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The $20 Diner digs the new Leesburg operation, which combines first-rate barbecue joint with honky-tonk and craft-cocktail bar.

The $20 Diner ate way too much brisket in recent weeks to deliver these results.

There's no rest when it comes to cooking with an all-wood-fired pit.

The restaurant and live music venue is set to open some time after Memorial Day.

The Home Stand will serve barbecue and, eventually, beer before and after Nationals games.

The pitmaster's passing could be the end of Mr. P's Ribs and Fish, his long-serving mobile smokehouse.

At Navy Yard's new barbecue joint, even the ice goes into the smoker.

The $20 Diner finds expert barbecue from a pitmaster trained as a chef.

BBQ Bus looks to retain its crown as the best barbecue vendor on D.C.'s streets.

Think you make the best barbecue or most original cocktails? Prove it at a pair of contests this month.

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