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Former Massachussetts governor Mitt Romney launched his 2012 presidential bid by casting himself as the candidate most capable of solving America’s economic problems. Romney’s financial expertise gave him unique value to Republicans following his failed 2008 presidential bid as government bailouts, spending and deficits overshadowed social issues like abortion rights and gay marriage.

But it’s unclear whether Romney can broaden his appeal and capture the enthusiasm of the surging, anti-establishment tea-party activists as he runs again in 2012.

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Editor's Pick

Romney was right — and wrong — in Jerusalem

(Charles Dharapak / AP)

The candidate’s controversial remarks require more than simplistic analysis.


Mitt Romney headlines Christie birthday fundraiser

(Julio Cortez / Associated Press)

Former Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney drew a sharp contrast between New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and President Barack Obama at a fundraiser Wednesday night in honor of Christie’s 52nd birthday.


Mitt Romney headlines Christie birthday fundraiser

Former Republican presidential contender Mitt Romney is in New Jersey to attend a fundraiser in honor of Gov. Chris Christie.


Romney’s advisers meet in DC, shoot down WH talk

(Charles Krupa, File / Associated Press)

Members of Mitt Romney’s inner circle are shooting down speculation about the former Republican presidential nominee’s 2016 ambitions on the eve of a senior staff reunion in Washington.


Romney: I would have done a better job than Obama

(Charles Rex Arbogast, File / Associated Press)

Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney says there is no question in his mind that he would have been more effective in the White House than President Barack Obama. But he reiterates he has no plans to run again.

Even in Romney states, more want to keep Obamacare than repeal it

Republicans won the argument over the word “Obamacare,” but not over the policy.


Two ideas that could overcome political gridlock

(J. Scott Applewhite / AP)

Two ideas on two pressing issues: infrastructure and health-care costs.

The ghost of Mitt Romney 2012 looms over this year’s campaign

The same formula that felled Romney threatens to derail some of the year’s most promising candidates.


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