Loudoun County and Fauquier Countyhome sales

December 4, 2012

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Loudoun County

These sales data were recorded by the Loudoun Office of the County Assessor.


Bear Tooth Dr., 42072-Kyle N. Frazen to Jeffrey A. Miller, $515,000.

Bushclover Terr., 41987-Lance C. Stephens to Sean C. Collins, $375,000.

Clock Tower Sq., 24641-Raymond Villanueva and Lynette Rios to Jared M. Semrau, $356,500.

Cordgrass Cir., 41776-Juliet M. Protas to Aaron M. Gillingham, $610,000.

Hummocky Terr., 25135-Jeffrey Vargas to Mark N. Calo, $385,000.

Inspiration Terr., 41822-Terry L. Oldfield to Carmen M. Rodriguez, $233,000.

Kings Canyon Sq., 24687-Ve Nu Nguyen to Dianna Massey, $355,000.

Lenah Run Cir., 40734-Walter R. Scott to Timothy Lyman, $685,000.

Mineral Springs Cir., 25182-Jason L. Flinn to John W. Koons, $525,000.

Moreland Mine Terr., 41908-Matthew B. Murray to Matthew York, $400,000.

Porch Light Dr., 42108-Ashraf Sattar to Hong S. Cheng and Tiffany T. Pham, $543,500.

Prairie Grass Dr., 24779-Daniel Zipper to Christopher A. Jones, $560,000.


Asbury Way, 8-James S. Barrett to Andrew C. Humbles, $235,000.

Ashmere Sq., 46691-Michael S. Helfrich and Nicole A. Brown to Alexander A. Carrillo, $380,000.

Blossom Landing Way, 20831-James R. Curtis to Peter J. Rasmussen, $629,900.

Bowline Terr., 47706-Paula Scaramozzino to Mandeep S. Toor, $410,000.

Briarcliff Terr., 20376-FFC Properties to Osama Khan, $352,900.

Bridalveil Falls Terr., 20751-Charles H. Grim to Kathleen Grim, $335,000.

Channel Ct., 20860-Alice S. Gold to Shahnaz Khan, $597,000.

Chesapeake Sq., 20453, No. 202-Frances J. Pfeifle to Michele L. Rose, $220,000.

Doncaster Terr., 20433-Edawrd J. Petrak to Kirby W. Rosenbluth, $365,000.

Drysdale Terr., 46614, No. 200-Gregory L. Mayes to Sanaz Khelghati, $192,000.

Island View Ct., 20264-Rodney L. Billingsley to Kimberly W. Foster and David B. Cameron, $839,000.

Jeremy Ct., 9-Joi Ruther to Earl S. Rollison Jr., $363,000.

Loweland Terr., 47682-Jason A. Weis to Andeep S. Toor, $452,000.

Loweland Terr., 47690-Leslie A. Janka to Kimberly D. Davidson, $499,000.

Marguritte Sq., 20365-Gilda B. Perry to Ying Huang and Shihua Lu, $360,000.

McFadden Sq., 21191, No. 408-Claudine Heaslewood and Tony R. Stone to Lai Cho and Kenneth Le, $205,000.

Ramshead Terr., 47755-John W. Fleshman Jr. to Nia C. Mahallati, $495,000.

Rippling Dr., 47555-Robert W. Lucca to Paul E. Selby, $625,000.

Sandstone Sq., 20933-Freddie Mac to Danyl Jones, $300,000.

Sharpskin Island Sq., 47498-Rhonda Levine to Francis J. Hinnegan and Patricia Fajardo, $360,000.

Stillhouse Branch Pl., 20384-Jerry A. Green Jr. to Brian Hulvey, $750,000.

Sunrise Terr., 47373-Gabriel Ruth to Vanessa Ruloff, $346,000.

Westmoreland Dr., 28-Celeste E. Scott to Adam Barlow, $540,000.

Westwick Ct., 122, No. 6-Matthew Laurich to Evgent Egournov, $150,000.


