Montgomery County and Frederick County home sales

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Montgomery County


Bel Pre Rd., 4200-Gerasimos V. Ferentinos to Dennis Park and Amy E. Ross, $375,000.

Narada St., 13001-Michael Speiden to Round Hill Realty Corp., $227,500.

Woodcrest Dr., 14309-William Litzenberg to Michael Andrew and Catherine E. Kanatas, $408,500.


Carmichael Ave., 6929-Z.W. Williams to Veronica Mungai Barris, $1.06 million.

Maiden Lane, 6410-Jacqueline Nelson to Elizabeth H. Bryant, $704,000.

Ventnor Rd., 5207-Joseph C. McManemin to Sam H. Zadeh and Mahasti Alavi, $529,000.

Westpath Terr., 5055-C.S. Blee to Design Tech Builders, $740,000.


Bigelow Ct., 3307-R.C. Beller to Damian L. and Evelyn M. Wallace, $485,000.


Buccaneer Rd., 13118-Ahmad Akbari to Nacola A. and Mare L. Alexander, $320,000.

Red Lion Lane, 2905-Aracely Ochoa to William T. Leader, $267,000.


Friendship Blvd., 5500, No. 1014N-Frederic H. Alden to Kristine A. Francisco, $305,000.

Vale St., 7514-P.J. Keating to Eric and Lauren Pacuit, $1.12 million.


Catawba Hill Dr., 23914A, No. 35-Polly Foley to Hai Nguyen, $231,000.

Piedmont Rd., 12672-Vanessa Herrada to Trang Quynh Tran, $375,000.

Timber Creek Lane, 22803-Yong Chang to Janet L. and Jeffrey B. Jones, $495,000.


Twig Rd., 14308-Thenmoli Nuthalapati to Jarice Banks, $310,000.


Willow Knoll Dr., 5905-Francis Ruggeri to Shuling Hwang, $659,900.


Hereford Pl., 10100-Patricia H. Olivieri to Joao G. Campos, $300,000.

Sligo Creek Pkwy., 9039, No. 201-Mary S. Bower to Kpakpundu Ezeze, $233,000.


Amity Dr., 17507-Julie Anne Burgess to Jin Ma and Wensheng Liang, $200,000.

Cedar Ave., 7-Karen A. Brenner to Christopher Sean Ruark and Rebecca Shwalb, $360,000.

Gardenia Ct., 11-Donald F. Dahms to Jerome G. and Virgie C. Ajot, $330,000.

Grange Hall Dr., 200-David A. and L.B. Wood to Aditi Sehgal, $405,000.

Sedley Terr., 19013-G.L. Springmann to Christopher S. and Samantha J. Foster, $340,000.


Apricot Lane, 15241-Thien Shin Chang to Erin and Jeffrey Clegg, $355,000.

Fleece Flower Dr., 409-Doron Azrad to Aurora Loan Services, $273,269.

Mustang Hill Lane, 13848-Yoke F. Hoo to Hans and Erin S. Rosenfeldt, $439,000.

Suffield Dr., 610-Xunde Wang to Harish and Elizabeth Chawla, $325,000.


Ambassador Dr., 13630-Jagan Santhanam to Rosemarie Matthews Nagatome and Miguel A. Espejo, $206,200.

Buckingham Way, 19418-Centex Homes to Marsha Allen and Sybil Allen, $269,990.

Deerwater Dr., 13558-Bank of New York Mellon to Karen Adkins and William Hagerhost, $165,000.

Esworthy Rd., 14100-Kamran Khoshkish to Thomas Matthew and Heather Lynn Jacks, $630,000.

Mustard Seed Ct., 18635-Department of Housing and Urban Development to Abraham E. Barrientos, $140,000.

Rushing Water Way, 13379-Kimberly G. Strouth to Nehemiah Getu and Samaria Alemayehu, $299,000.

Summer Oak Ct., 18711-Ada A. Medina to Nan Zhang, $222,000.


