Pollen vortex unleashed: Tree count surges over 2,000

The cool and wet spring has offered allergy sufferers a reprieve. Until now.

The pent-up tree pollen count exploded to 2014′s highest point (so far) today, reaching 2,168.37 grains per cubic meter of air —  classified as “very high.”

“[There was] enough sunshine [yesterday] to allow those tenacious oak catkins to jubilantly release abundant amounts of pollen into the air,” said Susan Kosisky, director of the U.S. Army Centralized Allergen Extract Lab. “There was noticeable yellow pollen dust on the cars yesterday, one of the few days the microscopic grains were really evident this tree season and the count did indeed climb.”

This year’s peak count (so far) comes later than any previous year on record dating back to 1998.  The average tree pollen peak occurs in mid-to-late April.

“We may see this 1st week in May as our “peak week” this year for our tree pollen, especially with nice weather expected the next several days or so,” said Kosisky.

Stock up on those antihistamines.

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