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Justice Ginsburg on gay marriage, Hobby Lobby, and nervous liberals

The Supreme Court will decide same-sex marriage sooner rather than later and she’ll retire later rather than sooner.


Ginsburg: High court won’t ‘duck’ gay marriage

(Cliff Owen / Associated Press)

The Supreme Court won’t duck the issue of same-sex marriage the next time a case comes to the court, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg says.


Colorado Supreme Court stops gay marriages in Boulder, only place still allowing them in state

Colorado Supreme Court stops gay marriages in Boulder, only place still allowing them in state.

Civilities Live: What’s next for same-sex marriage in Virginia and beyond?

The 29th consecutive federal or state ruling in favor of same-sex marriage


Top Colorado court halts gay marriages in Boulder

Boulder County must stop issuing marriage licenses to gay couples while the Colorado Supreme Court considers an appeal from the state’s attorney general, justices said in a ruling Tuesday.


Appeals court ruling clears way for gay marriage in the heart of Bible Belt

A federal appeals court panel in Virginia became the second one this summer to strike down a state ban against same-sex marriage Monday (July 28), making it more likely that the Supreme Court will settle the issue as early as next year.


Gay couples denied marriage licenses in S.Carolina

Five same-sex couples have been turned down for marriage licenses in a South Carolina county.

Fourth Circuit strikes down Virginia ban on same-sex marriage

The court says Virginia’s exclusion of gay couples from marriage is “segregation.“


Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas is a rising Republican power in House, as well as a whip

(J. Scott Applewhite / AP)

First-term senator wielding such influence in House is sign of ongoing tumult in Republican Party.


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