Bank of New York Mellon to Chris L. Reed, $550,000.


Fleet Terr., 22918-Ana E. Candia and Luz M. Rivera to Miguel Candia, $190,000.

Smoketree Terr., 45757-Venus Properties Corp. to Jaime Gonzalez, $449,000.


Ditchling Pl., 38439-David E. Chadsey to Susan G. Smith, $775,000.

St. Paul St. S., 260-Arturo A. Duarte to Gerard L. Mannix, $185,000.


Artillery Terr. NE, 1514-Ruth A. Metallo to Sergio M. Silva, $384,000.

Bluefield Sq. NE, 846-Seth R. Anderson to Mitchell A. Costic, $407,000.

Candlewick Sq., 43061-Landon W. Hopson to Sherri S. Smith, $349,900.

Coton Farm Ct., 19082-Michael L. Herrington to Kenneth Marion, $795,000.

Dodd Ct. NW, 406-Todd J. Severance to Ray Shanklin, $385,000.

Garriland Dr., 15985-David K. and Bobbi Moose to Muhammad S. Jadoon, $724,900.

Hancock Pl. NE, 109-Estela D.C. Argueta to Maria A. Vasquez, $95,000.

Hunter Pl., 16322-Michael E. Somerville to David G. Waghorn, $700,000.

Lake Ridge Pl., 43122-Hermelio S. Talastas to John Dyer, $445,000.

Loyalty Rd., 13232-David P. Hendershot to George W. Rambo III, $549,900.

McDowell Sq., 43651-Esther Wright to Jamie J. Munizza, $322,000.

Mill Run Ct., 18409-Vivian B. Baldwin to Manpreet Kaur, $680,000.

Nathan Pl. NE, 642-Adam J. Benn to Rodrigo J. Salmeron, $451,000.

Pierpoint Terr., 43654-Paul V. Hyde to Dimitrios Galanis, $550,000.

Riverpoint Dr., 43917-Josh Kemp to Adam Basford, $795,000.

Stonefield Sq. NE, 895-Steven D. Sims to Robert D. McMaster, $391,100.

Tuliptree Sq. NE, 509-Garrick M. Thomas to Bret J. Ewin, $304,000.

Zachary Lane, 19119-Ramin Zandpour to Timothy B. Hodges, $590,000.


Breckinridge Sq. SE, 528-Brenda A. Logan to KDM Family Properties Corp., $300,000.

Duvall Ct. SE, 207-Shameer P. Grewal to Peter J. Ragone, $566,000.

Forsyth Lane, 39833-Francis B. Gilbert III to Donald M. Rembert, trustee, and Edward Michelitch Trust, $780,000.

Gateway Dr. SE, 666, No. 501-Federal National Mortgage Association to Mandeep S. Mokha, $181,000.

Glade Fern Terr. SE, 548-Stewart D. Baker II to Muneeb Khan, $440,000.

Hawks View Sq. SE, 205-Mandy Yung and Robert C. Taylor to Jose E. Antelo, $315,000.

Laurel Springs Dr., 21168-Pulte Home Corp. to Brian S. Partlow, $1.05 million.

Red Raspberry Terr., 518-William C. Leigan to Cameron Cohen, $417,000.

Spencer Terr. SE, 121-Pennymac Corp. to Jason A. Elwood, $279,850.

Sunset View Terr. SE, 504, No. 101-Toll Strafford Corp. to Robert J. Turner, $246,644.

Wage Dr. SW, 819-Michael L. Napierkowski to Scott Longendyke, $510,000.


Daniel Keys Lane, 4-Andrew T. Early to Jonathan R. Sullivan, $399,900.

Rickard Rd., 39081-James W. Gipple to Henry E. Wilkins, $483,000.


Allder School Rd., 36841-Renda A. Dowling to Roslyn M. Beaule, $599,900.

Grassy Ridge Terr., 215-Mildred N. Bluhm to Cindy Moortgat and Christine Furr, $335,000.

King James St. E., 205-Ty A. Gerlach to Joseph F. Richardson, $465,000.

O St. W., 113-David L. Devilbiss to Thelma M. McGowan, $204,000.

Sands Rd., 18179-Sands Road Corp. to Joshua D. April, $326,000.

Snickersville Tpke., 36371-Julia Tyler to Christopher Naquin and Ronald E. Gallagher, $130,000.

Woodbine Ct., 837-Christine D. Collora to Brian Hartley, $375,000.


Calumet Lane, 18003-David P. Bell to Dwight L. Wilson Jr., $680,000.

Round Knoll Ct., 35222-Charles E. Tackett to James S. Welch, $577,000.


Beach Pl., 25179-Brian D. St. Andre to Mohammad U. Zafar, $435,000.

Cedar Hollow Dr., 25573-John C. Vagianos to Rohit Sethi, $807,500.

Lands End Dr., 26171-Donna J. Snyder to Steve L. Deiter, $470,000.

