Family narrowly escapes before sinkhole swallows their car in Bladensburg, Md.

(Mark Gail / For The Washington Post)

A family with three children scrambled out of their vehicle before it went into a sinkhole in Bladensburg.


Boy dies after falling through icy pond in Baltimore County; three others hospitalized

The 13-year-old was submerged for over an hour in a Lansdowne pond. Three other boys were hospitalized.

Sinkhole swallows car in Bladensburg area

Water main break causes car to be swallowed, no injuries


Trauma kits help police control severe bleeding, saving lives

(J. Lawler Duggan / For The Washington Post)

Across the nation, more departments are using trauma kits that help officers control severe bleeding.


Holocaust museum commemorates the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp

(Marvin Joseph / The Washington Post)

Nearly a million people were starved, shot and gassed at Auschwitz, according to the museum.


Md. legislative analyst says Hogan’s unspecified budget cuts are ‘bad precedent’

The General Assembly’s top fiscal analyst said across-the-board cuts are a bad precedent.


How many games are too many for a high school basketball team? Capitol Christian pushes the limit in the name of exposure.

(Jonathan Newton / The Washington Post)

BASKETBALL | Capitol Christian will play more regular season games than any area team from Dec. 3 to Feb. 19 — including the Washington Wizards — all in the name of exposure.


Leggett seeks to create Montgomery transit authority for bus lanes, other projects

(Jeffrey MacMillan / Jeffrey MacMillan)

The county executive is seeking the ability to fund mass transit projects without relying so much on the state.


Football: Blake hires Deshawn Anderson as coach; Joe Allen lands Northwood job


FOOTBALL | Deshawn Anderson, a former Norfolk State linebacker, takes over as Bengals coach; Joe Allen lands at Northwood.


Sixth body found in wreckage of Annapolis mansion fire

(Family Photos)

A couple and their four grandchildren are believed to have died.