Ex-Rep. Artur Davis backs Ron Meyer in race against Rep. Gerry Connolly

One potential Northern Virginia GOP congressional candidate backed another Tuesday, as former House representative Artur Davis (Ala.) heaped praise on Ron Meyer’s exploratory bid against Rep. Gerald Connolly (D-Va.).

Meyer, a 23-year-old activist who has worked for a handful of conservative groups, said last week that he was considering a 2014 campaign to unseat Connolly from the Fairfax-based 11th district, which was previously competitive but was made much safer for Democrats in the last round of redistricting.

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Davis, meanwhile, has been mulling a run of his own in the commonwealth. Previously a Democratic congressman and gubernatorial candidate from Alabama, he has become a Republican and Virginia resident. At the Conservative Political Action Conference last weekend — where Davis spoke — he called Meyer ”young and energetic” in an interview with Breitbart News Network, and he reiterated that point in an e-mail Tuesday.

“I think Ron Meyer is a very promising young man who is exactly the kind of individual Republicans in Virginia need to be developing,” Davis said. “An entirely new face whose youth make such a statement in its own right is also a good contrast to a career clock puncher like Gerry Connolly. I am encouraging Meyer and will help him in any way I can.”

Connolly’s office had not responded to a request for comment as of this posting.

When Davis first made clear he had shifted his political sights to Virginia, Connolly’s seat looked like a potential target. But more recently Davis has spoken with multiple Republican operatives about the possibility of running in the neighboring 10th district whenever Rep. Frank Wolf (R) decides to retire.

Wolf has given no signal that he plans to leave office any time soon, but there will be no shortage of Republicans lining up to run when he does. Mitt Romney (R) won Wolf’s district in the 2012 presidential race by a narrow margin, while President Obama won Connolly’s district by more than 25 points.

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