Get the status report on Maryland’s big bills

The Maryland House of Delegates. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky)

With just a week to go in Maryland’s 90-day legislative session, lawmakers are poised to act on hundreds of bills in whirlwind fashion.

You can keep up with what’s happening on all the big ones in a new feature we’re calling the status report.

Transition proves tricky for new Annapolis mayor

Mike Pantelides has encountered friction over personnel changes and plans to cut spending.

Labor group sides with Braveboy for Md. attorney general

A Washington-area building trades organization has endorsed the Prince George’s delegate.

Md. lawmaker Darren Swain counters allegations

Md. lawmaker Darren Swain counters allegations

In police reports, suspects claim Del. Darren Swain used drugs with them.

More news about Md. politics

Check back daily to find out the latest on gun control, medical marijuana, the governance of Prince George’s County schools and other still-unresolved issues — all in one chart that includes links to the legislation and recent Washington Post stories.

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