When Montgomery Democrats party next month, labor may stay home

Leggett, Duncan employ some creative accounting on jobs

Leggett, Duncan employ some creative accounting on jobs

Democratic rivals both tout job creation under their tenures as Montgomery County executive.

Brown highlights variance with Gansler over death penalty

Brown highlights variance with Gansler over death penalty

One Democratic hopeful said he stood with the NAACP when capital punishment was repealed last year.

Latino group backs Anthony Brown for Md. governor

CASA in Action also supports Brian Frosh as the state’s next attorney general.

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“Given the long and close relationship between the Democratic party and organized labor it was extremely disappointing to see a close ally take such an anti-worker stand, especially when our ‘brothers and sisters in blue’ – who work so long and hard to protect our families, homes and communities – were on the line,” Williams wrote.

Montgomery voters upheld a county law ending the Fraternal Order of Police’s (FOP) right to “effects bargaining,” meaning the right to negotiate the effects of certain management decisions. Under effects bargaining, for example, the FOP spent several years contesting the placement of video cameras in police cruisers, calling for negotiations over the effects the recording of police activity might have on its members.

Committee chair Gabriel Albornoz said in a statement that Montgomery Democrats are “deeply saddened and disappointed” by the decision. But the committee’s support for Question B reflected the sentiment of its members.

“Our precinct organization votes on what they want to be the position of the Democratic Party. In almost all cases the MCDCC affirms this vote, especially when there is significant consensus among precinct officials which was the case regarding Question B. To do otherwise would undermine our grassroots base. “

He added that committee members are “strong believers and supporters of organized labor,” and that they “stand behind the working men and women in this County.”

Williams said support for the ballot measure won’t soon be forgotten.

“Going forward, we — our affiliates and allies — will be taking a very close look at requests for support, endorsement and financial contributions to the party and candidates, as it is difficult to justify support for those who oppose us.”

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