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Chick-fil-A food fight unfolds

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Divorce law out of synch with same-sex marriage

(Darryl Bush, File / Associated Press)

Cori Jo Long, 31, and Brooke Powell, 30, did everything right before they married. They fell in love slowly, based on years of friendship stretching back to high school. They planned their nuptials carefully for about a year, choosing to travel from Texas to New Hampshire in 2010 as same-sex marriage spread.

Utahns split on same-sex marriage, but most don’t think it would affect their marriage or family

According to the poll, 70 percent of Utahns have close family or friends who are gay or lesbian.


St. Louis challenge to gay marriage ban in court

(St. Louis Post-Dispatch, David Carson, File / Associated Press)

An assistant Missouri attorney general argued Monday in a St. Louis courtroom that state law, backed by a vote of the people, makes it clear that marriage is defined as between a man and a woman.


Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy dies at 93

Chick-fil-A founder S. Truett Cathy has died at age 93. The fast food chain known for its mix of religion and business made headlines in 2012 when its president made statements opposing same-sex marriage.

The world according to Chick-fil-A founder Truett Cathy

The chain’s founder S. Truett Cathy died Monday. Here are his thoughts on Christianity and business, Chick-fil-A employees, closing on Sundays and more.


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