Adare Manor Sq., 44377-Wilbur D. Everett to Kalman S. Buda, $360,151.

Balmoral Terr., 43685-Brett L. Bornfeld to Adam Bayes, $368,000.

Bethpage Ct., 19852-Robert Warren to Jale Sisman Hashimi and Yusuf Sisman, $630,000.

Bowfonds St., 20363-Mark L. Littlefield and Frances Barrineau to Edwin J. Fleischer and Valerie L. Weisman, $404,900.

Chadds Ford Ct., 44069-Jeffrey J. Scudder to Jon Colquitt, $535,000.

Cool Fern Sq., 20499-Clerity Ventures Corp. to Kieran Kobell, $277,000.

Duryea Terr., 20944-Daniel W. Makitka to Vincent R. Shelton Jr., $384,900.

Flattop Ct., 20552-Donald R. Wright Jr. to Nilang R. Shah, $460,000.

French Open Ct., 20322-William D. Pelkey to Thomas Kurien and Sini Eapen, $495,000.

Golden Meadow Cir., 43469-Darrin Kafka to Aurelio V. Roque, $444,000.

Hiddengrove Ct., 20630-Henri C. Patey to Michael P. Coyne, $564,000.

Kelsey Sq., 21776-Jonathan W. Kagarise to Marko Cruz, $255,000.

Litchfield Terr., 44223-Brookfield Relocation Inc. to Shawn C. Williams and Rebecca D. Dearborn, $287,000.

Medalist Dr., 20381-Ronald S. Hulen to Samir M. Zayed and Lina Danawi, $610,000.

Oakmont Manor Sq., 44456-Steven M. Smith and Joshua E. Mowery to Barbara A. Zattiero, $375,500.

Rosewood Manor Sq., 20566-Larry W. Sutton to Richard J. Riccelli, $409,900.

Sonara Lane, 44263-Fannie Mae to Imran Akram, $320,100.

Timber Ridge Terr., 20957, No. 102-Andrew Martin to William J. Casey and Shannon B. Jones, $164,500.

Wildbrook Ct., 20575-Joseph W. Goswick to Dennis Patrella and Jeffrey Barth, $860,000.


Autumnwood Sq., 43125-Doris I. Padget to Emir Demirovic, $325,000.

Blue Elder Terr., 22691, No. 202-Derik W. Petty to Melissa Mullins, $202,500.

Conquest Cir., 42854-Estefania Arregui Gomez and William W. Curry to Srinivas Vuyyuru and Geetha Sandra, $535,000.

Golden Autumn Pl., 21503-Michael Schultz to Daniel Marsh, $559,000.

Hollyhock Terr., 42591-Kristopher L. Maxson to Andrew J. Richards, $290,000.

Lois Lane, 23010-Richard A. Moore to James K. Arthur Jr., $834,900.

Park Creek Dr., 42994-Gregory R. Cox to Joseph P. Hoban, $770,000.

Rampsbeck Terr., 22277-Pam Goodwin to Brian B. Cummings, $260,000.

Shady Wood Terr., 21372-Antionette J. Sorapuru Green to Michael Fletcher, $305,000.

Unison Knoll Cir., 43152-Ziyin Zhang and Qiuyu Wang to Mohammad A. Ansari and Naazish Zaidi, $920,000.


Lennoxville Way, 23349-Bank of America NA to Deepak Kanwar, $830,000.


Little Hampton Lane, 38599-Bryan C. Lutz to Dana S. Heaton, $569,000.


Bent Creek Terr., 43790-Nancy L. McWane to David R. Jones, $441,000.

Catoctin Cir. NE, 205-Matthew S. Novak and Ilaria Turrio to Jordan Lowe, $338,000.

Clymer Ct. NE, 1002-Fannie Mae to Dustin Wyatt, $165,000.

Cypress Ridge Terr., 19365, No. 906-Teresa O. Green to Arthur W. Givens, $235,000.

Diamond Lake Dr., 19398-James E. Duffy to Everett D. Rowenhurst, $310,000.

