Indiana’s ‘March’ artist tells of shame, empowerment over ‘religious freedom’ law

Artists and gamers have decried Gov. Pence's "religious freedom vs. gay rights" law. Indiana civil-rights cartoonist Nate Powell has this to say.

TED CRUZ: 10 Eye-Catching Cartoons that skewered his news, Texas BBQ-style

By taking off first in the presidential race, Sen. Ted Cruz endured the first round of "campaign" cartoons aimed at his political hide.

Shock and Draw: Here’s the graphic cartoon U.S. airdropped on ISIS

As anti-ISIS propaganda, here is the graphic cartoon that the U.S. airdropped this month over Syria.

Sketchbook: Counting the days till justice for jailed Post reporter Jason Rezaian

The exact charges against the Post bureau chief are as opaque as the Iranian 'justice' system's approach to his case.

#Hotelpocalypse: When Comic-Con experience comes freighted with reservations

Some 125,000 people over four days? The granddaddy of comic-cons means a digital scamper that stirs stress and schadenfreude.

For generational conflict, Mark Millar relishes exploring the rings of ‘Jupiter’

Scottish superstar writer Mark Millar skewers second-generation entitlement of the wealthy in his "Jupiter" mission.

Battlefield Hardline, a game where the police do more arresting than serving

Battlefield Hardline's arrest system conveys a fundamental hostility toward anyone in the play space that isn’t a cop.

See: The kid in Jason Momoa–and the kids OF Momoa–poised for Aquaman’s future [VIDEO]

As DC's Aquaman, Jason Momoa is ready to enjoy 20,000 leagues, and the Justice League -- perhaps even as much as his kids are. [VIDEO]

First Look Exclusive: As team’s Catwoman runs ends, a familiar power-suit returns

Something bold, something new: As 'Catwoman' creative team ends run together, a familair look returns this week. [SNEAK PEEK]

Kickstarter of the Week: New romance anthology aims to attract more women to comics

Veteran editor Janelle Asselin is turning to crowdfunding for her new anthology of romance comics -- a genre she says is too under-served.

Emmy Noether Google Doodle: Why Einstein called her a ‘creative mathematical genius’

In 1935, Einstein called Emmy Noether 'the most significant creative mathematical genius thus far produced.' Here is why.

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