Pelican Dr., 42467-James F. Crawford to Christopher Diep, $685,000.

Springdale Dr., 26020-Equity Trust Co. to Amanda Rollins, $519,900.

White Sands Dr., 25024-Edward H. Malaska to Hanumantharao Gattu, $520,000.


Applegate Dr., 158-Ricardo F.D. Araujo to Victor M. Guevara, $457,000.

Bailey Ct., 405-David A. Veatch, trustee, and Veatch Family Trust to Tyler Hernley, $279,500.

Brethour Ct., 303-Valerie M. Smith to Michelle Sebranek, $215,000.

Cottage Rd. N., 116-Tammy O. Porter to Shu Zhang, $245,000.

Edinburgh Sq., 165-Norman W. Reinhart to Donald Cassedy, $165,000.

Greencastle Rd., 9-Marguresite Hess to Soroush F. Yazdi, $320,000.

Harding Ct., 402-Gary L. Naumann to Abilia Bolanos, $246,019.

Hopeland Lane, 124-KMS Real Estate Service Corp. to Kevin Dunbar, $365,000.

Lincoln Ave. S., 402-Carol A. Weeren, trustee, to Nathan J. Stanfield and Deforest Rathbone, $325,000.

Old River Way Ct., 902-Michael Stys to Paul Doman, $446,500.

Rabbitrun Terr., 46856-Omar Shuaib to Derek A. Halvorsen, $355,000.

Simeon Lane, 40-Nicole Conde to Mustafa Toraman, $263,000.

Sugarland Run Dr., 506-Woodrow G. Kusse to Adam R. Shantz, $370,000.

Trumpet Cir., 46907-Melanie Herrington to Charles J. Ascher II, $335,000.


Nina Ct., 14545-Joseph F. Richardson to Kevin J. Kottman, $583,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data provided to The Washington Post by Lender Processing Services. For sales records for homes elsewhere in the Washington area, go to www.washingtonpost.com/homesales.

Academy Rd., 7228-Marc E. Van Der Rest to Jon G. Cassandra, $382,000.

Belfrys Ct. E., 6559-LRW Investments to Andrew L. Funk, $188,000.

Bristol Pl., 10912-Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. to William Florer, $184,900.

Calhoun St. N., 38-Tyler D. Butterworth to Carolyn Beninson, $225,000.

Church St. N., 202-HUD to Damien and Sommer Woodley, $245,000.

Courtneys Corner Rd., 4575-J.B. Jeckell to Greg A. Roeper, $309,000.

Deepview Ct., 3290-R.E. Faylor Contracting Inc. to Jesse A. Mitchell and Leslie A. Meyer, $389,000.

Elk Run Rd., 11120-Timothy L. Greenstreet to Kirk Price Davis, $157,500.

Fairfield Dr., 136A-Virginia A. White and George R. Keys Jr. to Evan W. Carter, $126,000.

Hanback Ct., 6615-Daniel M. Deskins to Fred G. Harris Jr., $189,000.

Holly Farm Lane, 6704, No. 104-David L. Crouch to Ollie C. Leerar, $260,000.

Iron Bit Dr., 7307-Richard D. and Marie H. Finelli to Brian R. Bahorich, $440,000.

Lake Willow Ct., 7385-NVR Inc. to Adam J. Maines, $452,454.

Maidstone Rd., 8467-Ann L. Eldredge Mateer and Coe Gibb Eldredge to Nicholas R. Burke, $1.25 million.

Meadowview Lane, 236-Clement J. White to Tien V. Chu and Hai Tran, $415,000.

Old Auburn Rd., 4623-Robert L. Doudrick to Lewis Dalton, $414,900.

Piney Branch Lane, 4589-Aubrey H. Leake III to Jennifer Gillespie, $392,000.

Pump House Ct., 2203-NVR Inc. to Marvin Hovley, $478,720.

Ridge Ct., 440-Patricia C. Ball to Rebecca R. Rogers, $192,000.

Royal Ct., 147-D.R. Horton Inc. to Shaun E. Calderwood, $295,000.

Shenandoah Path, 10301-Eugene C. and Judy K. Heflin to Jason M. and Nicole T. Coombs, $310,000.

Shepherdstown Rd., 7201-NVR Inc. to Sen Dan and Qingzhi Li, $443,470.

Stream View Lane, 6704-Dominic H. Paravano to Henry A. Long, $410,000.

Sycamore Springs Dr., 7042-CMH Homes Inc. to Anthony T. Tobias, $405,000.

Turnbull Rd., 8339-Mark S. Houser to Ryan M. Young, $213,000.

View Cir. N., 147-Ralph S. Desimone to Henry C. Bowman, $449,000.

Waverly Way, 6115-Matthew Baacke to Saverio Gambassi and Virginia Cipolla, $290,000.

Yowell Lane, 4691-JPMorgan Chase Bank to David Shollenberger Jr., $336,500.


Greenwich Rd., 7701-Pamela A. Smith to Cory W. Lucas, $375,000.

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