Cape Town police beating captured in graphic video sparks anger across Africa

March 11, 2014

Note: This video is extremely graphic and disturbing.


Two police officers and two security guards were arrested in connection with this brutal beating of a Nigerian man.

The attack, according to the The Cape Times, took place on March 7 in central Cape Town in broad daylight and was videotaped from a nearby apartment. It has sparked anger on social media across Africa.

The video shows the officers attacking a man identified as Nigerian Clement Emekensha, stripping him and then kicking and punching him in the groin. The man suffered head and back injuries.

A South African Police Service spokesperson told the BBC they were”horrified” by the incident and said an internal investigation has been launched.

The BBC said there are approximately 17,000 registered Nigerians living in South Africa, according to a study. But it’s estimated that up to a million undocumented immigrants are in the country.

Fred Barbash, the editor of Morning Mix, is a former National Editor and London Bureau Chief for the Washington Post.
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