MICHAEL BROWN CARTOON: How the New York Times turned Matt Bors’ satire into real prescience

BECAUSE CARTOONIST MATT BORS is a cultural critic, journalism often finds itself square in his cross-hairs — whether some fellow editorial cartoonists are reflexively drawing the late mogul/Buddhist Steve Jobs at the gates of St. Peter, or news networks are reporting a massive factual error that ends up personally drawing him into a story. But even […]

Rare Superman book draws record $3.2 million top bid: The long, ‘cool’ journey of a record-setting comic [UPDATED]

  THE “HOLY GRAIL” of comic-book collectibles received a record-breaking bid Friday — yet the seller would have been none too pleased if the offers had stopped climbing. Action Comics No. 1 — better known as the book that essentially launched the entire superhero industry in 1938 by featuring Superman’s debut — received an “actual […]