Ferriers Ct., 16596-Suzanne A. Race to Melvin F. Carroll, $750,000.

Hibler Rd., 43225-Nancy H. O’Connor to Harrison O’Connor, $910,000.

Lanier Island Sq., 18478-Michael D. Craner to Peter C. Karvellas, $550,000.

Marshall Dr. NE, 504-Christopher J. Crane to Joi Ruther, $412,000.

Mill Dam Pl., 19428-Robert D. Tunstall and Peggy Lopez to Celestino M. Menchavez and Melissa H. Brett, $719,000.

Nolands Ferry Rd., 13636-Robin A. and Brian K. Devaux to Green Axis Estates Corp., $250,000.

Potomac Station Dr., 18708-Timothy T. Graefe to Robert Kohute, $465,000.

Rundle Terr., 43022-Lance C. Haldeman to Kashif S. Haq, $376,000.

Viola Ct., 42812-Kimmel L. Daniel to Hugh Scruggs, $600,000.


Anthony Ct. SE, 837-Justin W. and Stephanie L. Wiggins to Michael K. Osoba, $510,000.

Clubhouse Dr. SW, 125D, No. 3-Geraldine O. Ballard to Marystars Corp., $91,000.

Gateway Dr. SE, 664, No. 304-Joel C. Bodine to Tempo Corp., $120,000.

Hooded Crow Dr., 20991-Michael R. Pliuskaitis to Pedro A. Santos, $554,000.

McLeary Sq. SE, 672-Anna D. Pusser to Jennifer Ford, $337,500.

Niven Ct. SW, 505-Brian T. Johnson to Matthew Q. Gebert, $531,000.

Rivanna Terr. SW, 117-Christopher Davila to Kristin L. Tubic, $321,250.

Shirley Sq. SE, 144-Candice D. Guillaudeu to Vlonda Smith, $264,900.

Stratford Pl. SW, 203-Kenneth L. Jolly to Robert Beavers and Thao Vo, $365,000.

Sweet William Ct. SE, 908-Sirva Corp. to Jason G. Dalrymple, $592,000.

Valley View Ave. SW, 605-Maria D. Burns to Jordan C. Brough, $352,000.


Berlin Pike N., 38-Kirsten Williamson to Taraysha Smith, $137,000.

Overlook Knolls Rd., 39776-Ronald L. Williams to Jordan M. Ciancio, $310,000.

Wenner Rd., 39822-Walter E. McKim to Michelle D. McKim and Constance Hatt, $441,877.


Stonewall Ave., 702-Quorn Corp. to Daniel J. Luczak, $250,000.


Great Falls Forest Dr., 20036-Jude A. Miller to Zackery O. Proudfoot, $430,000.


Bookcliff Ct., 14396-Paul J. Norris and Kelly L. Webster to Matthew R. Lowers, $555,000.

Greysands Lane, 601-Eduardo Arancibia to Anthony N. Robey, $388,000.

Koerner Lane, 37129-Earl M. James to Carl Pavolic, $500,000.

Millstone Dr., 38433-Philip Trankovich to James E. Holt, $567,500.

Osburn Rd., 36562-Geraldine D. Winters to David J. Seemiller and Julie McMahon, $549,900.

Skyline Dr. E., 528-Jeffery Garner to Michael T. Clark, $465,000.

Sunflower Ct., 708-Sam L. Schrecengost to Michael Schroeder, $399,950.

12th St. S., 310-Catoctin Ridge Corp. to Lisa K. Franke, $280,000.


Carnoustie Cir., 35325-James Szabo to James D. Murphy, $640,000.

Lethridge Cir., 17442-Round Hill Investors Corp. to Jane M. Floege, $304,000.

Turnberry Dr., 18220-Glenn R. Schleede to William E. Spahr, $649,900.


Beachall St., 42991-Joseph Rubino to Danyi Wang and Tao Xu, $305,000.

Commons Sq., 25832-Jale Aksoy and Nilden Demir to Benjamin A. Fiacco, $402,000.

