Missouri rampage may have started after gunman found his mother dead, reports say

Police found seven people who were shot to death in four homes. The shooter was also later found dead and his mother was found dead, apparently of "natural causes."

John Lewis recalls first meeting MLK and an apology from a Klansman

A civil rights icon remembers his first meeting with two men who changed his life

The 17 best responses to The Washington Post’s comprehensive llama report

Some people enjoy the work of a Llama Emergency Response Team. Some people do not.

George Zimmerman won’t face civil rights charges in Trayvon Martin’s death

The Justice Department announced the decision Tuesday.

How public opinion on marijuana has changed over the last half-century

Exploring the dramatic turnaround in how the public feels about legalizing marijuana.

Stop complaining about the weather for one second and watch these red pandas play in the snow

Lin and Rover playing in the snow at the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Garden will shatter even the coldest of hearts.

BREAKING: Two llamas were on the run today in Arizona

There's a llama chase!

Congratulations to Labradors, the country’s most popular dogs

Dogs, ranked.

The New York City Ebola patient heard what you said about him

In a new essay, Craig Spencer says he was unfairly portrayed as "a fraud, a hipster, and a hero" by politicians and the media.

Trayvon Martin was shot and killed three years ago today

A look at the legacy of the Sanford, Fla., shooting the captured the nation's attention.

Three Brooklyn men arrested, charged with trying to aid the Islamic State

One of the men was arrested at JFK airport Wednesday while trying to fly to Istanbul.

Can life in prison be worse than death? Some Tsarnaev jurors think so.

If sentenced to life, the "special administrative measures" Dzhokhar Tsarnaev would be subjected to would mean virtual isolation for the rest of his life.

Georgia delays execution of a female inmate due to looming winter storm

The state postponed its first execution of a female inmate since World War II because of a snowstorm.

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