How long can Rangers’ Martin Perez go without allowing a run? He’s at 26 and counting.

(AP Photo/Tony Gutierrez)

The Rangers’ Martin Perez is having quite a run. In Wednesday night’s victory over Oakland he gave up only three hits and two walks while striking out three for the shutout.

That puts him within striking distance of the franchise record for the longest scoreless streak by a Rangers starter:

Strk Start End IP
Kenny Rogers 4/27/05 5/14/05 30
Kenny Rogers 5/11/95 5/27/95 29
Charlie Hough 8/28/83 9/7/83 27
Joe Coleman 7/9/69 7/19/69 27
Martin Perez 4/13/14 4/23/14 26

The key to the lefty’s success? Inducing ground balls. Perez is third in the league in ground ball percentage, including this one from Josh Donaldson to secure the shutout and give Perez a complete-game victory. Below is how hitters have fared against Perez on ground balls this season.

Source: Baseball Savant

The by-product of so many ground balls is twofold: Perez leads the league in pitches resulting in double plays (11, almost double the next-highest pitcher) and he has yet to allow a home run in his 38 innings this year. That is the most innings pitched without a homer allowed by a major league pitcher this year. “I just want to continue to work hard, do what I’m doing and keep doing what I’m doing,” Perez said. “I need to keep the ball down and keep getting quick outs.”

Neil Greenberg analyzes advanced sports statistics for the Fancy Stats blog and prefers to be called a geek rather than a nerd.
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