Montgomery County and Frederick County home sales

August 1, 2012

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Montgomery County

Congress Dr., 13806-A.K. Chang to Jay V. Magallones and Mary Grace Cruz, $314,000.

Hannans Way, 15309-E.A. Wick to Mark A. and Pam J. Pipta, $550,000.

Promontory Ct., 16312-J. Shriver to Dayle M. and Arthur Tyng, $584,000.


Bannockburn Dr., 6206-Grace and Isaac B. Stephenson to Bannockburn Drive Corp., $525,000.

Chelsea Lane N., 4509-Robert P. and Paige Coulman to Stephen Han and Laura Levillier Wang, $750,000.

Fort Sumner Dr., 4701-Nancy Murphy Walker to William T. and Elizabeth Heil Bergin, $915,000.

Harrogate Rd., 9907-Matthew H. Holahan to Jason M. and Paula A. Rosenstock, $725,000.

Milstead Dr., 9515-Doris Grimm to Manor Homes Corp., $465,000.

Sentinel Dr., 4986, No. 104-Jean A. and George E. Lamphere to Robert R. and Sarah C. Milam, $800,000.

Ventnor Rd., 5316-Carla Steiger to SHJ Group Corp., $560,000.

Wiltshire Dr., 5910-Michael K. Cusack to David and Kimberly S. Crossgrove, $720,000.


Collingwood Terr., 13520-Jeffrey Alan and Joyce M. Cutler to Marcie A. Basson and Jonathan A. Steinman, $330,000.

Shepperton Terr., 2921-Yvon Accius and Ellen Coleman to Dorothy Watson, $110,000.


Park Ave. N., 4620, No. 506E-Nicholas S. Demas to Susan S. and Louis J. Kirschenbaum, $407,500.

Wisconsin Ave., 5600, No. 805-Amy F. Creedon and Dino E. Flores Jr. to Susana H. Eri, $730,000.


Clarksridge Rd., 23429-M. Pratt to Sungki and Mihee Jeong, $265,000.

Roberts Tavern Dr., 23129-Jenny Arias to Brian Weiss, $124,382.


Basingstoke Lane, 14400-E.P. Foneska to Alka R. Mitter, $315,000.

Wembrough St., 15609-Green River Capital Corp. to Jeffrey B. and Kathryn M. Hageman, $283,000.


Bristol Ave., 9706-Joel E. Klein and Erica B. Goldman to Mary Cecilia Costello, $403,015.

Legato Terr., 416-Adrien and Evelyn B. Ravizee to Abraham Abraham and Meaza Hurufa, $225,000.

University Blvd. E., 215-P. Vo to Van Dau and Thong Huynh, $205,000


Bannister Ct., 26-Venita Graves to Ana Lilian Aparicio and Manuel De Jesus Aparicio, $285,000.

Christopher Ave., 401, No. 24-Amber S. and Roman Ralli to Kristyanna H. Terney, $105,000.

Gas Light Ct., 3-Majorie Obita and Charles O. Angina to Omoladun R. and Olalekan M. Elujoba, $220,000.

Lindenhouse Rd., 18941-Osvaldo M. Brenes and Maria E. Ugalde to Toshi Koenig and Monica Yi, $325,000.

Sedley Terr., 19032-Chandrika Dias to Susan D. Willie and Alex E. Barros, $330,000.


Ansel Terr., 13400, No. 6K-Alice A. Kazor to Kris R. Busch, $163,000.

Burdette Lane, 17632-Roger Burdette to K2NC Corp., $165,000.

Dover Cliffs Cir., 19453-Michelle Harig and Nathan A. Hauser to Dylan M. and Neary Alguard, $250,000.

Hickory Tree Way, 12401, No. 714-Najwa Kareem to Melena Ramcharan, $65,000.

Peach Crest Dr., 12209, No. 903-Fannie Mae to Sncha Chalissery, $90,000.

Schaeffer Rd., 13908-David M. Johnson to Albert C. Burns and Christopher J. Burns, $355,000.

Summer Oak Ct., 18813-Debra Jean Mead to JF Clopper Corp., $234,000.


Calgary Ave., 2711-Satya Corp. to Alan J. and Anita J. Pearl, $422,500.

Palisades Ct., 11302-Jean Van Duzer to Juris S. Mohseni and Aby S. Mohseni, $352,000.


Riding Stable Rd., 15510-James E. and Jeanne E. Hillman to Roger and Tara Sterling, $225,000.


Chadburn Pl., 9267-Colleen M. Saur to Maria Amaya and Medardo De Paz, $70,000.

