‘Game of Thrones’ season 5 episode 4 review: “The Sons of the Harpy”

"Game of Thrones" continues to pull away from George R.R. Martin's books in "The Sons of the Harpy," a powerful episode about the relationships between parents and children.

In Baltimore and North Charleston, parallels with a fight against rape

The fight to make sure police officers who kill black men face appropriate charges has parallels in the long effort to ensure black women's rapists went to jail.

Why I Love: The Baltimore of ‘Tin Men’

Barry Levinson used Baltimore's architecture and institutions to frame a classic movie about the end of one era and the beginning of another.



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Tony Stark, Wilson Fisk and the limits of good intentions

Marvel's movies and television shows are full of people with good ideas, but that doesn't prevent them from achieving disastrous results.

  • Sonny Bunch
  • ·
  • 2 days ago

‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ proves why robots are blockbusters’ best villains

Action filmmakers love robots because machines let them stage violent action sequences while keeping their PG-13 ratings.

Intermission: Binge-reading

Binge-watching is big, but how do you approach book series? Plus, NBC tries to be Netflix, Elizabeth Banks takes the directors' chair, "Sworn Virgin" sounds terrific and I can't wait to see "What Happened, Miss Simone?"

Why are men still surprised when they learn about rape?

A new book from Jon Krakauer examines sexual assaults at the University of Montana. He'd have been better off interrogating his own shock that rape remains a serious problem.

During Baltimore’s painful week, local TV reporters shine

National media may be flooding into Baltimore. But local reporters have been outstanding because residents trust that they care about what comes next for the city.

Intermission: Avenging!

Which Avenger are you most excited to see back on screen? Plus, Wesley Morris on Bruce Jenner, Caitlin Dewey on sexting, Noel Murray on raising his son and Kim Masters on DC's superhero universe.

‘The Wire,’ the burning of Baltimore and the limits of art

David Simon’s most famous show convinced us that we’d seen Baltimore’s crime and corruption, and that there was nothing we could do about them.

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