Bexhill Dr. E., 10102-Jacqueline M. Demars to Jonathan P. Watkins and Nancy G. Enderby, $750,000.

Kensington Pkwy., 10023-E.W. Frenkel to Joseph F. Degiorgi, $515,000.

Saul Rd., 4501-Judy V. Romolo to Jonathan George Mathis, $575,000.


Brassie Way, 9631-Andres Rivas to Huaping Chu, $128,000.

Delcris Dr., 8742-Mariam E. Morris to John P. Hoffman, $300,000.

Lake Landing Rd., 9944-Anna Zetts to Judith L. Holdsworth, $235,000.

Royal Woods Ct., 10308-Tristan Conyers to Nicole Cashaw, $245,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18709, No. 6-Nieves Morse to Quan Ngo and Nu To, $93,000.


Aquarius Ave., 3024-Deann Mitchell to Seth Tucker, $234,000.

Chesterwood Dr., 3952-Elsie Geffrard to Hansen Chia Seto, $143,000.

Gawayne Terr., 3818-Stella H. Ablorh to Ryan J. Walters, $165,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 102-George Hawes to Lawrence J. and Ellen M. Coleman, $69,900.

Lindsey Lane, 14808-E.J. to David Leroy and Peggy E. Salazar, $232,000.

Piccadilly Rd., 14308-J.S. Allen to Lynne E. Vantran, $415,000.


Buehler Rd., 17308-Dahlia Governale to Zackory R. and Kimberly J. Showman, $362,000.

Olney Mill Pl., 3301-H.J. Gelfand to Herbert and Nancy Somers, $438,000.

Thornberry Lane, 18704-V.D. Madine to John S. and Nicole G. Ibrahim, $495,000.


Bells Ridge Terr., 8445-Srinivasan Soundrarajan to Jonathan Mantz, $725,000.

Copenhaver Dr., 9416-Capital One Bank to Esta and Kenneth Franklin, $602,000.

The Corral Dr., 9721-J.B. Wallace to Peter F. and Amy M. Dunne, $1.95 million.


Bald Cypress Dr., 9819-A.W. Hoffmaister to Tigran Khrimian and Elina Balayan, $1.1 million.

Brent Rd., 535-Ruth and Gabriel C. Lamastra to Lisa D. Tilley, $375,000.

Edson Lane, 5801, No. 103-Ellen L. Harmon to Marcia H. and Richard J. Balmadier, $292,000.

Inman Park Cir., 5822, No. 703-Frank Novak to Luis A. and Isabel A. Valencia, $346,794.

Mannakee St., 208-Ruby Hawkins to Michael W. Maeite and Christine W. Recite, $289,500.

Nelson St., 1007-Audrey Emerson to Gang Niu and Jing Qu, $235,000.

Pasture Side Way, 125-Bingyuan Wu to Feng Cheng and Yanyu Shen, $555,000.

Troy Rd., 10902-W.B. Smith to Oliver and Alexandra Kathryn Dziggel, $375,000.


Dunstable Cir., 20045-Kevin Matovich to Frank M. Midgley and Sally M. Brown, $140,000.

Regents Park Dr., 11809-Hedwig Abbey to Fan Meng and Grace Jiang, $305,000.


Galveston Rd., 8407-Cherie Douglas to Wells Fargo Bank, $447,480.

Hollow Glen Pl., 9819-National Residential Nominee Services to Madeline P. Fleisher and Matthew S. McKenzie, $535,000.


Carroll Ave., 8005-Fausto Sorto to Christina Samawi and Fadi Samawi, $230,500.


College View Dr., 11619-Bonnie Jean Brevik to Li Tai Bilbao, $271,500.

Galt Ave., 11813-BRH Corp. to James Cox and Cierra Neville, $335,000.

Insley St., 10415-Jon M. Ballard to Cesar E. Palacios and Jeffrey Zeman, $270,000.

