U.S. Export-Import Bank chief faces heat from Republicans in House hearing

(Andrew Harrer / Bloomberg)

The export-credit agency faces a tough reauthorization battle from some Republicans on House panel.

Are we ready for a female president? Bachmann says no.

Although Rep. Michele Bachmann said it’s unlikely for Americans to elect a woman president, author Marianne Schnall found overwhelming support for the idea in researching her book.


Eric Cantor’s historic primary loss in Virginia is a warning about runaway gerrymandering

The redrawing of the House majority leader’s district shifted it to the right — which was good for him, then bad.

Democrats are twice as likely to lose primaries as Republicans. So what’s Eric Cantor’s excuse?

Despite gerrymandering Democratic seats out of existence, Republicans are primaries to challenges from the right.

Michele Bachmann’s tale of Obamacare woe

On CNN, one of the media distortions of the fall takes a hit.

Is Ted Cruz more Michele Bachmann or Mike Huckabee?

(Nati Harnik)

Two past Iowa rock stars who ended up in two very different political places in the state.