Drexel Hill Cir., 19930-Jaime Villanueva and Nataly Gordillo Romero to Leroy Wilson, $220,000.

Lake Shore Dr., 9773-David Ira Travis to Wensheng Liang and Jin Ma, $169,900.

Royal Woods Ct., 10334-Benoit and Maria Calvo to Matthew Regan and Yoon Young Lee, $240,000.

Walkers Choice Rd., 18712, No. 5-Juliana Andrea Ordonez Moreno to Oleg Semenikhin, $54,000.


Aquarius Ave., 3031-Fatin N. and Nazmi Eraifei to Philip J. and Jayne M. Stoner, $213,000.

Bel Pre Rd., 3844, No. 4-Gloria L. Sandoval to Anna T. Ho and Shi Zhou Dong, $66,000.

Chorley Woods Way, 3600-Doris E. and Norman John Ziehl to David Guy and Elijah Williams, $220,000.

Glade Dr., 15101, No. 2D-Cecilia Levy to James C. and Kathleen W. Coolbaugh, $87,000.

Interlachen Dr., 15100, No. 107-Richard Scott Smith to Stephen E. Mayhew, $232,000.

Matey Rd., 12902-Cynthia E. Deutermann to Jarice Banks, $131,000.

Pine Orchard Dr., 15316, No. 2E-Gretchen C. Sharpe to Kyun Trakas and Hyun Im, $125,000.


Beckwith St., 210-C.A. Halterman to Sautsen Joanna Lam, $515,000.

Featherstone St., 971-Emaad S. and Saira A. Burki to David and Ann Granger, $788,000.

Hillside Lake Terr., 927, No. 205-Donald E. and Mary Jo Barnes to Scott J. Ravin, $214,000.

Orchard Dr., 19-Larry Beabes to Kristopher G. Van Amburg and Amber R. Van Amburg, $270,000.

Turnham Ct., 5-Andrea Turner to Heather C. Bupp, $628,000.


Dumfries Terr., 2104-Ann Glascock to Kevin P. Eckert and Lauren A. Minite, $390,000.

Rose Theatre Cir., 2122-Michael J. and Cynthia G. Green to Vikram and Erin F. Pant, $588,000.


Kohlhoss Rd., 17660-Fannie Mae to Blanca O. Portillo, $175,000.


Bentcross Dr., 9809-Ayman Hariri and Rafic Bizri to Serdal Adali, $2.71 million.

Democracy Blvd., 10412-Roya J. Marcelle and Bijan Ghovanlou to Dennis Amini, $1.18 million.

River Rd., 10513-Lawrence M. and Betty Sullivan to Bhargav P. and Madhvi B. Upender, $1.55 million.

Victory Ct., 6-Elizabeth Sayre Reich to Gregg A. and Holly S. Hand, $620,000.


Balsam Grove Ct., 5706-Elaine and Walter Hoover to Leonard S. Gradowski, $415,000.

Brewer House Rd., 10785-Donald A. Quesenberry to Michael P. and Carole A. Joseph, $645,000.

Good Earth Ct., 14505-David Htun and Phyu Kyaw to Ba Lin and Liang Chen, $64,000.

Kings Riding Way, 10703, No. 201-13-Ayten and Hakki Adam to Tanya S. and Wayne G. Miller, $369,000.

Marcliff Rd., 11005-Arthur and Cornelia H. Sera to Sang Min Lee and Yunie K. Hong, $1.4 million.

New Mark Esplanade, 130-Helen L. and Alan David Wolfe to Elge and Macy Wong, $445,000.

Paulsboro Dr., 967-Birgit Genoveva Cox and Birgit G. Rutledge to Eric L. Strong and Elsa C. Powel, $463,350.

Rockville Pike, 10500, No. 1227-Andrew K. and Marie A. Chang to Behnaz Z. Quigley, $232,000.

Valley Oak Cir., 13600-Rajesh and Beena Puri to Babu and Sharada B. Arumugam, $859,000.


Eton Manor Dr., 11824, No. 202-Sandra Natalia Castrillon to Abhishake Chhibber, $157,000.

Ridge Rd., 21500-N.L. Tunnell to Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, $530,000.


Glen Ave., 9730B-Margaret Barbee to Christina M. Koczak, $92,000.

Hollow Glen Pl., 9819-Justine M. Nichols to National Residential Nominee Services, $535,000.


Elm Ave., 1017-Karen S. Wagner to Susana Rojas Williams and Harold J. Williams, $560,000.

