Oklahoma says it will now use nitrogen gas as its backup method of execution

The state adopted a new backup method of execution shortly before the U.S. Supreme Court hears a challenge to its lethal injection protocol.

Truck carrying millions of bees tips over on highway

Millions of bees, people. BEES.

Parents of 8-year-old killed in Boston Marathon bombing ask prosecutors not to seek the death penalty

The parents of the youngest person killed by the bombing said they just want the case to be over.

Most Americans support the death penalty. They also agree that an innocent person might get put to death.

A majority of Americans support the death penalty, though that number is falling. Most Americans are also pretty sure innocent people might be executed.

After execution hiatus, Georgia says its lethal injection drugs were kept too cold

The state halted executions last month because its drugs looked "cloudy." Now it says they were probably just too cold.

Louisiana sheriff’s deputy shot three times in ‘apparent ambush’

The deputy was directing traffic when he was shot in what police described as "an apparent ambush."

Minnesota’s great umlaut war is over (also, Minnesota was having an umlaut war)

A brief dispute over umlauts on signs for a city in Minnesota has been resolved peacefully.

Dashcam video shows Arizona cop running over armed suspect with patrol car

The video clearly shows that the officer used excessive force, the man's lawyer said.

The police officer who shot Walter Scott probably won’t face the death penalty

The prosecutor says the specific 'aggravating circumstances' required for the death penalty in South Carolina don't seem to be present.

Report: DEA ‘sex parties’ began as early as 2001

A new report alleges that agents were having cartel-funded sex parties as early as 2001.

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