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Mortal Kombat: Shawn Kittelsen is just the player to turn the game into the comic

Writer Shawn Kittelsen taps his rich experience to help turn Mortal Kombat the game into Mortal Kombat the comic.

‘Persepolis,’ ‘Saga’ and ‘Drama’ among ‘Most Challenged’ books in U.S. libraries

Three bestselling graphic novels -- "Persepolis," "Saga" and "Drama" -- are among the 'most frequently challenged' books in libraries.

Wonder Woman: South African writer wants to help empower young girls of color

South African writer Lauren Beukes emphasizes the need for more superhero stories that empower girls of color.

Ranking the Reveals: The top superhero news from the week that was

The superhero week that was: Ranking the top 8 "reveals" from the past 7 days, from Daredevil to the Thing to Suicide Squad.

2015 NCS Awards: Pastis, Price lead divisional ‘Silver Reuben’ finalists

"Pearls Before Swine," "Rhymes With Orange" and "The Duplex" creators are among multiple NCS Award nominees.

For generational conflict, Mark Millar relishes exploring the rings of ‘Jupiter’

Scottish superstar writer Mark Millar skewers second-generation entitlement of the wealthy in his "Jupiter" mission.

First Look Exclusive: As team’s Catwoman runs ends, a familiar power-suit returns

Something bold, something new: As 'Catwoman' creative team ends run together, a familair look returns this week. [SNEAK PEEK]

Kickstarter of the Week: New romance anthology aims to attract more women to comics

Veteran editor Janelle Asselin is turning to crowdfunding for her new anthology of romance comics -- a genre she says is too under-served.

‘Nightly Show’s’ Larry Wilmore mines superheroes & stereotypes for laughs [+VIDEO]

Marvel editor, Wonder Woman writer talk about race, religion and other superhero-industry stereotypes on Larry Wilmore' show. [+Video]

As China seeks American fare, Valiant buoyed by deal for a universe of films

As Beijing-based film group enters deal with New York publisher, Valiant offers deep-bench of established superheroes to adapt for the screen.

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