Loudoun County animal watch

December 5, 2012

These were among cases received by Loudoun County Animal Services. For information on the county shelter’s hours and location, adoption and licensing, rabies clinics and low-cost neutering, call 703-777-0406 in eastern Loudoun or 540-882-3211 in western Loudoun.

Fox was not hunting people: Golf View Dr., Chantilly, Nov. 26. A fox that seemed lethargic was reported to have been approaching people. An animal control officer determined that, although the fox was seen during the day, it was not approaching humans. The fox ran away when the officer approached it.

Squirrel sees how other half lives: Gibson St., Leesburg, Nov. 27. A squirrel got into a building. An animal control officer captured the squirrel and, because it did not appear sick or injured, released it into the wild.

Straying into traffic: Charles Town Pike, Purcellville, Nov. 29. A caller reported seeing two stray Great Pyrenees-type dogs walking along a road, creating a traffic hazard. An animal control officer confined the dogs, returned them to their owner and issued a warning to the owner for letting the dogs run free.

Fighting like cats and cats: Wiggum Sq., Leesburg, Nov. 29. A man brought an injured stray cat into his home. The stray fought with the man’s pet cat. When he tried to separate them, the man was bitten by his cat and scratched by the stray. An animal control officer confirmed that the man’s cat had a current rabies vaccination. The stray cat could not be found. The officer posted fliers in the area seeking information about the stray cat.

Injured hawk taken for treatment: Pickwick Dr., Purcellville, Nov. 30. An injured hawk was seen in an area for several days and appeared unable to fly. An animal control officer confined the hawk and took it to a veterinarian.

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