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March 14, 2014

(Screenshot from Associated Press video)

(Stop what you’re doing and look at that photo of a baby gorilla. Stare at it. Enjoy the moment. Okay, now let’s proceed with the actual news.)

A gorilla delivered a baby girl gorilla on Wednesday night at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, zoo officials announced.

(Pause for a second, look at that baby gorilla. She’s so little! She’s such a tiny baby gorilla!)

Imani, an 18-year-old gorilla at the zoo, went into labor on Wednesday morning and hadn’t shown any signs of progress, the zoo said. So she was taken to the park’s veterinary hospital for an emergency cesarean section, giving birth to the little baby gorilla at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

The zoo’s staff was assisted by a veterinary surgeon and human neonatal specialists from the University of California – San Diego’s Medical Center. The baby weighed in at 4.6 pounds and is currently in intensive care at the veterinary hospital due to some complications stemming from the labor. The mother gorilla, Imani, is recovering in what the zoo called “the familiar surroundings of the gorilla bedroom area.”

“In retrospect the c-section was the right decision,” Nadine Lamberski, associate director of veterinary services at the zoo’s safari park, said in a statement. “We think the health of the fetus would have been compromised if we delayed the surgery any longer.”

Do you want to see video of the baby gorilla? Do you want to watch footage of the baby gorilla wearing a tiny ski cap and gnawing on an oxygen mask? Of course you do, of course you want to watch that:



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