The Robots Clank Nearer

August 11, 2014

You knew I would be on this. Yes a new study of whether robots will save us or destroy us is out, and the answer is maybe.

The problem with this study is they asked people to predict the future. People have never been able to do that. (Except me in this one instance.) They cite real factors, but then guess outcomes, like one of those projected graphs where the lines out in the future splay out in every direction like my hair does because I haven’t cut it in a while.

Two things are all I need to say here. One is that ultra-smart, ultra-dexterous robots are coming. You can debate the timeline if you want, but the fact is that the impact on the human workforce will be MASSIVE. The other thing is I feel a bit of alarm that some people think that re-envisioning our education system YET AGAIN is going to get people prepared for the new job landscape. We are floundering in our CURRENT attempt to overhaul education, and the pace of technological change, which has already lapped our school system several times is only going to be accelerating.

The solution? Embrace the inevitable! LET the robots do the work! Reduce family size since we absolutely will not need a big work force ever again. Educate people to the joy of learning for its own sake. And structure government to distribute the economic benefits of a radically new era. Then settle back and enjoy life the way we’ve always dreamed of doing.

New Arcadia, here we come.


Tom Toles is the editorial cartoonist for The Post and writes the Tom Toles blog.
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