How Europe’s climate policies have led to more trees being cut down in the U.S.

The continent’s push for wood pellets as a fuel is spurring more logging here, amid doubts about the environmental benefits.

‘Paradigm change’ in the development of cancer drugs

Precision oncology trial to test treatments based on genetic mutations in patients’ tumors.

A novel way to target cancer and its treatments

Genetic flags on tumors allow tailoring of drugs for specific cancers.



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Cutting trees to fight climate change?

European countries are subsidizing the cutting of forests across the southeastern United States to produce wood pellets that can be burned in power plants as a climate-friendly alternative to coal. But some scientists say burning wood to make electricity could lead to higher levels of carbon pollution for decades

  • Patterson Clark and Joby Warrick/The Washington Post;/The Washington Post
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  • Health & Science
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  • 3 hours ago
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On the verge of extinction, female sawfish resort to ‘virgin births’ to survive

For the first time, scientists found evidence that female sawfish in the wild didn't need males to reproduce.

Science columnist tells student bothered by breast-ogling prof: ‘Put up with it’

The column has since been removed, but it struck a nerve.

Your brain on ADHD

Up to 11 percent of school-age children and 4 percent of adults are estimated to have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. About 70 percent of those kids (and an unknown but growing number of adults) take medication for it. Scientists don’t know exactly what ADHD is — or why certain drugs improve its symptoms — but most research suggests that it causes signaling problems in the brain. ADHD medications are thought to improve those brain signals.

  • Bonnie Berkowitz and Patterson Clark - The Washington Post
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  • Health & Science
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  • 7 hours ago
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How ‘tweeting’ seals are helping us discover the ocean’s mysteries

Southern elephant seals, equipped with monitors, collect data from polar oceans.

Scientists detail all the yucky stuff in your eyes because of your contact lenses

Using genetic sequencing, researchers have identified thousands of bacterial strains.

NASA tests plane coating designed to cut through bug guts

Bug guts actually create a lot of drag.

Getting a second opinion can ease fears, though their value is uncertain

Experts estimate that diagnostic errors occur in 10 to 15 percent of cases.

A 430,000-year-old whodunit

3-D skull reconstruction suggests a prehistoric homicide.

You have dense breasts. What does that mean?

Laws requiring notification of breast density after mammograms can cause confusion and anxiety.

Still more questions than answers about how to treat ADHD

A change in diet helps some people; for others, solutions are hard to find and often incomplete.

Should you give your kid ADHD drugs?

For parents, it can be a difficult decision to put a child on medication. Here are some tips.

How a concussion victim lost his mind — and got it back

“The Ghost in My Brain” chronicles a professor’s surprising return from traumatic brain injury.

An anti-cancer diet?

Two books advise on foods to eat to keep from getting cancer and foods for surviving the tough treatment.

You may grow old before anyone develops an anti-aging therapy

The prospect of slowing the clock is tantalizing, but the evidence for hormones and supplements is thin.

Recent wild weather suggests an intense El Nino effect this year

Torrential rains in Texas and Oklahoma, tornado in Mexio, record high temperatures in Alaska

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EHealth Sees Once-Thriving Business Decline After Health Law’s Exchanges Open

The Affordable Care Act was expected to be a boon for eHealth Inc., the nation’s largest online health insurance broker. After all, the law required most Americans to have coverage, provided governmen...

What Patients Gain By Reading Their Doctor’s Notes

During a recent physical, Jeff Gordon’s doctor told him he may be pre-diabetic. It was a quick mention, mixed in with a review of blood pressure numbers, other vital statistics like his heart rate, he...

Newly Insured Californians Wary Of Costs But Embracing Coverage

Many Californians who obtained health insurance last year said they struggled to pay their premiums, although having coverage made them more confident about affording future medical care, according to...

Medicare Pays For Spouses To Get Grief Counseling Through Hospice

Medicare’s hospice benefit covers services not only for a terminally ill beneficiary. Family caregivers also can receive grief and loss counseling for up to a year following the beneficiary’s death. H...

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