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The race for Virginia governor

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Republican Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe are squaring off in a battle to replace Gov. Robert McDonnell in Richmond.


McAuliffe to campaign for Gov. Pat Quinn in Chicago

The Virginia governor will stump for Pat Quinn in Chicago before traveling to Rhode Island for his political fund.


Nation rushes to embrace natural gas and fracking despite risks to environment

The rush to embrace natural gas and fracking is steamrolling valid worries about long-term risks to environment.


In wake of McDonnell conviction, McAuliffe to announce ethics commission

The Virginia governor will ask the commission to study ethics, campaign finance and redistricting.


Va. House speaker makes a point on Puckett investigation

In light of an FBI investigation of an ex-legislator, William J. Howell said he won’t confirm 3 job appointments.


Study ramps up cost of stalled highway in Virginia

Virginia officials say environmental study confirms decision to halt construction of new toll road.


Cuccinelli sues ‘scam PAC’ for allegedly misleading his supporters

(Nikki Kahn / The Washington Post)

A lawyer for Conservative StrikeForce PAC says his clients are “mystified” by the charges.


McAuliffe and GOP offer plan for $2.4 billion budget shortfall

Most state spending will be trimmed by 3 percent to narrow Virginia’s deficit.


Democrats try to balance environmental and business interests in Virginia

(Steve Helber / AP)

Gov. McAuliffe’s positions on pipeline proposal and climate change show difficulty of pleasing everyone.


Warner maintains 22-point lead over Gillespie in Senate race, poll shows

(Bob Brown / AP)

Republican Gillespie still struggles with name ID in his quest to deprive Warner of a second term in Senate.