Million-Dollar Wasteland: A Washington Post Investigation

Who’s who in the D.C. housing deal

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Richard Hagler:

Contractor from Calvert County hired by Peaceoholics to do marketing and zoning studies and eventually launch renovations. After the project faltered, the housing agency transferred ownership of the three buildings to Hagler.

David Tolson: Local developer who sold one of the apartment complexes on Meigs Place NE to Peaceoholics.

Edward P. Wilson III: Anne Arundel businessman who sold one of the apartment complexes on Congress Street SE to Peaceoholics. Later, Wilson’s company lent Peaceoholics $1.6 million for construction.

Jose Strickland: Mortgage banker who, according to interviews, brokered the sale of the Congress Street property and the $1.6 million construction loan between Peaceoholics and Wilson.

Jim Graham: D.C. Council member who has raised questions with city officials about the deal since October.