Fifth Ave., 6404-Kevin P. Keeley to Danielken Molina Rodriguez and Sara Jackson, $380,000.


Paul Dr., 1008-Patricio Cristobal and Juan M. Garay to Merialy Baird and Maria Mejia, $214,500.


Dennis Ave., 2110-Beneficial Financial to Yueying Chen, $215,000.

Georgia Ave., 10212-Maximo Enterprises to Phong Vinh Phan and Diem T. Tran, $250,000.

Julep Ave., 10417-Sunghun Cho to Stefan Z. Gasiewicz and Laura L. Abrahams, $202,400.

Lytle St., 11703-Jacob Azhdam to Stephen A. Atkins, $305,000.

Winding Waye Ct., 10-HSBC Bank to Mark Levine and Yukiko Nitoh, $346,000.

Frederick County

Orndorff Dr. W., 10-Christopher R. and Vanessa N. Ridley to Connie P. Kinna, $80,000.


Arbor Dr., 6999-Norma Boone Miller to Robert C. Clayton and Margo E. Trexler, $182,000.

Ashfield Ct., 200-Glen Rider to Jian Wang and Shiyue Mao, $116,000.

Barn Hill Ct., 6062-Quresh Hakimii to Jeffrey J. Campbell, $246,000.

Buttonwood Ct., 6886-Joseph E. Clark Jr. to Donald R. and Anne F. Maxey, $162,000.

Caverness Ct., 4902-Rebecca L. Baugher to Richard D. and Lila L. Carfine, $318,961.

Coach House Way, 2503, No. 2C-A. Constable to Margaret Byers and Catherine Byers Hamilton, $112,000.

Dartmoor Pl., 5134-J.C. and Julie C. Huffman to Robert R. and Barbara M. Sottilaro, $229,900.

Delaware Rd., 406-Ruth C. and Edward M. Akers to Andrew R. Mitchell III, $160,000.

Gambrill Park Rd., 10020-R.E. Bidle Jr. to Andrew C. and Julie A. Muenzfeld, $95,000.

Kernel Ct., 6738-Jack L. and Frances V. Taylor to Indrani Yapa and Anil Rajarantne, $136,900.

Knollwood Ct., 6347-David and Lucy Oviedo Tormena to James D. and Nina B. Willson, $470,000.

McClellan Dr., 128-Luis A. Zelaya and Diana M. Fajardo to Gina M. Casadei, $200,000.

Mill Race Rd., 2520-Wormald Development to Virginia D. Madine, $294,900.

Northridge Lane, 1727-Ester Flores to Rema Abella, $109,000.

Snowberry Way, 1006-Freddie Mac to Donna Howell Lynch, $210,000.

Waterside Dr., 2520, No. 117-Joseph E. Butler Jr. to Richard A. and Rena M. Egan, $175,000.

Wetherburne Way, 2232-D. Batcheller to Melissa Y. Gerena, $190,000.

Whitfield Ct., 5826-Iris Clarke to Brittany Jeanette Day, $105,000.

Third St. W., 15-Richard A. Rodenbaugh to Eric D. Riser, $147,500.

Sixth St. W.,38-Nexus Energy Homes to Christopher Schenkel, $326,499.


Mussetter Rd., 4817A-Kimberly K. and Ronald J. Walls to Danny Lee and Krista Jean Spears, $224,900.


Gray Fox Ct., 14-Robert F. and Richard L. Sheffer to Darren A. and Carolyn R. Spehr, $350,000.


Leafy Hollow Cir., 1215-Stephen M. Trimble to Daryl L. Mackinnon and Greg Maidens, $445,000.

Rolling Acres Ct., 4307-J. Mahoney to John Parker Pitman and Stefanie Fuhrman, $351,000.

Woodville Rd., 6347-Freddie Mac to Edward R. and Rebecca L. Davis, $427,500.


Catoctin Highlands Cir., 3-Laura Carter to Trisha Somers and James Henry May, $125,000.

Pleasant Acres Dr., 52-Christopher O. Hartness to Department of Veterans Affairs, $255,577.


Carriage Hill Dr., 3676-John and Cathy L. McWilliams to Deborah K. Ramirez, $310,000.

Hope Commons Cir., 3742-Todd J. Moses to Desai Manish, $275,000.

Sprigg St. S., 3551-Caroly Huxford to Chih Yu and Duu Gong Wu, $286,250


Fallsworth Pl., 311-Martin S. and Joan M. Lapera to Jennifer L. Yates, $375,000.

Stauffer Rd., 8900-Paula A. Hood to Anthony D. and Jacquelyn V. Wilson, $189,000.

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