See Toronto Mayor Rob Ford torn apart by shirtless jogger in ‘Joe the Plumber’ moment

Mayor vs. jogger

Fresh from rehab and wearing what looks like a lei, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford was heckled by a shirtless jogger on Tuesday.

Joe Killoran said he was just out for a run when he saw Ford at a Canada Day parade. He began asking Ford about his alleged attempts to get a tax break for Apollo Health and Beauty, a company that does business with Ford’s family.

When Ford did not reply, no button-down, T-shirt or tank top could contain Killoran’s rage.

“People have a million questions about your lying, your corruption,” Killoran said. “You’re a corrupt, lying, racist homophobe!”

When reporters asked who he was, the buff and bare Killoran had a ready reply: “Do I look like I’m with a campaign?”

“I’m just out for a jog,” he said. “This guy here, he’s a joke. It’s one thing to be sick — that’s fine. But he has questions to answer to the people of Toronto, and he simply won’t do it.”

Twitter’s reaction was predictable.

In an interview with CBC the next day, Killoran, a high school teacher, criticized Ford’s refusal to participate in gay Pride events in Toronto. (For the record: Ford did attend an event in 2013, though he voted against funding it.)

“I think it’s demoralizing, depressing for citizens of this city that this sideshow continues,” Killoran, a high school teacher, later told CBC. “He continues to inflict himself upon us.”

Killoran’s ambush was not unlike that of another Joe – Joseph “Joe the Plumber” Wurzelbacher, who confronted a senator who would be president in 2008.

After his run-in with Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) — who, unlike Ford, replied — Wurzelbacher endorsed Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and lost a congressional election. Last month, he weighed in on the shootings in Isla Vista, Calif.

“As harsh as this sounds — your dead kids don’t trump my Constitutional rights,” he wrote in an open letter to families affected by the shooting


Justin Moyer is the deputy editor of the Morning Mix.
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