Flannigan Terr., 42809-Lourdes Ocasio and Carlos J. Martinez Jr. to Stephen P. Bui, $249,900.

Gum Spring Rd., 26158-William T. Bates to Jose A. Abrego, $435,000.

Iverson Dr., 26141-Kimberly D. Tolan to Rajan Chopra, $490,000.

Longacre Dr., 42543-Neil M. Ivey to Ted L. McDonald and Amanda Bean, $800,000.

Neighborly Lane, 42534-Rafael Palacios Jr. to National Residential Nominee Services, $540,000.

Pinebrook Rd., 24919-Richard Lai to Dewayne R. Johnson and Rabiya Laiq, $535,000.

Sarazen Dr., 25910-JLG Corp. to Philip A. Cooke, $475,000.

Unbridleds Song Pl., 42578-Henry S. Coe to Kieran A. Dunne, $700,000.


Baylor Dr. N., 139-Jeremy Jenkins to Roger Troxell, $138,000.

Cameron St. S., 110-Christopher A. Jones to Barry C. Cleveland, $435,000.

Cottage Rd. N., 159-Robert Burlingame to Lance Lally, $241,050.

Gable Sq., 45316-Tho T. Phan to Lin Wan, $275,900.

Harvest Lane, 116-Nicholas Bargovic to Eric Jones, $335,000.

Kennedy Rd. E., 1404-Lawrence A. Harrison to Scott T. Miller, $235,000.

Leslie Ct., 217-Richard L. Krens to Jonathan Branco, $319,000.

Nettle Tree Rd. W., 806-Pedro D. Medrano to Erika K. Cuevas, $185,000.

Rector St., 207-Peter W. Nagy to Christopher Madison, $374,000.

Sterling Blvd. N., 122-Terry L. Crank to Jingying Li, $134,000.

Thrush Rd., 32-Fannie Mae to Kiarash Siahatgar, $290,000.

Vernon St. N., 729-Brian P. and Aimee L. Hughes to Mark D. Fair, $325,000.


Browns Lane, 40506-Larry D. Fluty to Doris I. Williams and Dustin S. Myers, $650,000.

Fauquier County

These were among sales data recorded by the Fauquier County Commissioner of the Revenue.

Auburn Mill Rd., 7322-Stephen A. Smith to William J. Tricarico, $299,000.

Blake Lane, 10758-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Paul M. Haag, $117,660.

Boathouse Rd., 3318-NVR Inc. to Glen Littlefield, $472,595.

Brown Moore Lane, 10112-Mark E. Clarke to Sande Corp., $560,000.

Crew Ct., 3429-NVR Inc. to Demetrice L. Settle, $495,000.

Federal St., 662-Michael P. Wells to Keith Robert St. Germain, $469,000.

Freemont Hill Ct., 7182-Richmond American Homes to William H. Copeland III, $458,146.

Hillside Dr., 5227-Freddie Mac to Domenico Prioretti, $251,000.

James Madison Hwy., 11005-Murray Group Corp. to Neil H. Butler, $162,000.

Krystal Ct., 10851-Argent Development Corp. to Christopher Lee Grube, $170,000.

Lee Highway Access Dr., 6324-April M. Knight to Todd C. Dunn, $255,000.

Library Lane, 6190-Lisa Hitchcock to Scott V. Buffenbarger, $165,000.

Meetze Rd., 8519-James C. Gray Sr. to Ollie J. Grimsley III, $225,000.

North St., 40-BT Properties Corp. to Julia and Brandie Stevenson, $195,000.

Rugby Pl., 6763-Linda Darlene Milian to Valerie G. Huffman, $163,000.

Torrie Way, 11228D-Gregory Wensell to John W. McKusker, $65,000.

Waterloo Rd., 635-Timothy John and Ryan Joseph Peters to Christopher Craig, $114,900.

Winchester Rd., 2135-Thomas L. Rourk to Robert R. Baldini, $650,000.

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