Weisman Rd., 2626-Morgan Chase Bank to Victor Duenas, $99,000.

Frederick County


E St. E., 815-Fannie Mae to Jennifer Jacobs, $120,000.


Main St. E., 120-Heidi Campbell Shoaf to John B. Marston and Kirsten A. Mortimer, $208,000.

Wallingford Ct., 4206-Frederick Mortimer to Allison R. Thomas, $310,000.


Allington Manor Cir. W., 9009-J.R. Wallin to Silvercrest Properties, $330,000.

Andover Lane, 1646-Johnny Chaves to Rebecca A. Holte and Gordon R. Rotter, $110,000.

Baldridge Terr., 6103-Brian Detzel to Silvercrest Properties, $200,000.

Basford Rd., 3041-Maureen A. Jones to Jack L. and Frances V. Taylor, $206,500.

Berkley Lane, 9414-Mary Ann McNaney to Silvercrest Properties, $204,500.

Bowers Rd., 6906B-Bowers Park Corp. to Brian J. Borth and Mary C. Replogle, $268,000.

Buttonwood Ct., 6857-Norman Rathvon to Ernest R. Thomas Sr. and Caroline V. Masters, $172,500.

Claiborne Ct., 8112-Nancy Manthey to Karen L. Smith, $316,900.

Cascade Way, 552-Nicholas McAdams to Kimberly Sue Hannan, $119,000.

Catalpa Rd., 7088-Kimberly Pyles to Alan G. and Bernadine M. Hoffman, $218,000.

Citizens Way, 50, No. 504-Creekside Plaza Corp. to Sheyda Shahrooz and Sam Shahrooz, $211,000.

Ford Rd., 6718-David Edward Douglas to Jean L. White, $175,900.

Dunbrooke Ct., 841-Naomi S. Herron to Paul E. Bogley Jr., $299,000.

Edgemont Rd., 7108B-Elizabeth Staub to Lauren Reitz and Matthew Fanning, $200,000.

Elmer Derr Rd., 6010-R.P. Cannon to Mark E. Logan, $675,000.

Heather Lane, 1753-Joseph Liberto to Teresa and Michael Mohelski, $138,000.

Hedgerow Ct., 612-Anne Marie Koroma to Larry W. and Deborah M. Grove, $255,000.

Leahy Ct., 502E-Susan Marie Smoyer to Kaushik Corp., $113,000.

Midsummer Dr., 168-Vicki Ginsburg to Jason R. and Katrina L. Bradley, $325,000.

Monocacy View Cir., 1850A-Classic Community Corp. to Thomas G. Enderie and Bonnie L. Enderle, $212,000.

Montalto Crossing, 6502C-Rosemarie F. Cohen to Raman S. Nanda and Nadipuram Shashi, $130,000.

Noblewood Ct., 1809-Gerardo Orozco to Dennis K. Dudley and Crystal Kees Dudley, $230,000.

Rockledge Ct., 5609-Mauricio Apolinares to Yinghua Zhang and Jian Lin, $142,000.

Round Hill Rd., 4832-Lorna R. House to Kathleen Bowen and Harold Rolf Noer, $377,000.

Seminole Rd., 916-Helen Spangler to Shannon E. Carmack, $160,000.

Snow Goose Ct., 6826-Troy Evans to Bruce and Sarah Rice, $160,000.

Spring Run Cir., 2063-NVR Inc. to Ashworth S. and Trinice V. Williams, $266,990.

Upshur Sq., 5542-Marlene E. Facine to Cathy L. Rossomondo, $215,000.

Wainwright Ct., 2149, No. 1A-Jennifer Diamond to Amanda M. Gillich, $101,000.

Waterview Ct., 8027-January Magyar to Aaron T. Webb and Steven M. Webb, $149,000.

Weitzel Ct., 2016-Paul M. Smith to HSBC Bank, $152,150.

Wellington Ct., 544-Jillian Yoho to Reza Fakory, $86,000.

