The Kirkus! The Thurber! It’s been a ‘banner’ month for women graphic novelists & editorial artists

  SCOTT McCLOUD is on the phone, talking about his chapter introductions — demi-essays, really — within the must-read Best American Comics 2014 anthology, which is due out next week. In raving about such talents as Raina Telgemeier, McCloud is really speaking to what he sees as a demi-revolution coming within comics. In the next […]

Marvel, Jack Kirby’s heirs ‘amicably’ settle legal battle over superhero-character rights

IN 2012, amid the bountiful box office of “The Avengers,” Comic Riffs proposed that the Disney/Marvel mega-force — that Galactus of Hollywood box office — offer a million-dollar thank-you to the man who co-created so many of those characters: Jack Kirby. That shoot-for-the-moon “Immodest Proposal” was met with skepticism — Marvel, came many a reader […]

BANNED BOOKS WEEK: No ‘Bone’ or ‘Neverwhere’? Here’s why we can’t afford to shelve the debate

EDITOR’S NOTE: Last winter, Comic Riffs wrote an essay (“The Trial Balloon”) on educators tapping the power of graphic novels — a report that was partly inspired by the banning of certain comics in schools. So Comic Riffs especially applauds that this year, the American Library Association and other groups are putting a special focus […]

FIRST DAY OF AUTUMN 2014: Google Doodle reflects how inspired fall artists use the leaf of paper

  BACK IN MARCH, Eisner-nominated artist Eleanor Davis created a beguiling animated Google Doodle to celebrate the budding Spring Equinox. The watering of the letters in “Google” by a “blob lady” resulted in the blooming Doodle, Davis told The Post’s Comic Riffs. Today, into the Doodle, a little reversal must fall. In an animation reminiscent […]