Man who died after Montgomery police used Tasers is identified

The man who died Friday after Montgomery County police used Tasers to subdue him has been identified as Anthony Howard, 51. Police said he lived in the Gaithersburg area, but no address was given.

The specific cause of his death remained unclear, but Howard became one of at least six people to die in the Washington area in the past four years after Tasers were used on them. Three of the six died in Montgomery.

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Tasers are electroshock devices that have been adopted by many police departments as a nonlethal alternative to firearms.

Police said they used Tasers on Howard after an incident in the Gaithersburg area in which he acted strangely and aggressively, was not stopped by pepper spray, damaged property and ignored orders. After he was handcuffed, police saw that he was not breathing, and he died at a hospital.

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