Wild Fig Ct., 101-Russell Hylton to Wendy A. Barone, $178,000.

Woodlyn Rd., 5701-Tara Ketteringham to Christopher P. Fennell, $253,000.

Third St. E., 300-Brian Goad to Brandon and Kathryn Rice, $219,000.

Fifth St. W., 19-Pegasus Home Corp. to Catherine A. Deluca, $182,000.

Seventh St. W., 315-Harold E. Buhrman to Pattee Brown, $150,000.


Smoke House Cir., 13-Deron Wells to Jordan M. Stickelman and Alexandra Stickelman, $273,000.


Windy Hill Dr., 4199-J.D. Wagner to Clarence and Dianna M. Spyker, $300,000.


Black Ankle Rd., 14680-U.S. Bank to Dustin A. and Erin L. Leyshon, $163,500.

Oak View Dr., 1125-Michael F. Klein to Julius P. and Bonnie S. Justice, $230,000.

Penn Shop Rd., 13051-D. Annette Rampulla to Clyde R. and Eleanor K. Moore, $174,000.

Shirley Bohn Rd., 14762-Teresa L. Poetker to Gregory J. and Amanda R. Long, $473,500.

Western View Pl., 5788-Bruce Schorer to Wells Fargo Bank, $236,000.


Rocky Fountain Ct., 3-Russell J. Grabill to Thomas E. and Yupin Weldon, $348,000.


Commodore Ct., 6634-Heide M. Breuer to Julie L. Capriolo, $225,000.

Fox Meadow Cir., 10398-Laura B. Gilmer to Michael Kazlau, $285,000.

Meadowlake Rd., 6908-Rachel L. Claiborne to Thomas J. and Tara M. Anderson, $300,000.

Pond Fountain Ct., 11121-Paul Battaglia to Silvercrest Properties, $315,000.

Shore Sq. N., 6539-Teresa L. Yost to Jon N. Woodfield, $220,000.

Victorian Ave., 10605-Alison L. Hancock and Lisa M. Martell to Aileen Montgomery, $327,500.

Worchester Dr., 11116-Edward M. and Carole A. Tilmont to Jaime J. Villanueva and Nataly G. Romero, $280,000.


Canal Run Dr., 1694-Ausherman Homes to Adalberto and Rosemary Maldonado, $315,000.

Thomas Dr., 1623-Thomas H. Whiting to Frederick Zachary Zupka, $160,000.


Hammaker St. E., 120-Pamela R. Wildasin and Harold D. Wildasin to Kathleen E. Haggart, $155,000.

Old Oak Pl., 110-Ronald Lee Tosten to Elisabeth Hilderbrand, $145,000.

Whates Lane, 11819-Sarah F. Transeau to JBB Corp., $540,000.


Amelung St., 8929-Daniel M. Hall to Shenandoah M. Gregg, $297,000.

Bothwell Lane, 9657-Urbana Highlands Corp. to Timothy Lee and Patrice M. Wiles, $379,980.

Charterhouse Rd., 9230-Glenn R. and Edna S. Shonk to Muneeb S. and Izza M. Malik, $659,900.

Ethan Ridge Dr., 9639-Urbana Highlands Corp. to Tomas Vilimas, $415,787.

Prospect Hill Pl., 9447-Philip Krautwurst to Ossama S. Ali and Rasha Yasein El Makaty, $305,000.

Slate Hill Pl., 5850-Gregor Mihalko to David Amoriell, $361,588.

Tabard Lane, 3569-Thomas Nguyen to Marcus and Erin Gross, $315,000.


Chapel Ct., 400-Robert Dutrow to Michael A. and Marisa L. Hombach, $129,900.

Gallorette Ct., 18-Robert Holton Newton to U.S. Bank, $110,000.

Revelation Ave., 8348-Grace A. Greene to Preston M. and Dorothea T. Woodard, $130,000.

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